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Do I need a visa for Malta?

edited April 2011 in Visa and Passport
I have a South African passport, do I need a visum for Malta, we did not use to need one. Can somebody please advice me, secondly where is the nearest consulate, is there only one in London or is there a office in Edinburg?

Thank you in advance


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    You dont need a Visa
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    Yes you do need a visa! Malta is part of the Schengen agreement now. South Africans must have a visa prior to departure.
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    I am a spouse of British Citizen and currently hold an Indian passport. Do I require a visa for Malta?
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    yes you need a visa to immigrate there
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    My daughter married a man from Kurdistan Iraq. Did he wants a visa to come here in Malta?
  • Hi there, do SA citizens require a transit visa for Malta?
  • So Mali citizen need visa to Malta
  • Mali citizens require a Schengen visa to visit Malta
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