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Istanbul for honeymoon !!! ??

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hey everyone ,,i really wish go to turkey , what about travelling to ''Istanbul'' for my honeymoon in 7th of November
would this be great ??
and how the weather would be ??
is there any other cities shall we visit or only going to Istanbul ?!!
i've heared about Antalia and Bursa ,but it's gonna be winter time :)
anyone can help ?


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    ?stanbul is a good idea.The capital of great empires.You should see HAGIA SOPHIA,BLUE MOSQUE,TOPKAPI PALACE,BOSPHORUS,GRAND BAZAAR when you get there.A good guide book about ?stanbul would be good before you explore the city.?stanbul is such a busy and the most croded city in Turkey.15 million lives there!
    My suggestion would be ANTALYA in sout coast (Mediterranean Coast) of Turkey.Antalya is definitely a place honeymoon.There are lovely resorts with 5 star hotel on the east and west coast of Antalya.Also small luxury boutique hotels in OLD TOWN offer a real comfort for honeymoon couples.There are also luxury 5 star hotels in Antalya center like RIXOS DOWNTOWN,TALYA,DEDEMAN.
    Antalya Harbour,Old Town,Antalya Archaeology Museum,PERGE ANCIENT CITY,ASPENDOS THEATRE,PHASELIS,OLYMPOS are some of the historical sites and places to see in and around Antalya.Antalya is located around a lovely bay along the Mediterranean Sea.If you want to have a romantic honeymoon with sun,sea,culture,great view and delicious food every day,Antalya would be your place.There are direct domestict flights from ?stanbul to Antalya every day.ATLAS JET and TURKISH AIRLINES are flying to Antalya (50 euro per person).
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    about ANTALIA do you mean going to the beach and so on
    and any idea about the weather in Antalia in November ??
    i knew that istanbul will be rainy and chilly ,right ?
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    what about Bursa ?
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    Antalya has got beaches on the both side of the city.The weather in Antalya in Nowember is 18-20 Degree and better than ?stanbul.We don't have cold weather and rain in Nowember.Bursa is like ?stanbul as it is located in Marmara Region and has got similar climate conditions.
    Antalya will be quite and we don't have much traffic here.Antalya is surrounded with TAURUS MOUNTAINS from north and called The capital of Turkish Riviera in Turkey.
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    oh that would be great thank u so much
    and in istanbul it will be only visiting ancient mosques an so on ?? what about hotels at taksim sq. it's the city center i think !
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    Antalya in November - expect temperatures in the low 20s. A great time though especially if you want to visit the ancent sites as they are quieter and less crowded. Antalya itself is a city with some great shopping, eating out and just strolling around, particularly Kaleici the old town. Look at Alp Pasa Hotel - a great boutique hotel right in the heart of kaleici as well as those mentioned by tourguide. You are far more likely to get a day or 2 on the beach in Antalya than most other places in November. Yes Istanbul will be wintry to say the least as will Bursa.

    There is also Side a lovely ancient city and resort. An easy day trip from central Antalya. Other places to consider that are fairly central are Konyaalti and Lara.

    Antalya has the best of everything. The benefits of a city so nothing really closes but the most amazing scenery around from the beaches to the mountains as well as beautiful waterfalls, canyons and of course the ancient sites already mentioned. Hiring a car and driving around is not difficult as all the roads are mainly dual carriageway.

    The airport is not very far from most resorts. Be aware though that Antalya is a province as well so places described as Antalya such as Alanya are a good 2 hour drive from the city/airport.

    I guess it depends what you want from your honeymoon!!!
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    Hotels in Taksim Square offer bed and breakfast only but you will have to book a day tour in SULTANAHMET SQUARE to see the historical highlights of ?stanbul.I lived and worked there as a tour guide and I did so many tours in ?stanbul.If you want to go to ?stanbul,you should stay in SULTANAHMET AREA not in TAKS?M area.Histrical Quarter of ?stanbul called SULTANAHMET and you can walk to HAGIA SOPHIA,TOPKAPI PALACE AND BLUE MOSQUE.iSTANBUL will be busy in Nowember with tourists especially.Antalya will be less busy but cool weather.Nowember is the best time for Turkey and for Antalya if you like cool and mild weather.If you don't want to visit historical Mosques or churches in ?stanbul,you should try Antalya for your honeymoon.?stanbul is more expensive than Antalya like eating dinner or lunch..Be aware the expensive restaurants along the Bosphorus or shopkeepers in Grand Bazaar.
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    You can visit the places in and around Antalya:
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    After visiting these historical sites ,from where can we shop ?? which area i mean is the most popular
    i think i like Istanbul more for me it's a dream
    ,, we may go for a couple of days to antalia to see the waterfalls

    thank you so much guys you are wonderful
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    You should go to GRAND BAZAR which is the biggest historical Bazaar in the world.SPICE MARKET in EM?N
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    You can easily book your hotel in SULTANAHMET AREA in Istanbul is the biggest and the cheapest online hotel booking system and I use them too.You can take a HAVAS BUS from Istanbul Atat
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    Not sure where you are flying from and for how long you intend being in Turkey!!! But it may be an idea to fly into Istanbul and experience the amazingly vibrant atmosphere there then head to Antalya to totally relax, be pampered and kick back.

    A lot of hotels will include airport transfer in your booking if you ask - or there are many online transfer companies that you can book.

    I would suggest you need more than a couple of days here in Antalya. There is so much variety from the natural beauties to the ancient sites to the old town plus a little relaxation just sitting and watching the world go by!!! There are some great shopping areas as well - depending on what you are hoping to buy!! Kaleici offers local artists of all kinds whilst there are several great shopping malls with department stores and chain stores. All excellent quality at amazing prices. The jewellers offer some unique and beautiful gold and silver.

    Is it possible for you to book your return flight home from Antalya? If not start in Istanbul then take a well earned break here in Antalya before heading back to Istanbul for a few days. Most of Antalya is very do-able under your own steam!

    Is there anywhere else in Turkey that has appealed to you and we can offer more advice on?
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    I'll search more ,,am interested me and my fiancee in visiting old mosques , palaces ..
    i was planing to go for 5 days from the 6 th of november just to visit Istanbul
    but am little confused now ,after having all these valuable info.
    Istanbul has many sites worth to be visited , and i've discovered a lot about Antalia in this forum

    really thank u for this valuable data ..but shall i start booking from now ??
    i used to travel to Europe via tourism companies ?
    in November is it a high season ??
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    As it's only 5 days why not just "do" Istanbul this time then maybe Antalya at a later date.

    You do not want to take up time travelling between the 2 regions. Yes the domestic flights are only around an hour but you have lots of hanging about at airports!!!

    November isn't high season at all for Antalya but Istanbul is a "city break" and has a year round season. Kurban Bayram occurs on the 9th November this year and travelling is always very busy around these times as people head to their families for the celebration.

    It will be cool in Istanbul at this time and very possibly rainy!!! But the weather cannot be guaranteed in Antalya either..... although warmer than Istanbul.
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    yeah nearly am decided to go to istanbul only for the same reason there will be no time
    and i know about the KURBAN Bayram of course ,,
    just i was thinking if 5 days will be too much to stay there, in istanbul i mean
    this will be boring or something
    ,shall we go any other city ?
    what about booking ? i ve never used to book via internet !!
    Clarecg shall we stay in Taksim ? or in the Sultanahmet mosque area as tour guide said
    if we want to go out in the evening for dinning ,walking
    which area is staying up for late hours of the night ?? not too late let's say for 12 to 1 am
    and is it safe to stay out at this time as we will not have a privet car ?
    what;s the last time for the transportation ( metro and bus )
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    If you can wait until the morning I will ask my husband where is best to stay. He's Turkish!!! Not trying to sell you anything either lol. He's actually asleep now - tired and it is ramazam!!! I am not over familiar with istanbul. What sort of hotel are you looking for. Something a bit special I guess??? Believe me you won't have problems finding places open later!!! As for internet booking are you looking at a package or booking flight and hotel and transfer seperately? I know there are some good packages available especially for honeymooners or those looking for a spaecial occasion and if you do book thrugh an agent you do have more course for redress if something goes wrong. i am thinking about airlines going into administration etc. This has happened this week with an online agent - guess it 's the current economic climate.
    Where are you travelling from? There are visa considerations as well.

    Give me as many details as you can and I will make suggestions!!!
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    LOL it's ok you can ask him, yeah it's ramazan
    we are travelling from Egypt not too far from turkey , and recently they have canceled the visa between the two countries but am not sure if they started to apply that or not
    i have no problem with turkish visa here in egypt it's so easy they give u the visa in 4 days
    i went with my family to europe last april we booked thru a famous agent here in egypt it may be a little expensive they do take a commission for sure but i think it will be more organized and safe for me as we want to relax me and my fiancee
    ok try to ask ur husband about places where we can have fun in our honeymoon in istanbul
    shopping , visiting ,eating and so on ..

    my cousin went to Antalia in her honeymoon and she suggested it for me but she did that in summer 2001 LOL
    u know am egyptian there is a link in between the two cultures , really i wish u enjoy the stay :)
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    What about the language !!
    i started to learn some turkish words , i found lot of words similar to my language i was so happy about that :)
    but yet pronouncing is not easy for me it's tough :) i do speak french and English and for my fiancee he speaks only English and little German ,what about the people there ?? in the transportation ? the places to be visited ? even in the streets ?
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    You can book your ?stanbul break for 2 or 3 days with an agent with transfers to the hotel.As I said earlier,if you stay in SULTANAHMET AREA,you wno't have to thnik about to get to the mosques and churches.You can walk and visit all places from your hotel on your own.Taksim hotels are about 30 minutes to the SULTANAHMET AREA by bus or a car.Then you can fly to Antalya for the rest of your holiday and honeymoon.There are carpet,jewellery and leather stores both in ?stanubl and Antalya but ?stanbul is more expensive than Antalya for shopping as I know.You can fly to Antalya and back to ?stanbul easily.You can book your domestic flights online yourself with return to ?stanbul.Especially in ?stanbul,most people in restaurants and shops speak english.GRAND BAZAAR is the most visited ad mentioned place to go in ?stanbul.It is safe to walk in ?stanbul but you should check the prices before you order your meal in restaurants.PUDING SHOP and SULTANAHMET K
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    5 days in Istanbul is too much but 3 days would be ideal to see the all highlights.Travel Agents are doing these tours below and everyone visit these places in Istanbul.(SULTANAHMET AREA)
    BLUE MOSQUE(opposite the Hagia Sophia)
    TOPKAPI PALACE (behind the Hag?a Sophia)
    If you stay ?n SULTANAHMET AREA, you don't need a tour or a tour guide to see the places.But TAKSIM HOTELS are far from SULTANAHMET then I can advice a tour for you.
    You can book your hotel ?n ISTANBUL and fl?ghts to Antalya onl?ne.If you look at the web s?tes of my suggested bout?que hotels ?n Antalya,they w?ll book your room and also arrange your transfer to your hotel.
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    Hi Salma

    Tour guide is very keen for you uto come to Antalya isn't he? ;o) Much as I love Antalya and would like you to experience it your dream is Istanbul and it's your honeymoon so you do want a little time to relax!!! Also depending on flight times you may not actually get 5 full days taking into account things like waiting for baggage at the airport, getting a transfer, unpacking etc.

    Sultanhamet seems to come up trumps as an area to stay in. I also asked my brother who did a short break to Istanbul from the UK a few years ago - he stayed for 4 days and said it wasn't really enough!! His wife didn't really get the time to do all the shopping she wanted to! I guess you want some time just for strolling and taking in the place as well as a little sitting and "people watching" rather than a whistle stop exhausting tour of the "sights"

    As for the language Istanbul is amazingly cosmopolitan and you will find most languages spoken. Please don't worry about that. But a friendly Merhaba (hello) is always appreciated. Have where you are headed to written down just in case there is confusion! Usually your hotel reception are very helpful in assisting you with transportation etc.

    Any other queries please ask :o)
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    thank u tour guide I will use the website when i start booking
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    If you stay in SULTANAHMET AREA, it is gonna be easy walking tour for you to see the highlights of Istanubul which I gave you.One day historical tour,one day for your own explore would be enough.Of course you can not finish ?stanbul even in 5 days because it is one of the largest metropol in the world.Hundreds of books were written about places to see there believe me.I would suggest you 3 days in Istanbul ?f you are not keen on visiting huge malls like ?ST?NYE PARK or CEVAHIR SHOPPING MALL. But definitely you can even walk to the GRAND BAZAAR and SPICE MARKET from your hotel in SULTANAHMET AREA for your Opposite the SP?CE MARKET is the ferry pier for your BOSPHORUS TOUR (2 HOURS).Public ferry cruising up to waterway and then you should get off at SARIYER PIER.
    I hope you enjoy your honeymoon very much.And please tell me what did you do there,I would like to hear about it.If you send me a private message,I give you a reliable tour agent in Istanbul.Of course,I can help you any transfer or tour arrangement in Antalya if you ask.There are many couples visiting Istanbul and historical sights just as you.
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    Merhaba clare :) ..
    really i would like to visit Antalia so much ,,but as u said we need to relax so 3 days for the sights
    a day for shopping and bazzars,, strolling as u said
    i may ask my fiancee if he likes to stay more so we will go to Antalia later :)
    am wondering about the budget !! tour guide said that Istanbul is more expensive than Antalia in shopping ??!!

    About the hotels , In Istanbul what do u think about 3 stars hotel or 4 stars will be of course better
    ((i went to paris this year I stayed in a 3 stars hotel it was good it offers only breakfast and the benefit that it was too close from the ''champs elysees '' area ))
    (( also we spent 4 days in London in a 4 starts hotel it was very nice too ))

    so when I search for the hotel whatever at Sultanahmet area or Taksim !! what shall i choose 3 or 4 stars and depending on what ?? :)
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    am really appreciating tour guide :) thx
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    i did that too ,, but 3 or 4 stars is better ?
    are the 4 stars hotels offer breakfast only ??

    i would like to ask what will be the last time for public transportation ?
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    From SULTANAHMET to the TAKSIM SQUARE,there is a direct bus but I am not sure when is the last time.It takes 30-40 minutes road by bus to the TAKS?M.
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    That's a very difficult question Salma!!! 3 or 4 stars ..... hotels can vary enormously as you are more than probably aware. Bed and breakfast is a good option as then you get to try a variety of different places for other meals. But if they do not provide breakfast there are plenty of options available in Turkey. Many small places offering simit and cay - simit being a seeded ring of bread often with cheese and cay (pronounced chay) being tea to a full Turkish breakfast.

    Why not have a look at one or two traveller review sites for hotels such as tripadvisor or similar.

    You will find the answers to many of your questions just having a browse through the forums! Also they have hotel and attraction reviews. Honest reviews from other travellers.

    As for budget Turkey can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it!! Look for where the locals are eating for a good value for money meal and then head to the more fashionable area for an after dinner drink etc. Again a site such as tripadvisor will offer very practical advice and suggestions or recommendations.

    When do you get married? Are you really excited? :o)
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    SULTANAHMET PARK HOTEL is my reccommendation.
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    POUDING SHOP is next to the HAGIA SOPHIA MUSEUM.Good restaurant.
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    cay or chay's pronounced same as in my home language ''arabic'' and so did Cimit :)
    but it's seems to be a long distance between sultanahmet and taksim !!!

    the wedding Will be in the 4th of November insha ALLAH
    u know am talking a lot about taksim cos' when i ask anyone who visited Istanbul he said ''ohh taksim you will stay only there'' :) so i felt that there is no other sq. or places,,they told me u will find famous shops burgerking.. etc turkish food restaurants and so on
    what about cafee and restaurants in sultanahmet area ???
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    TAKSIM SQUARE and BEYOGLU STREET is the heart of Istanbul and unique.They are talking about BEYOGLU STREET I guess.
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    Clare i found tripadvisor very useful thank u :)
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    Sultanahmet park hotel ..i searched for the website but the rooms seem to be narrow :(
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    Unfortunately when we have been to Istanbul we have stayed with family so a very different experience - in more ways than one!!!

    All I would say is places are not so far apart but it is the traffic - very congested in Istanbul! Actually more than very!!!

    There are also some unique boutique hotels there as well. I suggest you maybe ask a few well defined questions on the Istanbul forum of TA. On that forum are people that live there as well as visit and there are some real "experts" with very good uptodate experience. They know of the smaller yet superb hotels that may get missed on a general internet search.
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    I found Minel hotel in sultanahmet area ,, i like it :)
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    please i want to know if Aksary and Tepabasi are so far from sultanahmet historical area ??
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    i think tepebasi in beyoglu near taksim ,,am I right ?
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    where are you guys :(
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    Sorry Salma but it's the weekend and busy, busy - lots of family visiting!!

    I cannot comment on hotels as I have never stayed in any in Istanbul.

    I suggest you email or send an enquiry to the hotels at the top of your list and ask them for the information you need regarding facilities, proximity to the main sights, airport transfers, any room requirements etc.

    Lucky searching :o)
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