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Olu Deniz help?????

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Hi I am staying in the hotle mavi belce hotel in Olu Deniz with my girlfriend, we are both 25 yrs old, and we are b&b. I went too marmaris last year and thought turkey is amazing, weather stunning, staff very helpful. Could anybody help us with a few things please?
Cost of eating and drinking in Olu deniz?
Any Excursions trips you recommend in going on and prices?
We have just changed £100 in to lira and we had 268 lira in the uk just for the first day. Is that good?


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    You have changed enough money in Lira.100 pounds is even too much for a day.The restaurants and bars in
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    That should be plenty for your first day or so!!! Exchange rate here today is 2.9 but who knows how long that will be for?!!!

    Not familair with Olu deniz so sorry can't help with excursions etc but eating is still reasonable in Turkey. The main price hikes here have been alcohol and meat!! It's cheaper to eat out (almost) than have a steak at home! If you enjoy a particular drink I suggest you bring a bottle from duty free so you can enjoy a couple on your balcony watching the sun go down!! I was horrified to find a bottle of JD in the supermarket last night was priced at nearly £50!!!

    That said Efes is around 5-6 lira in bars and lots have special offers on etc!!

    Bring plenty of high factor sun cream as it's hot, hot, hot at the moment!!!

    Don't forget your £10 tourist visa fee either!

    Enjoy yourselves :o)
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    The cost of eating in
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    Thanks everybody for your help, My girlfriend just changed another 100 again back in the uk, but she was getting 2.7 rate, thats not too bad i think.
    Im gonna take my bank card also, How warm is it there at the moment? Also turtle beach/mud bath any good?
    Water park?, Camel ride? etc. When i do change more money out there, Is there a certain place i should go? eg Post office. If i use a credit card, is there a charge. Really grateful for all the help
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    It's hot hot hot here at the moment so plenty of sun cream - today saw 40degC in Antalya!! Sun cream is expensive here but if you do need it either buy form a large supermarket (Tansas, Migros, Carrefour) or a pharmacy Eczane as there have ben some reports of fakes being sold that are about as useful as baby lotion!!

    The Post Office is good for exchange - look out for the yellow and blue PTT signs. But there are lots of places usually that exchange. Just a word of warning as there are 1 or 2 less than honest souls ( but only 1 or 2) exchange round amounts e.g. £100 so you can quickly do the mental maths and be able to check before you walk away. Actually insist on counting it in front of them - not the PTT or Banks though but other places! Just checked the closing rate today at my bank and it's 2.87 so a bit less than earlier.

    Your UK bank may well make charges for you to withdraw money. I always used to bring the cash with me then put it in the hotel safe box along with passports and return tickets. Not sure about credit cards but again your UK provider may charge - let's face it the banks charge for anything lol. Now don't laugh but while travelling I used to roll up the money and shove it in my bra!! Better than any wonderbra and I'm going to notice someone going there!!!!

    As for trips from most resorts you'll find boat trips - a great relaxing day and a bit cooler out on the sea. Again loads of sun cream as the sun's strength can be deceptive out on the water.

    Hope you have a great time
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    Forgot to say don't exchange money at your hotel - always a poor rate.
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    Haha, like the comment about the wonderbra :).
    Ok thanks for all your help, really looking forward too it now
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    The best place to change money in Turkey is change offices.
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    Sorry to disagree Tour Guide but there have been reports of some short changing especially in the Hisaranou/Olu Deniz area. The PTT always offers a very compatative rate and there is no fiddling going on.

    As I say do have the sums already done so you can check and if necessary question before you leave the counter. They will argue the toss if you have so much as walked aaway let alone gone out the door and I'm afraid I have seen this happen.
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    How do you know all change offices in
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    Hi Tour Guide

    I was just offering my experience and knowledge as a person that has lived in Turkey for some years now.

    Yes the exchange offices may offer a seemingly m ore attractive rate in the windoe but place like banks and the PTT are stictly governed and "safe".

    Yes I was with a friend that was visiting us here in urkey and yes the amount given did not match the exchange rate offered in fact woefully short. On one occasion the "teller" became very defensive when asked for a receipt.

    Generally I just offer the benefit of my experiencs and warn ourists (fairly) of any potential pitfalls.

    I love Turkey and it's people.

    The weather is hot everywhere in Turkey in August so don't throw that. I also have been o Olu Deniz and speak Turkish so can translate what it means.

    This is a forum for people to ask questions, take answers and glean the information they want from the answers hertr or those gained elsewhere.

    Please don't be so defensive. I offer advice from having travelled in Turkey for over 12 years and as a resident. I am not trying to promote myself or a business just giving first hand experience and tips.
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    Thanks Clare, your input is hugely appreciated - as is your generous attitude!
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    Hi Clare;
    The weather can not be hot everywhere in Turkey in August if we trust the offical weather reports of Turkish Channels. For example today there is a heavy rain is expecting in Istanbul.Also there is no humid in other regions of Turkey not as much as in Antalya.East and west,north and south of Turkey has got different weather and climate conditions.If you check the weather news on Turkish channels, you can see the temperature differences.

    The bank currency rates are lower than change offices in Turkey.Any person who works in a local bank would prove it if you ask them.When you ask a receipt,they will give you of course.But you can not reach a general decision on all change offices in Turkey through a friends comments.

    On the other hand,I know what forums mean to me and other people.I am not trying to promote myself but I am saying who I am and what I am doing.That is why I am here.People trust me and my local advices as I have enough experience and knowledge about my country and culture as well as history and archaeology.

    It is good know that you travelled 12 years in Turkey.It must be a great experience for you.But nothing is same in Turkey and everything is changing every year or any time.That is why I don't trust some of the guide books written 10 years ago and giving advices on hotels and restaurants.Some of them don't exist anymore! Even the prices are not correct.

    I am working for the most prestigous and well known tour operators from UK in Turkey and sharing my time with them.That is my professional job for living. So I don't need to promote myself or a business on this forum.Posting and writing is my hobby not a source of my income.
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