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Best currency for Turkey?



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    Hi there

    Off to belek Next week. Cornelia De-lux. Really looking forward to First time Turkey. Is there a bus service to Antalya and what is the cost.
    Also where is the best shopping in Antalya

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    Hello from Antalya,
    I live here and work in Antalya and Belek.I have been Cornelia Del
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    I am going Side and staying all inclusive, but want to know what is the best currency to use over there at the moment if I want to purchase something or go on a trip ?
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    Hi, can anyone tell me what the exchange rate is like in Turkey at the moment please?
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    My Turkish bank is offering 2.83 today!! It may vary between banks or exchange offices slightly but hope this is helpful :o)
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    Hi again, just wondering/hoping if anyone knows if it will be possible to watch the rugby world cup matches in Incekum? Thanks in advance, MJH.
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    Hmmm interesting one!! Rugby doesn't really feature among the sports of Turkey! But I was here during the last World Cup - yes stupidly had booked my holiday before realising the final would happen while I was in Turkey. We managed to talk a local bar into showing the game - Ok it was from a French sports channel :oS but we made do!!! Just got friendly with the bar workers before hand and convinced them they'd get good custom if they showed it!
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    Thank you very much for your answers Clarecg. Yes i somehow didnt think rugby would feature that high in the list of Turkish sports and probably should've planned my holiday around it but my partner was having none of it!! Hopefully i will meet a few more people who are interested in it too and we will be able to convince somewhere to put it on!! Thanks again for your help, MJH.
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    Thanks for any help you may be able to give. We are going to Side in a few days A.I and again other than a few purchases we won't be buying much. Was wondering what the best curency to take is? As some people are saying trip advisor to take euro (althought the resort we are staying has a lot of Russian and german guests).
    Also how much should we be charged for a turkish bath?
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    We are hoping to walk part of the Lycian Way, from Antalya to Cirali.
    Can anyone advise us on how to get to the start of the walk - Hisar
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    Hi I am going to stay at the Paloma Grida Village and Spa, Belek in May 2012 and I was wondering if anyone could suggest any where to go horse riding for myself and my 10 year old daughter we are both experienced riders. Many thanks
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    I was in Manavgat this time last year and all the prices were based on 1 euro = 2 lira. Does anyone kow if this still the case as that would certainly favour getting lira rather than euros at current exchange rates?
    Many thanks
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    Hi, our cruise ports in Istanbul for 2 days. We plan on shopping the Grand Bazzar for leather goods( jackets,bags). Are US Dollars widely accepted?
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    Hi Clare

    Thanks for your incredibly helpful advice on this thread.

    I am going to Lara Beach two weeks today AI at WOW Topkapi Palace for a fortnight! Can't wait and just had a couple of questions which I'd be really grateful if you or any one else could help with:

    1) Are there any ATM's in Lara Beach
    2) Do you know if it is far to the Bazzaar (sic) from Lara Beach and are there any toilets there (have a 3 year old daughter so always useful to know nearest loos to hand!!!)
    3) Can you recommend any boat trips or trips in general (with my 3 year old daughter probably long coach trips wouldn't be ideal)
    4) Is it worth hiring a car to see the local sites
    5) 60 million dollar question this one but what is the weather likely to be

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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    So sorry for the delay in answering these posts but have moved house and had to wait for internet connection - also am battling with a Turkish keyboard...... The new school term started as well so just a tad hectic.

    US dollars are widely accepted.
    Regarding the Euro - many places price in Euro for convenience as pre Euro they had tags in lots of currencies. ? always pay in lira as ? live here!! Just one or two hotels seem to only accept Euro.

    Most cafe owners have no objection to you using their toilets especially if you have a child with you. Weather is today in the low 30s so ? can't see it changing dramatically. Just becoming a little cooler! Check out weather underground ( for a fairly accurate forecast. Car hire is well worth doing. Driving here is '?nteresting' but lots of dual carriageways especially between the sites and good s?gnposting.

    Boat tr?ps - ? find it best to book direst with the boats so discover where they moor in Lara. ATMs are plentiful in Lara but do bring some lira with you for the first day or so and to buy water etc.
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    Thanks Claire that's really helpful. Looking forward to getting out there now. 12 days and counting!

    Do the boat trips leave straight from Lara or do they go from Antalya?

    Thanks again.

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    Hi everyone, I am going to close this topic now as it has become too general.

    Please start a new thread on your specific question. Clare and other Turkey experts - please keep a look out for those new questions!

    Thanks, Admin
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