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teach in india.

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i would like to teach English in India, and i looked at some of the volunteer programs but the seem to be very expensive, i would like to stay in India for around 6 months with a option of 6 more, and rent a apartment in the city where i would teach.

Is there anyone that can help me guide me in the right direction.


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    I think I am posting this message a bit late, still if there are some other travelers with a similar intention please note:

    If you look for a bigger NGO'S with bigger scales, they would certainly ask you to pay some unnecessary expensive fees. And sometimes the money does not go in a right place where it suppose to be. There are many organizations in India who trick to earn money in the name of social organization. Many of them are just SCAM.

    Especially, do not pay them in advance, if you think you should contribute some funds for betterment, make sure you're there, you have seen the condition of the organization then release your good money for good work.

    I know a small school in Sikkim, running by the local educated youths and they are absolutely free. My parents in fact have donated the building to the school. If you wish to work with them, feel free to ask for their contact details.
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