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How safe is Kuwait?



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    I advise be careful who you work for in Kuwait if you are from U.K ,U.S.A or modern democratic European country.There is a false sense of security here.I have been here 6 months and worked hard as a Qualified Professional and have been fired for no reason.If coming to Kuwait only work for a reputable company.Many companies are good to work for however avoid companies like Worley Parsons who fire at the drop of a hat and do not pay you wages in line with the Kuwait Labour Laws.
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    I am a English escort who often visits Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, I have a lot of guys asking me to visit Kuwait.

    I am very discreet and would only do outcalls, so no guys in my hotel, please could somebody advise on how or if I would be ok if I go over.

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    Hiiii Every one you are welcome to my home
    Kuwait I am Kuwaitis well don`t worry travels
    My country is safe and hasn`t raicisim but there
    Are things that are not allowed there
    1Don`t drink alcohol drinks it`s forrbidden there
    2For women they should wear tall dresses hide there Bodies but its ok to show their faces and hairs and their hands and feet
    3males with females shouldn`t do romantic
    Habits you know kissing hugging something like that is not allowed in the street you can do that
    In your private places
    Things are allowed there
    1You can do your riligious origins freely for the christians and muslims only any other riligion you can do your origins in your homes
    3men can wear any clothes

    Sorry for annoying and don`t worry kuwait
    Is a safe country thank you
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    hi i am from india.. i got a job in kuwait as a waiter.... is it safe to work in hotels... i heard that kuwait people dont lke indians..
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    If you are from the Philipines an a women thats planning on working as a maid,caregiver,etc, beware what you will face when you get there your freedom what your use will change at most homes there. If you have husband or boyfreind you wont be allowed to see them there not even for 1 hour on 2 year contract.Not just that you cant have cell phones in some homes ,laptops etc.also wont be able to leave the home at all while you work there.i know this for fact have heard rumors of girls getting spanked if I were offered a job there I would look else where, until people do they will continue to treat women this way,did you know skype is not legal there.There more that needs told if you are a women that worked there please speak up so other women will know.I know most women dont wont to let there family down an will suffer though it.
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    hi there, kuwait is very safe. If you are looking for a good place to stay and get settle check out Western Housing Solutions, they are an American company that can help you out.
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    I used to work for a human rights organisation based in London and I would be very careful about recommending anyone to go and live and work in Kuwait if they are to seen as "immigrant workers", especially non-Moslems. Your status will be very low and I have heard horrific stories of arrests and beatings based on a casual accusation from a "prominent" citizen. Just be careful…
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    I have been offered a retail sales job in Kuwait. The season is about to start in coming March/April 2012. The company is paying me 250 kwd with accommodation. Will that be enough to live in the country or else should i negotiate more in terms of increasing my salary..
    expecting few positive comments plz.

    Name : Tamal
    email: [email protected]
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    First I would like to welcome everybody to kuwait and tell you a brief introduction to general life here :

    Im kuwaiti who lived in the US for five years and 18 years in kuwait,So I have a general idea of western lifestyle and culture shock that may experience and how to live in piece in kuwait.

    Kuwait is a diverse country and people all over the world come for job opportunities in all sectors especially people from the west with unique skills in technology and oil. Here is a general idea how westerners may find helpful in kuwait:


    Clothing in Kuwait particularly for girls: there is no law against wearing shorts and skirts in Kuwait, but for a conservative society its better to wear long clothes especially in malls and shopping centers to avoid staring.

    For men its open as soon you have a shirt on and pants or shorts

    Religous background:

    Freedom of religion is preserved in the kuwait constitution, but because of the israeli arab conflict it is offensive for a lot of people to wear the Star of David " peace uppon him" since Kuwait and all arabs took the palestinians side.

    Safety: Kuwait is a very safe low crime country with strict gun control rules, the safety concirn is the driving habit, NASCAR drivers drive safer than most Kuwaitis. Fasten your seatbelt and drive in the middle lane within speed limits and you should be fine.

    Racism and nationalism: unlike neighboring countries kuwait was liberated by allied forces combined of western countries lead by the US, Kuwaitis still show appreciation of this, the majority of kuwaitis are white middle easterns decended from Najd a city known now in Saudiya Arabia, racism may exist, but avoiding racism is a lit easier than triggering it, be nice and people will respect you.
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    I'm an indian orthodontist offered a job in a good private clinic ,so I am planning to relocate shortly with my wife and daughter
    (5yr old) .
    Is Kuwait safe for Indian family
    Are good Indian schools with cbse ?
    How about housing rent and expenses?
    Does racism towards Indians exist?
    Are there any Indian temp,Ed in Kuwait?
    Pls help me to find answers about all above specially schooling for my daughter, suggest good schools
    Thank you
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    in short term in Kuwait u can walk @ 4am without any problem and alone
    in most country you are

    and the best there is no tax :D :D :D

    Kuwait Independent country free one respect human and very very safe dont warry when you see it you will never want to go back
    for any help happy to answer you
    [email protected]
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    I am a single 41 year old woman with a possibility of working at the Kuwait International Airport. I have now knowledge of Kuwait but am being told the most horrific stories. Is it safe for a single South African woman to work and live in Kuwait?
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    I got offer in Kuwait from KDD and they offered 750KWD/Month.I would like to know whether is it good salary and how much i can save.
    I am indian how was the safety in kuwait.Thanks
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    Chill out people
    Stop being so scared and don't listen to losers like Jennyknight!
    I lived in both the U.S and the U.K and Kuwait is much safer than both countries..
    Women can wear what ever they want to wear, the only thing they'll be getting are some stares.
    Women will be getting stares anywhere if they're attractive,, every man stares if the woman in front of him is attractive, otherwise there'll be something seriously wrong with him!! Most western women are beautiful so expect being stared at..
    A salary of 750 is good hi..
    and Kuwait is a really safe country really safe,, there are people that keep their bran new luxury cars running and go to the grocery store for 5 - 10 minutes even more without worrying about it for a single second!! Now you'd think twice before you leave your car in the U.S or the U.K!
    Crime rate is really low..
    It is a dry country so don't expect to get a bottle of vodka in a supermarket,, but there are many many ways of getting alcohol in Kuwait and most people figure out a way of getting it really quickly..
    I see many western friends that are really happy,, especially married westerners because it really is an easy going country.
    No TAX!!!
    The summers are boiling hot!! people depend on air conditioning 24/7 in the summer over here!
    Private schools are good, safe and drug free!!
    No gangsters, pimps, thieves, prostitutes walking around..
    It's a good country so take it easy and stop worrying people
    I hope all this helps
    and as theq8 said
    respect and you will be respected :)
    Cheers :DD
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    Hi I am offered to work with one of the hotel chains in kuwait. i am a woman, aged 22 years old. Do you think it would be safe for me to work in kuwait at my age and would have a wonderful career life with a hotel? Thank you!
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    my wife n me both are chemical engineers,can we both get job in gulf country,pls guide me...avinash
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    Any idea about salary for an assistant professor of Computer Science in GUST? What max. people are getting?
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    Kuwait is fine, no terrorist originizations get into there and that place is protected all the time
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    hi I've read some of what you wrote guys up there im a Jordanian guy who was born and live my entire life in Kuwait i would like to say its very safe to live in Kuwait even thou you are a women im living in a building with allot of Filipino men and women and its very safe and I've read about the Jewish comment it will not be safe for you to live in Kuwait even if you are american because there is allot of rage against Jewish in here because of whats happening in Palestine but i don't know maybe you can try to live here or to tell people that you are christian but i don't know its you choice but of curse in every community you will find racist people even here in Kuwait you can find racist people but its few
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    hello everyone....
    I had recently done my engineering in electronics and communications, i am offered a job from kuwait company, can anybody please tell me, what is the good salary expectation for me??? basically i am from indian background and i am also in confusion about the lifestyle, food and the other expenses in kuwait and the security reasons in the country.

    please do help me....

    thank you...:)
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    Hi need some advice I meet a guy from Kuwait a few months ago and he wants me to visit him in Kuwait I will be staging in a hotel and he will stay with me. What I want to know is will I be breaking any laws if we stay together and is it safe for me to travel to Kuwait alone.

    Thank you
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    Hello everyone, I have been offered a job in Kuwait as a software engineer and the salary will be 600 KD per month. I have 1 year experience as a software developer. I am confused that whether should I join this company or stay in India. Please suggest me. Currently I am earning 45000/- INR per month.

    Thank you
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    hello everyone
    i just read this post while surfing the web and there are so many questions and i skipped most of them and read the last two ...
    im a kuwaiti guy my name is Mohammed and i live in kuwait ... i will try to answer your questions as a kuwaiti guy ...

    Ozzie :- your not breaking any laws at all ... sure its safe ... dont worry ... just find anyone who has been living in kuwait and they will asure you there is nothing to be afraid of at all ...

    puneet :- here's the thing ... if your into fancy stuff and your the type of guy who just live a normal life without paying for stuff you dont need then its a good salary ... i suggest you to visit kuwait atleast for a week to learn about kuwaiti life style and then you decide for yourself ...

    people can answer so little questions but there are stuff you need to see for your self but people i assure you its really safe to be in kuwait no matter what nationality you are .. no matter what religion ... dont worry kuwait is really easy going you just need to know how to have fun ... and mostly by having a good friends in kuwait and if anyone ever been to kuwait they will assure you that its safe
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    Hello all, im interestd in yuor comments, i may have a job opportunity being offered to me in Kuwait, can anyne tell me how much a decent property is over there in the centre please, is it cheap to eat out and have fun, ive no concernc over the security i think my minds at ease now, but still interested to know what to do in an evening as my family will be back in the UK., cheers all.
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    A great site that allows you to compare the cost of living, crime rates and other statistics is According to Numbeo the cost of living is low in Kuwait compared to my medium sized American city.
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    i got casual work job opportunity in kuwait should i take it? iam really desperate ot leave my country and go elsewhere. please advice me
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    Hello friends,

    I want to know 250 kD in kuwait with accomodation is good or me out
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    I'm curious about this thing about being robbed at knife-point. I get that the rest of you are saying it is pretty safe, but do things like this happen? Is it dangerous for women to be out alone after a certain time?
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    I'm still not clear on the religious issue...are Jews allowed in Kuwait or not?
    I have been offered a job in Kuwait but, I am Jewish.
    Not religious, don't practice Judaism, I don't wear a star of David, and my name is not Jewish.
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    i have the opportunity to work in Kwt .I am planning to come with my familly.Does anybody know how is the situation with international schools ( primary ) - availability,quality and prices?
  • dear Jewish women It is perfectly safe here in kuwait for you but as long as you avoid wearing tank tops and are not a supporter of israel 
  • dear guest the american school of kuwait or bayan billingual school is a great plce, and there is also the american internation school

  • dear guest who has had an offer of 750 kd that is a good salary, about 2600 dollars, gas is cheap it only takes 30 dollars to fill your tank, food is cheap will only take about 300 dollars off your salary, cost of living is cheap, there is no tax, and the economy is very stable
  • Hello i am a 20 year old Kuwaiti female. i have studied in both a british private school and an american private school, so basically i have met a lot of foreigners with different nationalities and i know what they like and what they don't. and i am sure i can help you guys with anything that has to do with my country, the living, prices, etc. we are a small country so it is possible for a single Kuwaiti citizen to know almost everything and every place in Kuwait.

    feel free to email me for any information on: [email protected]

  • I have a couple of relatives living in Kuwait, so far I haven't heard about anything terrible there e.g. terrorists etc. And Kuwait should be fairly tolerant towards Indian families, there are plenty of SE Asians living there already.

    And to those wondering about salaries and standards of living, there's a website called Numbeo which shows the average cost of living for countries all over the world.
  • Hello I am an American and have been to Kuwait twice this year for work.  I can't stress enough how safe it is.  I stayed at the Hotel Ibis Sharq both times.  Very nice hotel by the way.  I walked through the old market (souq) at night alone and never, ever had any problems.  I dressed like an American and it was pretty obvious I was not local. Like I said, not once was I ever even remotely afraid of anything. The malls are great.  The souq is great.  Everything there is wonderful and I can assure anyone that you will be safe.  Keep in mind I am a male.... females will be safe too- although I wouldn't wear a bikini or anything like that.  I honestly felt safer in Kuwait than in NYC.... by a long shot.  There is no alcohol there, which in my opinion is good.  There are no bars or clubs, and therefore no drunk people out at night.  There is simply no crime for the most part.  Travel safe and enjoy this wonderful country. 
  • hey Kuwait is  safe country. why u so worry ? 
  • Kuwait is very safe from my experience.worked in al zour and stayed in salmiya and fahaheel and both nice,clean safe places. Walked around at night with no issues,pestered by traders but no problem.kuwaiti people seem reserved,slightly shy people but freindly and polite enough.I just wore t shirt and shorts out & about.ramadam was hard as meal time strict and couldn't eat or drink in public but that's the law and has to be respected.respecr their culture and laws while there and u will be ok.shame can't get a beer easily tho as alcohol free beer tastes like sh#t.
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