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Passport to Peru

When traveling to Peru, someone told me that your passport cannot expire at least 6 months before your return date, is this true? Or is it okay to go to Lima and return as long as you're back before the expire date of your passport?


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    I live in Thailand and this same type of rule applies. My sister and her daughter were on there way from Nashville, TN got all the way to San Diego but could not board the international flight (to Bangkok) as the daughter's passport was to expire just before they were scheduled to leave Thailand.
    Call the nearest Peruvian Embassy or check it out at ''.
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    I believe that there won't be a problem with your visa most of south America countries have a good acceptance for US tourists.
    My brother went to Peru last year and he didn't have a problem, he was in college then but didn't have to accredit himself as a student.
    Here is more info to be sure
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