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HEEELP US PLS. Philippine Visa application.

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Kamusta po?
I have questions.
First of all, I gained Malaysian citizen since birth and the rest of my siblings are Filipino citizens , parents are both Filipinos. My father is a seaman and brought my mom with him... that explains where I was born.
I also got my education in Philippines ,since we have home there in QC and Iloilo.
I am happily married for 6 years to an Egyptian citizen.
He is an expatriate of Malaysia and under a spouse visa.
I am helping to manage his business since he is working in one of the hotels here at daytime.
I visit my family last year without my husband, after the local Philippine Embassy informed us that my husband have to go back to his country of origin and apply visa to go to Philippines.
We are planning to go to Egypt and visit his family in Al Mansura and apply visa to Philippines to visit my family.
Now with all the chaos in Cairo, where Philippine embassy is located, we cannot go there and we can not visit again in Philippines. To make matters worst, my father came back home from overseas just to see both of us. He almost got into trouble in his work since he just took a month's off previously.
We do not know when will Egypt's issues finish so we can go there safely.
My family in Philippines are having reunion to see all of us, include my brother & sister who also came back home. That's filipino family culture. We are proud of it.

My husband have work and business here in Malaysia. He also wanted to see my whole family even before our engagement due to his work and both conflict schedules from my family side, we only register our marriage but we postponed our wedding celebrations since my husband and his family wanted my family to come as well especially my father.
We felt that we are really torn apart by politics and its protocol but all we wanted was visit my family.
My father's wish is to meet my husband face-face.
Is there any way for my husband to go to Philippines even 3-5 days without going to his country of origin? Or, my family in Philippines, Can they send invitation letter or an appeal letter to DFA?
What shall we do to enter in Philippines?
Please share your ideas and suggestion.
Any comments are highly appreciated.

Thank you and good luck to everyone.

Our Best Regards,


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    hi there... i gone through your letter... unfortunately theres no need for you to go home in egypt if your marriage in that egyptian is legal and documented through our philippine embassy in malaysia which you said that you are currently stationed. If you think that you are holding a original and NSo registered marriage document.. then he will be under your responsibilities... he will come as a tourist visa or spouse visa since he is married to you... go to the embassy fet the form fill it and have it authenticated. then that's it... attached to it your married certificated which was certified true and legally stamped by the phils emabssy in your place. round trip ticket... if there's a need of affidavit of guarantee you can also ask that from our embassy... Egypt embassy doesnt have anything to do with it... if the trip is going to the Philippines, nor if your marriage docs are already autherticated from the egypt embassy as well... its very easy... need not to worry just go on teh right channels... hoping this will help...
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    I want some help regarding a Filipino resident living in Manila. Her name is Reachanda Maliga. We were going to bring her to Dubai, UAE, as a nanny for our special child. She had agreed to everything we asked so we spent on her ticket, visa and even send her a lot of money for her as the immigration needed to see some money before her exit. But just before coming, after her medical result came out, we got to know she has Hep B, which we didn't know.
    Now she cannot come to Dubai as they don't permit in this country, but she should atleast return our money, but even after constant calls and smses and emails, she is not getting in touch with us.
    She is a citizen of your country and we have heard here that Philippine embassy helps people who have been victims of such illegal acts. I have her address and telephone number, could you help us in this? We would really appreciate it as we have lost a lot of money.
    Thank you,
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    Hi there! I just wanna ask a question. I just got married to an Egyptian National last December. With the way things are going in Egypt I'm thinking of taking him here in the Philippines in the meantime or until Egypt will be ok to live in again... What can i do or where do i start so i can give him a spousal visa? Thanks!
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    hi what should i do?my bf from malaysia want me to send him a invitation letter but i dont know how, where i go or where i ask he wants to get visa because he want to visit here in the philippines this coming december,the malaysian embassy told him that i need to send him a letter invitation.please tell me what to do.thank you so much
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    hi there!
    my american friend wants me to visit him this december 2011
    so we can spend christmas together, just want to know how many percent will the visa aprove, am a student and currently working as a JO(job order) i dont have my Pslip to prove them that am working and will going back phils after my visit/vacation leave-want only to get a 40days stay in US...
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    I am a UK citizen who will be moving to the Phillipines in the near future. I hope that I have posted this in the correct place, if not I appologise. I have trawled through many web sites for answers but still confused.

    I will be marrying my fillapina finace within a few weeks of my arrival and I would like to get a residency. I note from some of the paperwork that I have read that for a residency I need to have a certain amount of £'s in the bank, need to be cleared by a doctor (expected) and be cleared by the CRO (expected). My problem is that I own a house in the UK but find that I will not sell until I get the residency for obvious reasons as I still work in the UK, when I take my pension payment they are almost 3 times the Annual salary of a local so I have no problem financially

    I have seen / heard of the tweo types of visa I could obtain ... Non Quota or Retirement but unsure which would be the best .. any information / help on applying or what sort of vidsa I require would be much appreciated


    Anon E Muss
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