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Best WWII attractions in Germany?

My father is a bit of a WWII history buff, so my brothers and I are chipping in to send him on vacation in Germany next summer. What I'd like to know is, what are the best World War II sites to visit in Germany? I know about Auschwitz and Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, are there any others that he shouldn't miss? Which attractions are good for someone with reduced mobility, as he's getting quite old and can't walk for long distances? If anyone has any advice or experience to share it would be very helpful.


  • The German's have kinda tidied up since then, so you might like to look at the holocaust memorial in Berlin. Most towns will have a war memorial. There are more of these sort of things in France with many towns having a museum
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    Hello Kalvin85

    there are still many places to visit where your father will find WWII related things. Nevertheless old bunkers were mostly destroyed after the war and only a few of them can be visited today. A very new museum has been recently opened in Dresden.

    Dresden was heavily destroyed at the end of WWII and when you visit it today you will hardly see any damage. The newly opened museum was rated by several newspapers and TV stations as exceptionally good.

    If you describe more precisely which are your father wants to visit, it might be easier to recommend something.

    Regarding the disability of your father, nowadays most places will be prepared for wheelchairs. Nevertheless it will be wise to ask before. The German word is "behindertengerecht" ... Maybe that helps when looking for a hotel, checking for guided tours etc.

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