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New Year's eve events

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Am looking for a cool spot in which to spend new year's 2011. must be a place known for it's annual new year's festiivties.

would appreciate feedback on the following destinations:
cape town
buenas aires
hong kong


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    Hello there,

    I can't offer insights into all of the destinations that you've mentioned, but I can definitely help you out with a couple.

    I think that Cape Town would be an absolutely amazing place to spend NYE - fireworks with Table Mountain as a backdrop. Awesome. It would also be the height of summer in Cape Town, so you can spend your days relaxing on some of the beaches of the Cape Peninsula - Camps bay or Llandudno. Just remember - the water is very cold! Having said that, it would probably be one of the most expensive destinations that you mentioned.

    Bangkok would be another electric place for New Years as the city has such a lively vibe. Personally, if I was travelling to Thailand, I would opt to spend New Year's Eve on an island rather than the capital. If you're really looking for a party, you could head for Ko Pha Ngan. Technically it's famed for its Full Moon Parties, but in reality any excuse for a party will do. Alternatively, you could try something a little quieter with some real Thai atmosphere - perhaps Railay Bay or Ko Raya. This would be more realxing.

    I hope that helps a little. Have a great time whatever you decide to do.
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    "I think that Cape Town would be an absolutely amazing place to spend NYE - fireworks with Table Mountain as a backdrop."

    What to think of looking out over Cape Town from Table Mountain:

    I could also recommend Ko Pha Ngan, great party and an amazing view when the sun comes up (if you can stay awake :) )
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    For more information about New Years Eve below link is useful
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    I know it is not on your list, but Sydney is also great. AMAZING fireworks and great atmosphere. Cape Town is of course stunning at New Year, although they wont party as hard as they do in major cities like Hong Kong - many locals head off to other parts of South Africa but saying that the city becomes packed with tourists from Europe and Johannesburg.
    Visit for destination advice
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    Barcelona Events in January - Barcelona

    * Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day) - January 6th, gift giving festival with firework displays
    * Festes dels Tres Tombs - January 17th, part of the district festival of Sant Antoni Abat
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    If you're looking for the best New Year's eve events, check out our blog of the Top 5 Cities for New Year's Eve Parties.

    Other than these, popular places to spend the countdown are the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and of course Times Square in New York City.
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    It really depends completely on the sort of person you are. I would want nothing more that to relax and see in the new year - never been a fan of paying over inflated prices to get into a crammed venue to get diluted drinks at double the price. My plan would be New Years on a Beach in Antigua with my wife... gorgeous that would be.
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    Lots of info on different locations here:

    Have a great New Year, wherever you end up!
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    Cool event! I want to join. How do I join?
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    An unnusual New Year´s Eve

    The first New Year's Eve in Spain comes in mid-December (usually the second Thursday before Christmas). It is the Noche Vieja Universitaria (University New Year), which takes place in Salamanca.

    The University New Year is for students of the famous university in Salamanca who will be unable to celebrate the normal New Year with their friends because of family commitments. The students pretend it is not mid-December and go through all the usual New Year's Eve traditions, including the famous grape-eating!

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