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Istanbul for honeymoon !!! ??



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    hey clare :)
    I may ask u later about Antalia
    As we may stay 4 nights in Istanbul and 2 nights in Antalia

    Have a Nice week end :¬)
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    Istanbul is lovely place for a honeymoon. The weather is hard to be predicted in advance but it is possible to be warm around 10-15 degrees celsius. It doesn't matter because Istanbul is very beautiful place and you will have to visit numerous attractions. A good idea is to stay in Sultanahmet because all main attractions will be in close distance from you. You have to visit the Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Grand Bazaar and Topcapi Palace. A visit to Dulmabahce and Bosphorus cruise are also don't miss. If this is your first visit to Istanbul I can recommend you to use private transportation from the airport to your hotel. My friends used the services of and they were satisfied. You can also ask for a tour guide if you want. Wish you happy honeymoon.
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    tamaraaa thank u :)
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    hey all :) finally I ve booked Istanbul from the 6th of November to the 11 th :)
    i wish that we enjoy it
    all we are worry about is the transportation ..we will stay in Best westren eresin hotel at Taxim !!
    so I would like to ask how could we move from taxim to Sultanahmet for example or to have a bosphorus tour !!

    another thing i was worry about the language as we dunt speak Turkish !!

    can anyone answer me please !!
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    Turkey is a land of myth, a cradle of civilizations, a canvas of nature's most aesthetic bounties & a confluence of varied streams of culture. Owing to its favourable position, Turkey is the bridging nation between the East & West (Europe & Asia) & therefore boasts a spicy blend of oriental & modern, splendor & sleekness, which makes diversity its other name. In Turkey every visitor can find something for themselves. The world class cuisine, vibrant cities, warm hospitality, recreational facilities, historical attractions, cultural heritage, over 8000 km's coastline & an unparallel natural beauty make Turkey an irresistible holiday destination for independent or group travelers.
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    Congratulations.You are on honeymoon and have 5 days right? My advice is spend the time in or around ?stanbul to avoid the fuss of travelling. ? think you should stay in Sultanahmet for 2 or 3 days and see the historical stuff as others mentioned ie Topkap?, Hag?a Sophia, Bazaar.. and pop in to Taksim.

    But also you should go to the Princes ?slands and stay overnight. They are a group of islands in the Marmara Sea with no cars and only horse and carts. You can take the ferry from Eminonu several times a day, and it is a pleasant journey. The ferry stops at the 4 public islands and they are all nice; Buyukada is the biggest and has plenty of hotels and places to eat, Heybeliada is the greenest and a smaller island Burgazada has a nice teachers house to stay overlooking the sea. The teachers house was clean and warm but some hotels are rustic so check them out first online. We went in January and it was perfect off-season.

    ?t is raining in ?stanbul now but last November was sunny so lets hope the sun comes out for you.
  • Hello every one,

    Me and my wife are supposed to go to Istanbul for the honeymoon in September.But we are not sure if any aqua parks are open or we would find any nice resort or the weather condition is well enough to head to the beach in the morning for some swimming and stuffs.I have already checked the temperature but your help would be greatly appreciated if you can inform me about your experience at that time.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.
  • The weather in Istanbul in September should be very pleasant around 25C in the daytime and 12C at night a lovely time to see this glorious city.

    Istanbul is not a beach city the nearest beaches are an hour and a half away on the Black Sea or on the Princes Islands (Prens Adalari) located in the Sea of Marmara ,which are well worth a visit.

    The Aquaparks are usually open from May to October

    People usually visit Istanbul for its culture and history not as a beach/water park holiday.

    I suggest you maybe change to Antalya , which has an Aquapark, miles of beaches and the weather will be around 30C.
    Antalya is a lovely city and maybe better suited to you.
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