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Been a fool, can anyone cheer me up now i have been scammed

edited March 2011 in Africa
Well, i have been the stupidest person in the world. I had been speaking to M C an Italian on facebook ea widower with a son aged 16 yrs and told me a story.
He started contact with me whilst working on an oil rig in lagos via facebook then yahoo messenger. He didnt have enough money to finish his airfare and needed $500 to complete the ticket i sent it too him via western union.
Whilst he was waiting at the airport he had drugs planted on him He was detained and they asked for his release of $32000 so he asked his friend. They were going to use me as the in between to send the money via my credit card which i refused as what his friend was asking for was illegal so that didnt come off.
He then told me they caught the man who planted the drugs on him. From this point i was asking questions, the officer said he wanted to help him and help me and that Michael was telling the truth. He was then release but had to pay a $5000 fee, and i stupidly paid half $2500, but then he was told he had to have a papers signed for release and again i stupidly paid another $2000.
Why did i do it, just as he thought he was free they then said they wanted him to pay to leave theairport as well as another airfare. Now i had be speaking since December and said after the first time i would not pay any money for him.
He said he didnt want to ask his friends as he was embarrassed and that i was the only person that could help him. Red flags were up all ovr the place but i didnt go with my head so i was duped yesterday when i made another transfer for his airfare. This is how stupid i have been he gave his phone that i contacted him on to another person so when i called this morning after trying all night it wasnt him and the person john whom i made the transfers to gave me a bullshit excuse that his friend had been shot last night why he hadnt answered his calls. He said Michael was coming to meet me in the uk, Johns son who had Michaels phone said he had gone back to the USA. That is my money and a small debt i have. Please Please Please anyone has a sniff of someone wanting anything say NO even if they say they have been trying to send proof of their identity.

I have been had it feels worse than a relationship but i will survive. Can anyone else tell me if they have been there and have come out the other side ok.


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    Has anyone heard of a Nigerian scammer calling himself Andrew Lawrence, saying he is from Palmdale, CA?
    He contacted me on Facebook, but I knew right away there was something fishy.

    Does anyone know how to upload a photo of a scammer to find out if the photo is a model or from an Ad?
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    Photo uploading is tough on this site: you need to link to the picture once it is saved somewhere else.
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    I also know this creep Andy Lawrence, he fed me a different story that he didnt get paid for a job(construction) and that he and michael were hungry they had no money for food or rent then he supposedly got robbed, yeah right I was hip to him from the beginning and he was supposedly coming back to California, he has a sight on with his picture and his supposed dead wife Kari who I think is really dead, he says hes from Panama, who knows and he has a son named Michael
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    To see if a picture is fake, you can upload it to websites like to see where else it appears on the web.

    For more info on scammers, here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
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    Someone named Andy Lawrence contacted me via facebook and we started talking. He was a very smooth talker too. He was supposedly on a job in Africa and his son Michael would not stay in the hotel and out of danger, so he asked me for money to buy his son a PS3. He also promised to fly to my hometown so we could meet in person. He also claimed to be from Palmdale CA. Once I did not agree to send him the money, he was no longer interested and tried to make my feel bad by saying I did not care about the safety of his son. Beware.
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    I am still wondering how someone (woman) become a victim for scammers why she easily trust scammers Especially those from Africa It's kind of foolish !!!!
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    Most times the women keep their chatting to themselves. they dont tell friends or seek advise.
    And secondly, dont really trust any transaction through western union or mon ey gram
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    This man is a scammer! There are other posts about him on the forum. I met him through your website. He just contacted me under the name of Gmail IM [email protected], and said that he was in Africa working on a construction project, and that he is from Palmdale, CA and has a son named Michael and has had two wives. One died after their divorce and another died in a car accident. This looooon story is on MILLIONAIREDATES.COM. He is andylawrence on your website.

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    He has contacted me through facebook as of last night...but I could tell by his vocabulary and story that he was FOS..I replied back indicating that he was not who he was claiming to be....They are so obvious...
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    Hi Mavis I think the person who scammed you is exactlythe same person who scammed me just he used a different name, to me he was Dr Antino Smith a widow with 2 daughters, your story is very very similar to mine, i paid more and more monies etc. You are not stupid my sister just an innocent victim who has been played by a monster who will face God one day and answer to Him, Im still trying to recover taking it one day at a time i will eventually manage to pay off this debt.Do not trust anyone smooth talking you on facebook, they even send u pictures but its not him its someone else. I feel for you sister but know that you are not alone , you will survive this. I was even blackmailed etc.Nopsy, my advice to you is that you dont look back at all because the damage is already done and that will break your heart ,this is a lesson lift your head high sister and walk tall!!! you are a woman of susbastance!!!
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    Warning there is a international hacking group called Git on wikipedia that is scamming the world in may facets and the FBI should be looking at them on federal charges...gamane..linux..etc..
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    Hi, I am in contact with a guy from the Uk, we met through the b2u internet dating site...His wife apparently passed away 4 yrs ago due to cancer, he has a daughter 7 yrs old...He says he has his own civil construction business, & at 1st told me he would be relocating to Australia, in a month, but was waiting to find out if he won a Government contract for road works & drainage in cameroon, Nigeria. He won that supposed contract, & has now been in Cameroon for 5 days. His daughter & nanny are suppose to be there too. He has told me that in Nigeria you can not access your own money through the local banks unless you have a debit account in that country, which has to be there for 2 weeks before they will give you any money, & can not use his credit card as there are no facilities there for that. he also asked me to check his shipping consignment through, which i did with a cosignment number that he gave me, emails from my account to their's have gone backwards & forwards since he landed in Cameroon, i was told that he could not get his equipment off the warf & that it had been siezed by Local customs, he told me he only had $2000 pound & that was not enough to collect his equipment &, he apparently scored another tax for being a foreigner, & the weight of his equipment not enough was charged when it left the UK. I have sent $1000, dollars threw Western credit Union, & recived a text message that the money had been collected, by the lady assigned to his case in nigeria. 3 days ago he told me that his daughter was in hospital with marlaria, her treatment was only agreed on the condition that he had over their passports, till he could get money sent to him, the day before that I recieved the most beautiful bunch of flowers, wine, teddy bear, chocolates, at my work.... My father is the 1 that has sent alarm bells ringing, My friend says he has no internet to do emails himself but he can Skype, without voice & picture, but while he was in the Uk, we could Skype with voice, not picture, due to his camcorder not working. I'm not sure if I'm being scammed or not?? I have started to ask many questions, & so not sure if this is a scam whether he realises i'm onto him. before he left for Nigeria, he sent me his itinerary to travel to Australia for 2 weeks, he's only suppose to be in Cameroon for 1 week to get the work started, then here for 2 weeks then back there for 2 weeks & so on for the next 3 months....As i'm writing this i'm starting to feel very stupid. I have asked for the whole itinerary number so that i can check his flights arnt changed, his reply was "theres no problem with the flights" & to stop worrying, so I changed tact but basically asked the same question. he says he will go to the airport & check himself, but he had told me a couple of days ago that he was 2 hours away form the airport, when i stated that he completley ignored it & continued to ask if I have more money to send, to which I have said NO..I have googled or tried to google his business, but nothing has come up... sounds a bit strange i know
    It's my understanding that marlaria is treated with bed rest, & plenty of fluids, he saying she has a IV drip in & that a nurse comes every day to administer antibiotics, she was in hospital for 1.1/2 days.. Can some body please give me their thoughts on this situation i have myself in, so i either help them out of Cameroon, or disappear from their B.S
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    I am quite happy to join those in behalf of those who want to join my expierence with Kevin Hill.I to had met this fake.He started to ask for money,even to "shack up". How rude.He can be demanding,especially with money.Kevin will go by either [email protected] and [email protected] is very rude,disrespectful,scammer at his finest.When I started to ignore him,after $560.000, I started to fall into the harsh reality that Kevin is a scammer.Yes, I to have heard he is married.His wife is living in the states,poverty striken,while he lives it well,in Lagos Nigeria.As a scammer.Please do not fall for him.Kevin Hill is married,I also want to make this known,Kevin is a liar,scammer.Please use caution ladies Spokeo states it as well HE IS A SCAMMER
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    To all the ladies around the world...........DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW, no matter what they tell you. There are many, many men who scam from all over the world and they pick their marks very well. They are smooth talkers, they tell you that you are beautiful (even if you really aren't), they tell you they are falling in love with you (believe me it's only your money they love). they are almost always either young and handsome or they are widowers, or divorced with children who are either sick or get sick and have to have treatment they can't afford. They will pummel your heart but ladies please use your heads! The minute a man introduces money into your conversation it's time to hit the delete button. Now to be blunt and honest with you all, you need to pick up your self-esteem, get off the internet and if you are looking for love believe that it won't be found on the computer.
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