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Goa partying

edited August 2011 in India and Asia
planned to hit goa in september but after reading some reviews we have postponed it to october ...mainly visiting goa to experience the vibrant nightlife...we are 2 guys from bangalore coming by car...this is our first need help from seniors who have info abt the hot spots of goa..i have heard abt trance parties orgainsed there...any info is appreciated...


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    tito's - couple entry is more cheaper, but the experiene is amazing
    cafe mambo's really close to that that's also great
    call ahead and find out about there schemes

    these are in north goa..
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    Thx for info..
    But we are 2 guys coming over there..
    In tito's stags are not allowed? Then need to find a partner....
    In october is the whether OK...
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    Forget the usual Titos/Mambos shit... go to Anjuna.... lot of trance/rave/full moon parties happening there... places like Curlies, Guru Bar, Primrose etc etc... just ask around... October is d perfect time to visit Goa.... have fun !!!

    P.S:- i hope im not too late with this info...
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    You have done the right thing by postponing your trip to Goa. It is better to visit Goa during the winters and Christmas at Goa is awesome. I had visited Goa 3 months back. I was on a packaged tour from I was very satisfied with the trip.
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    The Goa is famous for its own beaches. Goa in South India is superb idea to make your vacations most memorable and cherished one. We can see many good arrangement resorts. Goa tourist attractions ( give many good memorable moments. I was there in my last vacation.
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    I"m sure this guy has found his way. But for any future referers, here's a good list of goa party spots. Hope it helps :)
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