Visiting Scotland: need a visa?



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    Hi David i hold a south african passport, i do not need a visa for entry into Ireland, can i travel from Ireland to Scotland, do i need any visa???
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    Vicky - Scotland is part of the UK, so same visa requirements as if you were flying into Heathrow for example. Britain and Northern Ireland has its own visa requirements that are different to Republic of Ireland.
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    HI! Iam from Greece.What if me and my family ,(Husband and 2 kids) ,wants to work and stay permanently in Scotland.
    Do we need to get a visa or we pass only with the id or passport???
    Thank you!
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    I'm thinking about bagpacked tour in Scottland. Is it impossible if i have english visa and i fly straight there to Glasglow or Edinburgh ??
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    Hi David i have already C visit visa for 6 months but my passport expires on July 2013. But now i want to appy for 2 yrs visit visa for the UK.Do they issue me the visa as my passport doesn't cover that time limit.Is it ok if i apply in this Nov.
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    It shouldn't be a problem, I've had visas that were valid longer than my passport. Once your passport expires you'll need to carry both with you until you can get it transferred to your new one. But be aware that some countries will not recognise visas in expired passports.
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    hi! im from Mexico, im about to finish university, im almost 27 years old, i want to visit the UK, but i have no idea what to do, i would like to go for 3 or 4 months and i would like to go to scotland.
    can you please give me some advice or any idea what to do if i go to the UK?? study english? get a course?
    i hope i have explained myself
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    Hello David!
    I am holding Vietnamese Passport and i have 3 years status visa in Finland, now i want to go to visit one of my friend in Scotland. can i apply for a visa in UK or Scotland Embassy in Finland? do i need to show my account statement and how much? I am studying fulltime in University. do i need to show certificate i am a student?
    Thanks very much.
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    If you have a VISA for the UK then you are free to travel to Scotland also. What many people are not aware of is when you have a Visa for the UK you may need a Visa to travel to paris on one of the many day trips from London to Paris.
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    hi there i am an Indian and planning to travel to Scotland for 3 nights i have applied for U K tourist visa do i also need to apply for Scotland visa
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    Scotland is part of the UK.
  • I have a valid UK Visa and holding an Egyptian passport, do I need a visa to spend 4 nights in edinbrough (Scotland)
  • The UK is made up of Scotland, England,Wales and Northern Ireland, therefore you are already in the UK.
    Your visa was , I assume, was issued at the British Embassy, this means you can travel anywhere in the UK without another visa.

    I am surprised you thought Scotland was a seperate country. Surely you should have checked what country you were travelling too before you applied for the visa
  • I swear I was 100% sure that it is part of UK but someone from travel agency ask me to confirm.
  • anyhow, thanks and appreciate your response
  • Hmm, Scotland is part of the UK, along with Wales, Northern Ireland and England. So a visa for the UK will mean you can access Scotland to. Neither the Republic of Ireland nor the United Kingdom are part of the Schengen area, and you may need a separate visa for each depending on where you are from
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