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Tour Operator in Tallinn (Estonia)

edited September 2011 in - Eastern Europe
I am looking for Trusted and good tour operator in Tallinn, your recommendation is highly appreciated.
Thank you


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    Hi. have you found one?
    I can answer all of your question about travelling in Estonia, Tallinn.

    Cheers my friend:)
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    I also want to know about Estonia. Hey, what are the major attractions over there? I couldn't visit Estonia yet, we want to plan a tour over there but none of us knows about it.
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    Hi Jkets. Depends on what you want to see:) Art? Music? Old Town? Museums? Dance?
    There are many places to visit and certainly can not take out everything in one day.

    I personally recommend you go to open-air museum (summer), the Old Town (full of history), or the Kadrioru Park (nature and history).
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    Hey, Thanks so much for information. But I like to visit Nature's attractions. There might be some places for adventure tour. It is another option to enjoy that place.
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    Nature in Tallinn or in Estonia at all? In Tallinn- viewing platforms of the old town (beautiful view, red roofs , the city skyline on Katariina Kai, Ginkgo biloba, the only one in this town (, Pirita river

    This is not all. Autumn days are different, and sometimes the sun shines, sometimes not.

    If you're a photographer, you have a lot of surprises:)
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    Photos which you have posted are fabulous, I loved them specially Pirita river's, is awesome view. Hey, thanks so much you gave much information with snaps. Nature in Tallinn would be fine and Photography is my favorite.
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    You are Welcome Jkets
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