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GB Passport & Visa entry to Australia

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I was in Perth in June last year and obtained a Visa which I think was valid for 12 months. As I have no evidence of said Visa, how can I check, or can someone confirm that a Visa is valid for 12 months and I do not need to renew before my visit to Melbourne on busness next week? Thanks in advance.............


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    Does the visa specify multiple entry? If so, you can come and go freely within the 12 month period.
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    I am a british citizen over 45 would like to migrate to Australia I have job offer (Nurse) from an employer. I am afraid whether I would be eligible for PR. ESP from Canberra. Could anyone give an advice on it.
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    If you want more information on the visa requirements and conditions check out
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    We emigrated to Australia a year ago, when we applied for a 457 visa i added my 18 year old son onto the forms (he has another year left on his visa) but he didn't emigrate with us. He is coming to visit us in 4 weeks time and in the meantime his GB passport expired and he had to renew it, unfortunately they didn't put the visa back into his new passport. What i would like to know is will he still be able to come through customs with his new passport without his visa in it? or will he have to take his expired passport aswell as his new passort to prove he is on a temporary visa or will they have all this on the electronic system if they need to check, or does he boycott it and just play safe and get a holiday visa for when he comes in 3 weeks?

    I don't want him to turn up at airport and they refuse his entry to australia, and its a bit late now to send his passport off and get it back in time

    Hope you can help

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    If you are simply visiting Australia as a tourist, and don't plan on staying for longer than 90 days, then you can get an ETA.

    An ETA Australian Visa is cheap, allows multiple entry for up to a year, and is available to most countries. Here is a list of ETA available countries.

    If anybody reading this wants to work in Australia, then the process can be a bit different. I would probably just recommend contacting an embassy or get information from their website, as age and what type of work you're seeking can make a difference.
    Hope that helps!
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    we are in Perth in 2 weeks on a validation trip. We have been granted our permanent residency visa. We have been told two different things. 1. we just need to travel into the country and the visa is validated automatically at the airport. 2. we need to go to the australian embassy and have it put in our passport. Is anyone able to advise?
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    I am travelling to Australia very soon and won't have the recommended amount of money! I will only have about 800 australian dollars and I am going on a 12 month working visa. I have a job lined up and start within a couple of days of arrival and so wont need much money. Will I be asked what money I have and will they check it?
  • Hey all,

    Thanks in advance to anyone who reads and can maybe advise.

    I work offshore for an oil and gas company i only work 6 months a year on a 6 week on work 6 week off work rotaion.

    I am looking to spend a lot of time in aus next year but purley as a tourist earning at work and spending in aus, coming in and out of the country every 6 weeks, is this going to be possible or would i exceed the amount of days you can stay in or be out of the country and are there any specific visa's i would need to aquire.

    Many thanks.

    Nicholas Gibbs
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