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French Polynesia Visa

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I want to know the visa requirements for French Polynesia - for people visiting Tahiti Islands (Indian passport holders)


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    You need a visa as well as a Passport (or a replacing document) which must be valid 3 months after day of arrival.

    You also need to hold onward tickets and all documents required for your next destination.
    A visa extension beyond 3 months can be obtained 2 months after arrival and your visa must also clearly state that it is valid for French Polynesia.
    Happy travels!
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    I'm Malaysian and my fiance (currently in Malaysia) holds an indian passport. We plan to honeymoon in Tahiti. Just found out that indian passport holders require a visa for FP. But there isnt any FP consulate in Malaysia. Can anyone tell me where the closest FP embassy is so that I can get a visa for my Fiance? Can she get a visa on arrival?
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