Weather and best time to visit India



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    Avoid April and May it's Like December and January In Europe but the weather is Just opposite
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    If anyone visits to North East India than anytime, you visit here. Whether is friendly not much heat than other parts of India.
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    Please avoid during Mar-May, as this is summer. During this period you can visit to hill stations like KULU, MANALI, OOTY & KODAIKKANAL.
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    Hi, i have a week off from work in the beginning of sept 2011, i was thinking of visiting India. where would be a good place to go around that time? trying to aviod the monsoons. i would also love to explore the wildlife. can anyone give me some ideas?
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    Best time in INdia is Oct to Feb. Must see places include Goa and Kerala.

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    Which is best place in INDIA to visit in may end or june starting.I am seeking information for a romantic trip.
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    Can anyone describe how it is in Goa in June? I understand the beach shacks are closed and that it rains heavily from time to time. But can you go in the water at all? Do you need helmet for falling coconuts? Is there anything fun happening besides pool life?

    We're planning to go there in the end of June, and I don't want unhappy children/co-travellers.
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    dear all,
    i am programing to visit from south to varanasi in july 2nd week, because i will have only one month vaccation,
    can any one give me the climate condition,
    there will be heavy rain in this time?
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    i want to go anywhere in india in end of may but i have no idea to which is the best place for me .plz tell me the right place with there maximum tem.
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    Hi, i am planning for honeymoon at india on the month of december. is it a good idea to travel that time? is rainy season? i am from malaysia, but i am planning a month vacation, coz at first i need to visit few temples, as rameshwaram, palani, and more.. so from malaysia, which airport should i get down first at india? and how to go? beside temples, for best honeymoon visit to india where should we go and visit? please advice and help answer all my question someone pls.. much appereciate if can email me the details..
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    Hi, I organise work and travel program in the state of Rajasthan , India. Tiger Safari, Taj Mahal visit , Cooking Class, Music Class, Jaipur fort visits, and work with blind and poor children are the part of our program. write me for more information
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    Is it best time to take Golden Triangle tour in Dec during christmas vacation?
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    This time you can see and feel beautiful India not so much winter and not tough summer time. November to Jan is best time to visit in India :)
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    I am going to India in mid May to mid June, to do a placement in a hospital in Delhi and then Chennai, but plan to stay on and travel with a friend. We are both students and it will be our first time in India. Can anyone tell me where the best places to visit/stay at that time of year are? All advice welcome. Thanks!
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    Hi I am planning to visit The Golen Triangle on 10th Sept for a week and then down to kerila for a further week. I suppose the question is this a good time to go?
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    Best time to visit india is Aug to Nov. September to Dec is a tourists season of Kerala.
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    Someone said it's better to be there during Aug - Nov since it is not so populated because it is not yet a tourists season.
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    I had my first trip to southern Kerala in India in September 2011, the weather was fine, just the odd heavy shower, loved it so much that I'm coming back to do the Golden Triangle tour in Ocober.
    Might be back in April, May or June 2013 - any recommendations in where to go or see at that time of year please?
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    I am planning on doing a trip to India next year and i want to get all your advice on when to go when I'm in the north and south!

    I am planning on doing just over a month in the North- so which are the best months to go at?

    And then i plan on going to the South afterwards for some sunbathing time- so which would you say are the best months to head their for?

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    Hello Friend,

    You all have same queries like when visit to India and which places to visit. So I would like to say that there are so many places in to visit like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Mysore, Rajasthan, Delhi, North India, South India and many more and the best time to visit in India is from August to March so you may visit India at this time and enjoy of your trip because the whether and environment of India is good. So if you want to know more about tourist destination then you may go with this link
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    Hi Anushka,
    Where would you recommend for April to June?
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    Actually, there is no such thing to say that best time to visit India because the country has variety of destinations with different weather conditions and one can be on any of such Indian destination all over the year without weather impact. The destinations like Leh and Ladakh, Valley of Flowers, Goa Beaches, South India Attractions like Kerala Ayurvedic Tour, etc. After all, you can make a good time around regardless of the time you visit India.
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    I am going to India golden triangle incl Kashmir on 1st week of Dec 2012. Pls advs the weather to expect. Any possibility of proceeding with the stay at boat hse? Does temp ever go -ve ? Tq
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    List of best uncasual places in india.

    5.Roopkund Lake
  • Best time to visit India is Aug to Nov. September to Dec is a tourists season of Kerala, Goa but not Kashmir.
  • The best time to visit India is between late October (the end of the monsoon season) and mid-March. April and May can be very hot and humid
  • The best time in India is the winter season from December to January, as it makes that you are in heaven...
  • The weather in India varies dramatically.While the southern tip of the India is being lashed by tropical monsoon
    rain, the north will be blanketed in thick snow. the best
    time to travel to India depends greatly on the destinations to be
    visited and the climate experienced there.
  • Best time to visit India is around December to February. In this period weather is perfect for traveling. So if you are thinking to visit India than plan your trip around December to February.
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