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Marrakech Morocco

edited November 2011 in - North Africa
Hi, I will be moving to Marrakech in December, I will be living there for at least one year.I have found an unfurnished place to move into so I am interested in any helpful hints on where to to buy inexpensive furniture- used or new. I do not want kit furniture, I prefer wooden items. Any other advice to help my transition go smoothly would be greatly appreciated.


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    You will find most furniture is hand made which means you can have it made to your specifications.
    Perhaps the souks are a good start although these are scattered over a large and will take up quite a bit of time searching.
    What I have learned about the souks is they are divided into different sectors, ie in one area they sell leather, in another wool and so on.
    I am unsure of where furniture is made off hand although asking a trader in the souks (rather than have a shopping guide) will get you in the right direction.
    If I come across any info I will be in touch.
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