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Food/Shopping cost for 7 days - Singapore and Malaysia

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Dear all,

I am planning to go to Singapore sometime early next year with my family. We are taking a holiday package which includes everything (accomodation,guided tour etc) except food and personal expenses. Can someone tell me how much food and some light shopping (like some clothes/soveniers and light stuff) may cost 5 people for 7 days.
My guess:
$30 per person for food per day = approximately $1000 towards food costs for 5 people for 7 days
Some light shopping over 5 dyas = $300 to $500

Is this reasonable or too crunchy?



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    you will need a bit more than this. Depends on what sort of food you want to have and where you are staying. If you are staying close to Little India, there are some reasonable options available, even there a meal could be as much as SGD10 per person per meal. Other places are much more expensive. Entry fees and rides at sentosa etc could be extra and cost you a bit more. as far as shopping goes, it entirely depends on what you buy, stay away from electronics, they are cheaper in India. When you shop, retain all bills and get endorsement for VAT waiver. You can get back the VAT you pay at the airport while you exit. This could save you quite a bit of money. Overall, a fun trip at this time of the year. But, singapore is expensive.
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