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Is going to Puerto Rico considered as leaving the US (for visa purposes)

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Hi Everyone,

I am in serious need of advice regarding visa's to travel to Puerto Rico from the USA. I am not a US citizen (just here on holiday), however, the visa I am on only allows me to travel within America. If I travel outside of America, I will have to go back to Australia to get a B1-B2 visa to re-enter the USA. My question is, being a non-US citizen travelling to Puerto Rico from USA, do I need a visa... I would like to know if going to Puerto Rico is considered leaving the US?

I have looked on SO many websites, spoken to USCIS, the US consulate in Perth, name it, ive tried them but nobody can give me a definitive answer. Please help if you know for sure.



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    Nah B you dont need no visa
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    "I did travel to PR several times while adjusting my immigration status. Once, I was stopped by immigration officers, but they had to let me go as I was legally in the US and had papers to prove it (a bit scary as they had to call supervisors and such...)."

    Exactly the kind of info I was looking for and why I like DR1 so much. We're debating between P.R. and Florida. Latin culture for the wife or Disney for the three year old. Right now Fla. is in the lead. Can't wait 'till we can all get back to Santo Domingo.
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