Single woman travelling to Saudi Arabia and UAE - regulations?



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    Another excellent & interesting article at

    You see, whether your boyfriend, fiance, husband, partner or anyone whom you have been stalking relocating to any part of Middle East, they'd have means to get sexual satisfaction "sinfully".

    And it's common that Middle Easterns, some of them perhaps, put on "pious" appearance but then they commit adultery & drink like nobody's business.

    You can read another interesting article at

    By the way, to some of you Westerners out there, don't you all know that Middle Easterners worship you guys besides their God which is called "Allah"? You just need to talk in your native language (which is English, of course!) & you can demand high salary, excellent accomodation, awesome allowance & many more!!

    Maybe it's written somewhere in Middle Eastern's holy references that Westerners are 2nd in line after their God.
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    Another interesting article at

    Enjoy folks.
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    Hello i am planning to visit dubai in december from india can i get a torist visa if i travel alone there, i have heard that single travelling lady dosent get visa...plz help
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    I have lived in the KSA as a single woman and can tell everything in this thread is absolute bullshit. A man or a woman, there is no tourist visa, so you must have an invitation, usually a business invitation. It does not work in the way "if you know some one from the royal family anything is possible" - possible sure, likely not. You are aware of that most of the 3000 princes are not important, and those who are important protect their reputation?

    The man who talked about "Eastern European Prostitutes" seems to be a big client himself as he has such details, but what he said about Saudi is a dream. To claim that happens in every country, talk about your own country - not mine! Government and rich men do NOT organize prostitution in my country, for you information, so keep "everywhere in the world" in your fantasies. Amazing people.

    The very few times I heard of HIDDEN, small scale, prostitution, it was Lebanese and beduine, not "Eastern European"

    Women, when you go to Saudi, you will not meet prostitutes, and you will not be harrassed by these fantasies by Western men how your life will be tough. When I went there, everybody was telling me how I will be oppressed, and seemed to cum in the process. Especially they enjoyed to tell me about polygamy and see the reaction on my face, those sadists. What rubbish. Polygamy is really rare among people less than 60. Foreign women are more free than foreign men in Saudi Arabia. It is a better country for foreign women. An amazing country.

    But then again, you will not get there, unless you work there or are invited for business purposes.
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    Ekta, you have got to be kidding. Dubai is the sin city. It is not a conservative place.
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    hi guys... Being a Saudi myself, I do not know what horrible planet most of you folks are talking about... anyway, whether you are a western or not Saudi is only open for you in 3 different ways. Females, males or even couples, every one needs an entry visa from the closest Embassy in there home country and surely you need to prove your travel plans either a business or a family re-union of a working spouse in Saudi. Parents can also visit their working daughters/ sons in Saudi Arabia. However, an invitation by their sons or daughters is a part of the required documents.

    Once in Saudi, most westerns do live in compounds and private communities. While living there, they may enjoy their life in whatever way they like and of course including alcohol as well. However, these entertainment must stay within their compounds and private communities. Meaning, that if you do drink and drive; you ought to be ready to take the consequences and just like anywhere else....

    No prostitution neither a sex slavery is permitted here. Beside being a tax free heaven, Saudi is well known of being a family oriented environment! you may not know that, but I am sure most of you who lived here will agree.

    Moreover, if you would like to know about your destination, you would rather be asking a local!
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    Yes, it's a really a pure and clean place; there is no violence at Saudi.
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    Hi Im 22+ year female will like to know can i travel alone to Dubai to c my fiance.... plz let me know soon with some good details about the visa process..
    Thanks in advance :)
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    Hi, I am a 27 year old single-female moving to Saudi for work (and yes, I have a Visa). I will not be living on a Western Compound, but want to ask any locals if I go to a compound (but don't live there), would I get into trouble? I have done a lot of research on the restrictions/laws etc, but am finding it difficult to source information on the compounds.
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    i m a single woman .want to go to dubai on visit visa to dubai i dont have any bllod relatives dere.can i get emigration cleared. if i go through travel agent.
    pls reply
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    I've been here in the Kingdom for 2 years and 3 months working for the Ministry of Health as a nurse. Working and traveling here as a woman, an Asian woman specifically, has its pros and cons. I've always been told never to travel alone via taxi for dangers of being raped. 'Tho I've heard so much stories about women being raped by taxi drivers here, I still braved traveling alone on day time. I have experienced minor problems of being molested inside the taxi, mostly by Pakistanis and Bangladeshi drivers. But being firm in saying no is an advantage. At the same time that I cannot go to the police for fear of having a negative effect on me especially that I cannot speak their language fluently. Some women when caught being together in a public place with an opposite sex, even a relative are tagged as prostitutes here in Saudi Arabia. They will both end up in jail if being caught and get deported asap. Altho' Asian and the westerner women are treated differently, it's how you show yourself to the public that matters. For us Asians, we get so much "indecent proposals" from the locals and some male expats here, maybe because of some experience, some Asian women have projected themselves as cheap commodity here. Most single women stay here for the money. I do. Other than that, I see no reason why I should stay here in Saudi Arabia.
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    Hi i've been in alkhobar for 2 years, so far nothing bad happened to me god/allah help me and guides me in any place i go outside or at work., but i have heard so many stories too, also there are some saudi's who are rude and not nice to female or no respect sometimes they stopped the car and talk to you or followed you and telling some things, also there are some scenario of my co-worker whom they are trying to get and put inside the car especially during ramadan days or even usual days. I dont know whats happening with them they should be praying and asking for forgiveness but they are becoming more worst, i am not referring to all saudis, even some pakistani and bangladeshi. Even there are some other nationality working there in saudi and some other asian did something not nice there they should still respect the female every person has a different personalities. No offense to saudi people perhaps they are just not aware with the same nationality of what they are doing in their own country.. thank you!
  • Hi! i'm in 20s and a single. I will work as a Saudi Arabian flight attendant in Saudi. After working, can I go out of my house to have lunch alone? And can I walk on the street alone? And I want to excercise. Is there a fitness?
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    As a married woman only your husband can sponsor you to enter KSA. As you are married to a Saudi citizen you would require his permission to enter and leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    These females you hear travelling to KSA may have employment, family or have travelled as part of an Umrah or Hajj package group.

    KSA  treats women badly, women cannot drive, women cannot go out alone, women must be covered, without their male guardians permission women cannot have medical procedures, be educated, travel, take up employment, open a bank account or even marry.

    You dont say what country you are from but maybe you could go to Bahrain or UAE where you may not require a visa and visit your husband at least you will get a flavour of the middle east. It seems to me your husband is trying to protect you from the extremes of KSA

    Your fascination with KSA  will make you unhappy you need to let go and focus on bringing your husband to live with you.

  • hello,
    I am a Saudi citizen who's married to a Russian woman. I will be more than glad to help anyone with anything.

    I just wanted to say, Saudi society is a very kind and loving society, ask anyone.
    The culture is different than any where else in the world. But, the locals are very understanding and welcoming of other cultures.

    But, due to the cultural issues, I strongly advice you understand all the details on the city and place you will be working in if you're coming for a job.
  • "... But, the locals are very understanding and welcoming of other cultures..."

    I appreciate you joining the forum Sami, but honestly, that's one of the silliest and most inaccurate/misleading statements I've ever read on any travel discussion forum. With all due respect you might want to rethink that proclamation.

    No offence, sir.

    All the best to you.

  • Sami, I agree totally with Terry. I lived and worked in the middle east for several years and have never found Saudi's understanding or welcoming. Saudi Arabia is a country of misogyeny racist, intolerant and a place where a woman can be for example, a highly qualified surgeon but is relieved of the complex task of driving a car !

    Understanding and welcoming
    in your dreams
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