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Visa for Morocco on arrival

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I have a Malaysian passport. Would I be able to get a Moroccan visa as I arrive in Morocco? At the airport?


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    How about Filipinos? Can I also get the Visa upon arrival? I have a philippine passport living in Riyadh, and I have a business meeting / trainor in Rabat for a week. I need to confirm if visa is not required from my departure instead upon arrival to Morocco. Kindly send confirmation if possible to my email address: [email protected]
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    I have a NZ passport, long time resident of the UK (with patriality). Will i just get a visa for Morocco on arrival? I checked and re-checked before booking this holiday and everyone told me i didn't need one in advance
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    i am austarlian passport holder,,do i need visa in advance to visit morroco?
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    I have a bangladeshi official passport.presently i m serving in Liberia as a member of United Nation.I m traveling to France by Royal Air Morocco.I want to visit morocco for 2 or 3 days on my way to France.Can i get on arrival email address is [email protected]
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    i have amauritian passport but lives in london and want to visit morroco for i need to get a visa as mauritius is part of africa..thanks
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    i am indian passport holder, do i need visa for morroco bec i have alreday uk nd schengan visa. Pls reply fast ????
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    i am pakistani passport holder but lives in italy.Would I be able to get a Moroccan visa as I arrive in Morocco? At the airport?
    i have alreday italy schengan visa
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    i am an Indian passport holder, do i need visa for Morroco? I already have a uk and schengan visa. Pls reply fast ????
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    Morocco is NOT a Schengen state, and it is obviously not part of the UK.Thus, it doesn't make any difference whether you have the two visas you mentioned. You'll need to check the Moroccan government's web site to see if you need to acquire a visa beforehand to enter Morocco, or if you can purchase one at the border.
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    I live in uk and i have a british passport and my wife is from pakistan with 2 years spouse visa for u.k, we want to travel to morocco for 1 week holiday, does my wife need to have visa before travel or can she obain one at the airport in Morocco? pls can u give me details, of cost / requirements etc many thanks email me at ,,,,,, [email protected]

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    am from uganda ant trying to travel to morocco early march.
    do ugandans need acquire the visa at the air port?
    we have no morocco embassy in uganda so i need someone here to answr me please
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    i am from Pakistan and working in Afghanistan i want to travel to Morocco so what the procedures to get visa can i get visa from Dubai to travel Morocco.
  • I am a ugandan travelling through Morroco to dakar. Can I buy my visa at the airport in morroco ?
  • Hello Larrygbao,

    Yes you will need a visa, you will need to provide strong proof of your funds to sustain your trip and evidence that you're moving onto your next destination.

  • @Larrygbao
    You definitely require a visa before you travel , you must apply for your visa at the Morrocan embassy.
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