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How to travel around Europe by car?

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Next summer holidays I want to travel around Europe by car.I want to visit:Denmark,Germany,France and Spain.
I have no idea how much money and what kind of documents do I have to take.
I need some advices with that.

ps - i also need a map & i don't know where to get it...
(sorry for my bad english) 


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    What passport do you hold?
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    Your English is not a problem, it is better understandable than that from many native speakers.
    What is a problem is that you do not tell where you are from and where you are living at this time, and those decide what paperwork you need.

    You will need at least, a passport or European ID card if from a country supplying those.
    A full driving license and the papers showing you own the car or are allowed to use it.
    An insurance covering the car for use in the countries you want to go to.
    On top of that you might need and International driving license, which is basically a translation of your driving license and will be needed if your license is not from a certain set of countries.
    You might need a visa for the Schengen area, which will cover all countries on your list and those you might need to pass through if you change your itinerary a bit.
    If you are not lucky you might need to have hotel bookings for each night as well as a plane ticket into and out of the Schengen zone go get the visa. And to get the visa you will also need to have a travel insurance that covers medical emergency treatment and getting you home if needed.

    And more than anything you will need money.
    Travel by car is expensive in Europe, petrol/gas is among the highest in the world, parking fees in all major and many minor cites, toll roads for fast travel, hotel and hostels are not cheap and food will cost a lot too.
    You might take a tent or even sleep in the car, but it will not be cheap anyway.
    And if you have to rent a car you will have to pay a lot per day as well as a 'foreign drop off' fee which can be a lot.

    When traveling by alone train, over 26, staying in hostels and doing some sight seeing, count on €100 per day, if traveling alone by rental car, double that amount, triple it if unlucky.

    This site tells you whether you need visa, if so, go to the site of a consulate of one of the countries you want to travel in your country, they will have more info on what you need to apply.
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