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Nagas Travel Land Tours is this a legitimate tour business?

edited June 2010 in - West Africa
Nagas is supposedly located in Accra. Any one have any experience with this tour operator? Is Visa accepted in Ghana and more specifically in Accra?


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    Visa is accepted in Ghana for sure. Sorry I can't comment on Nagas I don't have any information.
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    Hi I'm looking to if they are legitimate to, I find it strange that they don't have a web site everyone has one now
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    I am a guest here but I have been asked to use this agency as well. It is very odd they don't seam to have any credible contact details. Be careful
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    be very careful of nagastravel land and any girl that you are talking to that wants to use them, it is my belief that it is a scam. Also be careful of any girl wanting you to put credit on her phone, i believe it is a scam and they are after your credit card number. Be very careful
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    Be very careful, its really odd that they do not have a website. If your looking for reliable Travel and Tours in Accra you can try
    Land Tours Ghana Limited

    199 Soula Loop, Labone, Accra

    T: +233 0302 761751 / 2


    you can use these guys, they are based inside the Accra Mall

    Telephone: 021-823044/6

    E-mail address: [email protected]

    Shop Number: GH04

    Trading hours: Mall Hours Website:

    Cards Accepted: Visa & E-Zwich

    Or for all travels within Africa

    These 3 are very reliable and very safe
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