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Passport expiry - do I need to renew my passport?

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Hi I have booked a holiday to Mallorca, Cala D'or in August. My passport runs out November 27 2010. Do i need to renew my passport before i go away or are there limitations on how long i have to have remaining on my passport ?


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    I have the same question!! We are Canadians with valid passports for another four months. Does the EU enforce a six-month validity rule? Would we be able to enter the EU? We will be on a cruiseship embarking from the US. Our entry point is Ponta Delgada, Portugal. Can someone please enlighten us?
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    Have a look at our page on passport renewal - its a very informative guide
    Visit for destination advice
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    how long before i go away do i need to get a passport
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    my passport expire on april 18, 2011 and i would like to vacation this oct. 16, 2010.what will i do.
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    my passport expire on april 18, 2011 and i would like to vacation this oct. 16, 2010.what will i do.
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    Hi, I have a New Zealand passport expiring in just over five months time (March 20, 2011), and I have just found out that the airlines here in London will probably not allow me to get on the plane. I called the Israeli Embassy and they told me that they would have no problem, but they told me that the airlines would definitely not allow me to board. I guess I could always try and get them to send me an email saying the same.

    I am wondering if I can extend the life of New Zealand passport because I don't have time to get a new one. The plane is booked to leave this Wednesday afternoon! Has anyone been able to do that? My friends in Israel say that they can do that with their passports i.e extend them.

    I am going to Israel to help someone, and the family there have already paid for my tickets.

    It looks like I may be able to get an emergency passport, but I still have my old passport and it looks like they wouldn't give me one unless I lost it, or it was stolen or defaced.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps (in advance).
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    I am Puneet kalra and I am living in Kurukshetra
    How can i renew my passport, my passport expired on December, 2010
    How can i get a online date from my nearest passport office.
    Which is the perticular site where will i do this process easily and which documents required to renew my passport.
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    I have an expired passport that I have never used. Do I renew the expired passport or apply for a new one as if I have never had a passport before?
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    Sheryl - you'll still want to renew your passport, as it costs much less than applying for a new one in most countries. Even if you've never used it, your country still has it on record and renewing it should be a simple process.
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    my passport runs out in september & i want to go to spain in july, do i nned to renew my passport ?
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    If my passport going to get expire on Dec 2013. when i need to apply the renew for my passprt. could you any one provide the vaild answer.
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    Hi I am going to Aus on the 11th October & I have a visa for 1 year & have a job to go to. But my passport runs out in June 2012 can I renew it in Aus? or will I have to renew it in the UK?
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    Passport Expiration issue:
    I booked a 1 week trip from SF (US) to Hong Kong and just realized that my Passport expires in February (13th).

    My flight is to Hkg is on Nov 5th and then another flight (different airline) to Manila (Philippines) the next night (Nov 6th).

    Return dates:
    Nov 11: Manila to HKG
    Nov 12: Hkg to US

    Nov 12 to Feb 12 exactly 3 months.

    But I also have 2 other international flights to HKG planned for November (reason for 3 trips in 1 month = taking advantage of Delta Skymiles promotion Detroit to HKG).

    Must I renew my passport before going on these trips or can I wait until after I have completed these 3 short trips and do it then?
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    Some countries require at least 6 months to be left on a passport when entering. The best thing to do is renew it just in case if you are unsure - you'll have to do it at some point anyway!
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    I bought tix to the US from Ireland in June 2012. Using my passport that expires in July 2012. I'm getting my passport renewed. Will I still be able to use those tix that I bought with my old passport?
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    my sons passport run ouy in august 2012 we are traveling 2 july do i have to renew passport
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    K - You should be fine. Do your tickets have your passport number written on them anywhere? If you're very nervous, just bring your old passport with you as well.

    Wiggle - It depends entirely on where you're travelling to, but I would highly recommend renewing your son's passport before you leave. Many countries require 3-6 months remaining as a condition for entry.
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    Can I travel to Hong Kong with 9months left on my pass port?
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    If my Passport expires in July 2013 but our vacation to Florida is planned for March 2013, is my passport still ok for March or do I need to renew it ?
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    If you are going on a trip and you have 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6, or 7, or 8, or 9, or 10, or 11 months left before your Canadian Passport is no longer valid, YOU ARE PERFECTLY SAFE.

    It would be a different story if you are trying to renew the passport on the day of the DATE OF EXPIRY.

    SO, example 1:
    Your passport expiry date is DEC 17 2013.
    This means that ideally you should show up with the necessary forms and photo at the passport office in your city, a little ahead of DEC 17 2013, like one week, or one month. ITS UP TO YOU. No problem either way. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY.

    example 2:
    Your Passport expirty date is DEC 2013 (without an exact date)
    This means that you've got to show up with the necessary papers and photo at the passport office in your city, a little ahead of DEC 2013. Like few days before Decemeber, or one month ahead. ITS UP TO YOU. No problem either way. DONT WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER 30.

    Do not procastinate, and put off renewing your passport on the last day. Everyone please make time to do the renewing a little ahead of the time it expires and you will be fine.

    In Canada, if you renew your passport a little ahead of the DATE OF EXPIRY, you fill out a simple renewing form, but if you are trying to renew your form AFTER DATE OF EXPIRY, then a longer form is needed.

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    Im going to Rarotonga on the 1st dec and my Nz passport expires jan31st 2013. Can I still travel on my current
    passport or I need to renew?
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    my passport expires on August 2013, can i still use it to visit spain for 4 weeks in May?
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    Here is an overview of visa requirements for Spain. A lot depends on your nationality. Although there doesn't seem to be anything formally stating that passports must have 6 months validity for travel (a rule which many countries enforce) we always recommend that you do because sometimes officials on the ground apply different standards. Check with the embassy to be sure.
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    pls help, im leaving for hong kong these feb 25, 2012, i have a returned ticket 2wks. after..i would like to ask if i can renew my passport here in the phils. before leaving? im confused coz i will be having a 2 passport no. is it ok?
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    i am travelling to south africa end of feb and returning mid april, my passport ( british) expires in sept will it be ok to leave and renew when i return in april as i am scared if i apply now i won't get passport back in time ?
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    ill be travelling on march 10, passport will expire on sept.2013.i renewed my passport last january 2013.when i booked my plane ticket i used my old passport i have to bring my old passport when nervous cause its my first time travelling dfa they already punch a hole om my old passport..can i still travel using my new passport.?
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    I am going to spain in June 2013 but my passport expires in August 2013. Do I need to renew it before I go
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    Hi Barbie,

    It depends where you're from, but I'd recommend renewing it first as you have plenty of time and most countries prefer you have six months remaining.
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    My brother Philippines passport expires in July but his leaving on May , it is still okay to travel to Philippines?
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    Doesn't it depend which country you are from? Or maybe it's which country you are entering... In any case, if in doubt you should prob get your passport renewed anyway. It would be rubbish to get stuck halfway. Unless you have some emergency case, then maybe you need to put some thought into it.
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    My pass port run out 10th march 2013 and I'm going on holidays in June the 6th . Will my knew passport come on time?
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    Gill: it's hard to say without knowing what country you're from, but most countries can renew a passport in a couple of weeks' time.
  • my passport does not expire until october next year, however i turn 18 on July 11th this year. Do I still need to renew my passport as I am turning 18 even though it is still valid? 
  • Sophie: No, your passport remains valid until the expiry date. I got my first passport at 15 and continued to use it until 25 without hassle.
  • ../i:)) Hello .... I would appreciate any input/help anyone can give me. My (spanish) passport expires on
    1/07/2014. I understand it to be July 1, 2014.

    My question is....can I renew my passport earlier than 6 months say in October? My husband and I
    plan on travelling to Belgium in December. Also since I'm taking time off from work in december,I
    won't be having any vacation time till June. Which is why I'm planning to get it done before we leave.

    Thank You,
  • Hi im travelling to spain on the 30th august this year but my passport doesnt expire till november but im 19 and still got a childs passport would I have to renew it before I go away???
  • You were a child when your present passport was issued but you are now an adult. Also and more importantly you do not have six months validity on your child's passport to enter Spain. So you now need to apply for an adult passport
  • I am planning a trip to Dominican Republic in Feb 2015 and my  US passport expires in July 2015, Do I need to renew it before, or will it be excepted round trip?
  • If you are entering the Dominican Republic as a tourist your passport must be valid up to at least the date of your departure from the Dominican Republic.However if you are travelling for other purposes your passport must be valid for six months.

    All tourists must apply for a tourist card that is valid for 30 days but can be extended. 
  • Thanks!
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