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5 year ban from Ireland

edited September 2010 in Expat Advice
I was wrongly accused of deception by the Irish embassy in Nigeria because the credit card transaction I used for booking my hotel failed. The card was debited, and the hotel gave me a confirmation mail which I sent to the embassy, the hotel did not in any way inform me that the transaction was not successful and I had no idea that the booking had been cancelled until I got the rejection letter from the Irish embassy, refusing me visa, accusing me of deception and banning me for 5 years. Now I just want them to clear my record of that wrong accusation. I sent them a mail a week ago but so far they have not responded. Please any ideas how I can pursue this?


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    The Irish embassy was correct, you should remain in Nigeria and confine your your credit card fraud to that part of the world. By the way, there are many Nigerian criminals over here in Ireland, we all hope as many as possible are returned to your corrupt country, perhaps you can then rob one-another?
    By, by from a well travelled Irishman.
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    Can I just say to "Well travelled Irishman" that you are so rude! Maybe "angeluche83" is telling the truth and it really was a mistake! Even if he/she isn't there is no way to be so pig-headed about it. Also your racist! Not all Nigirians are criminals! I understand that you are just trying to answer the question but the way you answered it was just plain wrong!
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    I am agree with you Carrie. It's always frustating when the embassy reject your visa aplication without any explanation. And to Well travelled Irisman, I hope you travel well wherever you might go. Racist is not welcome in our world
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    Hi, I'm a Nigerian trying to visit my girlfriend in Philippines. What could be the requirements at the embassy to grant me entrance? please I need help!
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