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    Hi i am going 2 the sherwood dreams hotel 2 this june 20th- 5th july and was thinking about getting married there. I have emailed the hotel and jst waiting on reply. do you think iit can be done with so short notice like paper work etc. Any advice would be great.
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    Hi, I'm looking to get married in Turkey in June 2013. I've found the resort I want to stay at - the Delphin Diva in Antalya but am not sure what to do for the best ceremony wise. There will only be about 10 of us going out there so I don't want to have a huge reception but organising the ceremony myself when I know nothing about it (besides getting a CONI) is a really daunting task. Does anyone know if the Delphin diva could help with a wedding planner? I want to have my hair done beforehand and have some flowers but have no idea where to start. I've been looking every day for a week and it's starting to put me off the idea :o/

    TIA for any advice

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    Hi Anna

    Are you planning on visiting Antalya before your wedding? ?t could be the easiest way to get your arrangements under way.

    The Turkish Embassy gives the regulations here

    The British vice consulate in Antalya may offer advice for the local area.

    All legal marriages are civil ceremonys. The official will visit hotels or other places but you do need to contact them in advance. Also documentation needs to be translated to be valid. Remember your CON? ?s only valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

    Hair is an easy one!! There are so many hairdressers in Turkey and all offer hair, nails etc at a fraction of UK prices. Flowers are also available as well.

    A visit here before hand would be really worthwhile and probably a lot cheaper than a wedding planner! Have you contacted the hotel to ask your questions? Contact Details :
    Hotel Delphin Diva Premiere
    Kemera?z? Mevkii Lara - Antalya - T
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    Hi clarecg, thank you so much for your reply. We aren't able to come out beforehand unfortunately :( I have my heart set on the Delphin Diva but the wedding itself seems so complicated with so much involved! From all I have read this is how I understand things (please correct me if I am wrong)

    1. Get the CONI
    2. Once in Turkey, take all documents to the British Embassy in Antalya to get them translated, pay a fee. Book the ceremony.
    3. Need a translator present during the ceremony, pay for this too.
    4. need 2 witnesses who are not immediate family - the only people coming with us ARE immediate family :/
    5. the marriage certificate will need to be translated back into english once we are back in the UK if we are to use it for name change purposes etc. which also seems a bit long winded.

    I'm sure I have missed out loads of things but my brain is fried!
    Am I able to give a personal e-mail address out for further advice do you know?

    Thanks again,
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    Should anyone looking for professional help to get married in Turkey, you can check most questions are answered in site, their fees and they can assist couples all around Turkey.
    Good luck, and have fun on your wedding....
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    Anna - so sorry for not replying but connection problems coupled with a very heavy workload at the moment have made me a very lax correspondent.

    Not sure about the consulate translation or whether you can get the documents translated then verified by a Noter. Here's the contact details for the Consulate - no email...... but maybe you can fax and ask your questions.

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    Hi Clarecg

    we are visiting the Delphin Imperial in August 2013 and will be returning 2014 to get married, we are looking for a wedding planner who can help us with the legalities and organisation.

    Is there anyone you can recommend??


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    Hi Paul

    Sorry I don't know of anyone personally - a lot of us did all the legwork ourselves :oS

    ?t may be worth browsing through Google and identify a few then take time when you come next year to check them out. Also email the hotel and see if they offer any of the services.

    The main thing you both need is a Certificate of Non ?mpediment (CONI) fromt he UK regisrty office but not until a few months before the date of your wedding - ? think they are valid for 6 months here but you can't marry without one each!!

    Sorry not to be more help

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    Hi I'm looking to get married in June 2014 we are looking for a really nice hotel but that has something for the children i.e slides and kids club can you recommend anywhere please? we originally looked at the holiday village serigerme but the 9 hour round trip to the consulate has put me off thanks sarah x
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    Hi Sarah81

    Is there any particular area of Turkey you would prefer?

    Not sure if you actually need to go to the consulate if you both have your CONI (Certificate of non-impediment) There is a vice consul in Antalya (Konyaalti area) so possibly worth looking at Antalya hotels. I hardly ever stay in hotels here but may be worth looking at Lara, Beldibi (about an hour by bus from the consulate). If I do use hotels it tends to be the smaller family run places.
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    I am after a little help, we are going on holiday to royal wings Lara beach in June 2013, and was thinking about getting married whilst there, do royal wings accommodate for weddings? Obviously it would be a little affair possibly just ceremony
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    Hi angeywoo

    you are probably best to contact the hotel directly. Many hotels here are able to offer a wedding service
    Here are their contact details
    +90 242 352 25 00

    +90 242 352 25 18


    Good luck!
  • Hi all,
    I live in Istanbul as a wedding photographer and I can try to share my experiences with you.
    You can contact with me.
  • Hello there,

    I'm planning to get married in Turkey - Istanbul probably - by the end of this month, i'll be having a civil marriage... I am Lebanese, and the fees here are too expensive, kind of unbelievable, so i was thinking if i can organize it myself if possible sure and easy, since i'm planning to stay for at least a week, and the offers i'm getting here are for 1 to 3 nights only!!!... Any help/advice is really appreciated.

    Thank you so much...
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    Layalej many people arrange their own weddings in Turkey on a very small budget so I am not sure why you find it so expensive. Are you using a wedding planner? The following may help you to find your way to planning it yourself.. There is no minimum residency requirement to marry in Turkey but you will need 3-4 days for the paperwork.

    Only CIVIL  marriage ceremonies are recognised in Turkey. The civil ceremony is normally conducted by the local registrar (Evlendirme Dairesi) and the service takes 5-10 minutes  As the ceremony is conducted in Turkish you may need a translator. A religious ceremony may take place only after the civil ceremony has been completed

    It is the law in Turkey for couples to have blood tests/medicals before the wedding, the registry office will tell you which clinic to go to.

    You do not say how many guests will be at your wedding , but you can book a restaurant or hotel for your wedding party.There are hundreds of marvellous restaurants in Istanbul I am sure you can find one to suit you.

    I found this website for you which you may find helpful, its arranging a wedding for Lebanese in Istanbul. 

    Good luck 

  • Deaar Layale,

    Kindly remind you that foreign people gets married at their ambassy or consulate. 

    I suggess you to adress authorities to have certain info.
  • Omerozturk, your information is incorrect foreigners do NOT get married at their embassy and consulate. Non Turks  resident in Turkey marry in the same way as Turks. 
    If you check this link to the US Embassy it clearly states that NO  marriages are performed at the Embassy or consulate.
  • I noticed that foreign citizens should adress 1st to their authorities who is consulate, embassy to be able to proceed. As you linked it says foreigners should follow up certain ways to be able collect some official documents.
  • Omerozturk, the reason foreigners go to their own embassy or consulate is to verify and translate their documents which must then be taken to the local governors office in Turkey to be certified.

    This link gives clear guidance on foreigners marrying in Turkey. I chose links to the USA and UK website as they are in English but the Turkish marriage law is the same for all foreigners

  • I live in Ireland with my partner and were getting married in turkey next sep we have a wedding planner which is telling us we don't have to have a civil ceremony that we can get married for real in turkey any one know what forms and stuff I need to have and get in Ireland before we go over
  • Viv, yes you can marry in Turkey a marriage in Turkey is recognised as legal in Ireland.

    The most important document you both require is a Certificate de Coutoume this is a legal document from the Irish government that sates you are both free to marry. This website tells you how you obtain the Certificate de Coutoume

    The documents you will need are your passports, your birth certificates, your divorce decree if you have been married before or the death certificate of your spouse if you are widowed. The certificate de coutoume and in Turkey you will need to have a medical examination. All the arrangements for the wedding, medial exam etc are a carried out by the wedding planner.

    Like any wedding things seem a bit stressful, but I am sure you will enjoy your Turkish wedding.

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  • sound great, congratulation and good luck
  • I desperatly need some assistance. I am planning to get married in Istanbul at the end of November, I am a british national and my fiance is a syrian national living in saudi arabia. I need to know what documenrs I require and which of these need to be translated in to Turkish and legalised? Every website i look at has something additional or something missing that is on another dite. I contacted the british consulate but they simply told me i need a certificate of no impediment to be translated and my other queries needed to be directed to thd Turkish authorities....i have searched forAny help anyone can offer would be much appreciated
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    Dear Leena,

    I contacted to one of wedding authorities in Istanbul about your situation. 
    1- To be able to get an appointment in any district you need to have hotel booking confirmation from that distirct. It means if hotel doesn't located in that district you can't adress to that quarter's authorities.
    2- Documents requested may change regarding which district you are adressing. (Not so important detail.) While getting appoinment on exact date you wishes you can this info easily.
    3- 'No impediment' documnet can be provided by British consulate in Istanbul but Syrian's doesn't. So Syriens should get this doc in their country or from any consulate which makes it.
    4- The other things are medical/blood tests etc. You need to make it done in Turkey. 

    Than you marry as Turks. 2 witnesses requiered etc. etc.

    I think it is clear that you need a translator at every where :)
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    Leena, this is one of the most common questions not just on here but on other sites about Turkey.
    As a British citizen these are the documents you will need.

    Certificate of Non Impediment (CONI)

    To obtain the certificate of non impediment call your local Registry Office and make an appointment specifically for the CONI. It costs about £35 The registry office will tell you what documents you need. You do not have to give a specific address for the wedding ceremony just say Istanbul. This is the equivalent of posting the banns. After 16 days your CONI will be issued to you.

    The CONI is valid for six months if its issued in England and Wales three months validity for Scottish CONI

    Upon arrival in Turkey you must have your documents translated at the British Consulate in Istanbul.

    For this you will need the following documents:-
    • Certificate of No Impediment, not issued more than six months prior to the wedding day.
    • Full ten year British passport with minimum validity of six months.
    • Full Birth Certificate.
    • If you are divorced - a Decree Absolute
    • If you have changed your name - Deed Poll
    • If you are widowed - the death certificate
    The British Consulate charge for the translation service ask how much when you contact them.
    When your documents have been translated you go to the local Turkish Governors office where the documents are legalised for free.
    As your fiance is Syrian he will also require proof he is free to marry and his documents translated into Turkish and legalised at the Governors office.
    Everyone who marries in Turkey must have blood test (including Turks) the Turkish registry office will tell you where to go. You will need about 4 passport sized photographs for the Turkish registry office.
    You will need 2 witnesses for the wedding and a translator.
    How do I know this, I am a British Immigration / human rights lawyer who has assisted many of my British clients who have married in Turkey and other countries.

  • Omerozturk, I know you were trying to assist but your information is incorrect and misleading. A British citizen can only obtain a CONI from the British Embassy in Turkey if they are living in Turkey as it takes three weeks for the CONI to be issued most Britons obtain the CONI from their registry office in the UK . This also applies to other European nationals Americans Australians etc.

    When a couple are staying in a hotel/ apartment in Istanbul then it is simply a matter of finding where the local Marriage office is located. In my experience hotel staff are very helpful in pointing people in the right direction.

    Documents for foreigners DO NOT change there is a standard requirement for foreigners set by the Turkish authorities. as can be seen by the government website

  • Dear Alethia,

    I read earlier as well, appriciated. 

    I talked to an authority who is in charge with wedding for Besiktas. He told himself British consulate provide this document in Istanbul. He added also may be doc requested may change. He asked me to check 1st availability in the distirct than start making plans because When i was married it was necessary to book at least 2 months earliers before summer 4-5 months earlier to be able to get week-end.

    You know there is a speach, who knows better/more; "the one who travels or the one who reads more?". Appearantly you read enough and experienced this issue earlier. 

    Please keep tracing posts and pls feel free to ask any asisstance.
  • Dear Alethia

    Thank you ever so much for your help. Could you tell me if my birth certificate, change of name deed, passport and CONI need to be legalised in the UK first of all (before they can be translated/legalised in Turkey) or is it enough for them to be certified as true copies?
  • Leena, you DO NOT need to legalise the documents in the UK. The British Embassy and Turkish Governors office DO NOT accept certified copies of documents they must be all be originals .Please ask if you need more help.
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