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Morocco: what to pack

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Going to Marakech next week what do I pack


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    The weather in Marrakech in February is very mild with temperatures averaging round 20 degrees during the day but getting quite cold at night. Make sure you pack clothes for warmer days as well as warmer clothes for the cold nights. Comfortable shoes are important as you'll be doing a lot of walking through the streets of Marrakech - the roads are cobbled and uneven too.
    Remember your sunglasses as it gets bright and will help you to avoid eye contact with vendors trying to sell you things.
    Ear plugs are a necessity unless you don't mind being woken up a few times a night by the calls to prayer.
    I'm not sure where you plan on staying but perhaps be prepared with extra rolls of loo paper and soap in case your accommodation (Riad) doesn't provide any (its been known to happen).
    Also bare in mind that Morocco is a muslim country so alcohol is scarce. Rather purchase from duty free and keep at your hotel.
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    Alcohol is not that scarce in Marrakech at all. It actually has it's own brewery- Brusseries du Maroc.
    You can buy beer in the grocery stores, not sure about liquor.
    Plenty of hotels and clubs have it available as well as your choice of whores.
    Marrakech is a tourist center and as such will be more expensive than other parts, keep that in mind.
    Also, the driving is a complete nightmare if you choose to rent a car.
    The accomodations in Marrakech can be quite comfortable, but yes you might need some extra soap and tp. IIRC we had this supplied to us when renting a small apartment there for a week.
    Yes, and make sure you go to the Medina a few times it is really amazing. Try not to get swindled though, they are really bad about that.
    I think after you make this trip you will be glad you did it.
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    Alcohol can be purchased at the supermarket, including spirits, wine and beer. If you need toilet paper you can also buy this in the supermarket and majority of hotels/riads will supply this and if you run out they will be happy to replace! You can buy soap also - don't load your suitcase up with stuff you can get'll need the space for all those souvenirs. Also just so you know, the call to prayer is not all through the night, we have a call to prayer in the evening and then again very early in the morning depending on the time. It is a beautiful sound, music and will stir your soul whether you are muslim or not.
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    I want to go running while in Marrakech what would it be acceptable to wear?
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    You can wear what you normally wear for jogging, unless you plan on doing this naked (which I do not advise).
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    I will be driving to Marrakesh (August) What should I pack to wear as a women. Also how hot, humid will it be?
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    I will not recomend Marrakesh in August. you will be cooked in the heat. Also try to avoid driving in the city. Taxis are usually cheap. save the driving only for night time and for long distances. Marrakesh is a beautiful city exept in July and August.
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    sir, i and my uncle are going to morocco on a business visa next week. we are from india. what should we care about. where should we stay. we need a cheap and best 2* hotel there. we are 100 % vegetarian so that seems to be a problem to us.we aghave to go to rabat, antira, temara & casablanca. please solve i am not a net freak please mail me on [email protected] if possible. what currebcy should we carry. or a forex card would work. there are so many questions & some are not into my mind right now . please guide us as we are first timers.
    Thanks & regards
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    Morocco is not renowned for veggie food, here you will find all manner of food which is also dependent on regions - camel, chicken, lamb, pigeon etc although with the advent of tourism, things have changed.
    You can have a tajine with various veg (sometimes called 7-veg tajine) served with cous cous, there are the usual european style dishes in the many restaurants which have sprung up over the years, pasta, omelette, salads, potato etc etc. Sometimes a restaurant will just remove meat and attempt to serve this as vegetarian so beware.
    Are you a true veggie or pescatarian? if the latter then you should certainly head for the seafood stalls at ports or elsewhere in the city in evenings or for lunch.
    There is a type of soup known as harira which is the best ever (IMO) and is based on coriander for the essential flavourings, this can be made with meat too so you will have to ask.
    A 2* rated hotel in Morocco is more like a 1* rated in Europe but they can be very cheap.
    Click on the article "Best currency for Morocco" elsewhere on this page which I hope will answer your questions on the subject.
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    i am a woman and wish to run while i am in Morrocco-- will this be a problem for me? is it frowned upon for women to run there?
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    Morocco is a big country, where precisely will you be?
    If in tourist destinations such as Agadir, Tanger, Marrakech etc then no problem although the medinas of the latter two mentioned are very crowded or have very narrow streets so not practical.
    Marrakech has leafy suburbs where tourist hotels are situated (Hivernage) which has long and wide roads which are devoid of heavy traffic and crowds so good for running.
    Just make sure your clothing is not too revealing or you have a loose bra!
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    John, I am curious: do local people go jogging? Or is it something unusual that attracts a lot of interest. I have travelled in some remote countries where people dont exercise for fun - when I went running a large crowd of kids would trail after me. Hilarious but a little odd too..
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    I will be travelling to Ethiopia in July and Morocco in October. Are the electrical sockets and plugs the same as in Europe or will i need a converter?
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    In general Morocco does have European style 2-pin power connectors although some of the more modern high-end hotels have UK 3-pin electrical sockets.
    Check the following link which has illustrations and voltage parameters for all countries.
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    Hi. Is it still not so hot in June in Morocco? I am planning to visit Casablanca and Marrakech next month, 11- 18 June.

    Appreciate your reply.
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    Average temp's of around 30°C are typical but can reach as high as 40°C on occasions.
    Marrakech may be higher as it is inland and also more humid.
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    Thanks, Johnk
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    Got a suggestion for a cheap hostel with A/C? I need one.

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    Not so easy - we need more info:
    Which location in Morocco
    How many persons
    Ages if minors
    Star rating
    etc etc
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    Which location in Morocco -- Marrakech
    Dates - 12 -15 June
    How many persons- 1 (one) only
    Ages if minors- not a minor anymore! LOL
    Star rating - any
    Facilities - most impt for me is AC and toilet

    Thanks Johnk
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    has anyone stayed at TIGMI just outside of marakesh whats it like the ups and downs please as we are staying there soon.
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    I have booked a 7 day visit to Marrakesh second week in August 2012

    This is the 1st time i have been on holiday in peak season my question is :-

    Do i pre book trips in the UK or do i wait and book them when i am there ?

    And does anyone have any recommendations of what one are worth doing

    Thanks in advance
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    You should wait until you arrive in Marrakech and book your trips either through your riad/hotel or wander around Gueliz which is an area just outside of the medina walls, near the bus and rail station.
    Here you will find operators in shops offering the more popular (and maybe not so popular) trips. These guys are more amenable to lowering their prices hould you think they are overcharging.
    By booking from home you may well find yourself paying, ooooh, five to ten times the rate in Marrakech.
    Get in touch by e-mail and I will send you a map, details of trips and notable sights of Marrakech.
    [email protected]
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    I am traveling to Marrakech the weekend of April 6th. I am female and want to be sure I dress appropriately and respectfully during my visit. I feel through research I understand what to wear during the day but what about out to a dance club at night?
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    As a guy, do I need to pack dress shoes for going to cafes and bars or do slippers work too?

    Thanks for any info
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    claicerrig - Book trips/excursions when you arrive through youir hotel or riad.
    They always have details of trips and operators offering these in the lobby area.
    Get in touch by e-mail and I will send you what details I have on trips ([email protected]).
    Trips will only happen when there is a minimum of 6 people.
    There are many operators in Gueliz district (new town), just outside of the medina which are more flexible on price if you care to haggle.
    Hotel based operators may not be so accommodating but yuo could try your luck.
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    Jamie - is not a hard line Muslim state. You are not asked or expected to cover yourself for example as you have probably discovered from your research.
    Tourist destination within Morocco, such as Marrakech or Agadir, are quite cosmopolitan and dress is not a serious issue.
    As long as you do not wear tight fitting tops, skimpy clothing or tight pants then pretty much anything goes. Moroccan girls are quite trendsetters following European dress as you will probably see.
    You will get a bit hot in a nightclub so dress to suit, after all it is a place to liberate yourself somewhat.
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    Yh - casual dress will do just fine.
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    Thanks Johnk
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    Can you get QUINOA in Marrakech.I shall be in Marrakech for the winter ( Dec to March) and will be lost without Quinoa
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    Apparently not as this is not a Moroccan staple food.
    There are plenty of alternative wholefoods and specialities such as corn meal, chickpea, semolina,
    and bulgar wheat.
    When there I suggest you try Marjane, Acima, Souk Salam or Metro which are upmarket oulets.
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    Your site is very gdod and informative,, I and my partner are going inFebruary for our 50 and 60th birthday what would be an excting restaurant with live music to book as a surprise for him. Also courtyard or small gardens and a good place to buy painted tiles.
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    me and my family are driving to morocco (there are 5 of us) but we are going to spain and france before, so we have hardly any room for things considering this. I wondered if you could email what we should pack, what language we should learn or phrases we need to know and any other infomation that might help.
    my email address is [email protected]
    i also wonder if you could tell me what kinds of things they eat, im not a big fan of horse or anything :)
    kind regards,
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