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info on travelling around Italy needed.

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I will be going to Italy on Aug 25th for 1 week and and will be staying in Rimini but would like to travel out a bit too.

I've been hoping to visit Tuscany,Milan,Florence and Maybe Rome (but i'm aware this is quite further South)..

Could anyone advise me how far from Rimini these places are and how easy it would be to travel to and from them.

Also any tips on good things to do whilst there would be greatly appreciated:)



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    Milan is too distant, and so it is Rome for a single trip.

    from Rimini you can get to
    - Ravenna & Ferrara
    - Florence
    - Perugia & Assisi
    - Urbino
    - Pesaro
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    I spent 4 days in Rimini on business and I must say it was a horrible experience. Unless you like lying flat in the beach for hours and hours, get out of town and explore. The Roman ruins where quite if I remember correctly, but I struggle to think of anything else worth seeing.
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