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Holidays in Riga - good or bad?



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    I agree - Riga is more interesting than many cities, and offers more adventure because one's experience there is impossible to predict. Depends on what you want when you visit a city doesnt it?
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    Latvian why do you speak like that about russians from Riga? That's fake. The only true is that russian don't speak too much latvian. All the rest is a bald lie! I'm from Sweden and my wife Oksana is russian girl from Riga. Russians from Latvia and russians from Russia are totally not the same one.
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    Hello All. At first would like to write about me. I grew up in Latvia and had lived there for many, many years, before I moved to the other side of the world. So I know a lot about this country. I visiting Riga all the time, I speak language and know the culture. At beginning of my post I would like to answer person who wrote this:
    < it'll take some time till riga will prove a good host to real european tourists (they consider themselves european, although they still lag on the russian-oriental side).>
    What do you know about Russia and Russian culture dude, to write this crap? You showed yourself very poor educated ignorant. I am very sad and disappointed that I read your post. So you know, Latvia in Russian- Soviet time was a beautiful country. There was no crime and no corruption. Now they have Nazi government, which is very corrupted.
    For the other people who want to visit Latvia I would like to tell, that it is great beautiful country (in the summer), but because of stupid government, people are very poor and not happy. They don't know how to survive in this swamp. Believe me there are a lot of nice people. But they don't go to the strip clubs at night. They are sleeping at home, because they have normal busy life. Night time Riga and Day time Riga is two different towns. If you are going there to drink sheep alcohol and meet prostitutes in strip bar you will find some problems. Night and Day Riga is very different, it depend where you go and in what time of the day. But if you go to the old town or Lido during the day, you going to have very nice time.

    Please don’t listen those idiots who going there to drink and get crazy. And believe me, there are a lot of nice girls, but they are not at the bars, they are at work, in the university of at home. Good girls are at home in the night time.
    Over all I think there is a lot of good places in EU to go. And a lot of places better that Latvia. Because in Latvia is mostly bad rainy weather and only good time to go there is the summer. If I would you I was go to Spain on Germany.
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    Visited Riga last summer and going to visit this July. Useful info
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    Hello everyone.

    I'm a young woman living in Latvia. To be honest i was really surprised to find so many negative comments about Riga. Had no ideas i'm living in such an awful town. :) What makes me feel a bit better is that the most negative posts were made more than 2-3 years ago and I do hope that since then things really got better.

    Right now i'm studying and working in a pub in Oldtown. So i really now quite lot about tourists coming here, about the way things may go here. I believe that the main thing for everyone when going abroad is to stay reasonable, to think clear just not to get into any problems. Riga is not the place were all the people are rude and hate tourists. People here are more reserved and it takes time for them to open up. We do show our emotion differently and some may think that we are or inpolite.

    Of course there is crime in Riga as in every town. Of course we have "special ladies", of course we have taxi drivers who will charge you double and of course we have "black" places where one drink can cost the same as a jewelery. But people we are not living in a Stone age anymore. We have media, internet that all the time warn us give advice. Whenever you go abroad just be prepared. I personally found few pages saying about taxi to use in Riga, places not to go, not to deal with strange ladies who just seem to appear from nowhere. (And i'm sorry but it's written all over their faces with BIG letters what they want from you and still guys are falling for it...). Always when you are coming to a new place check the price list before you order drink. And if you have any doubts about something speak with people working in hospitality service (someone from your hotel, barmen). Don't go to small places on small dark streets and you'll have a great time in Riga. It's really a very beautiful town with lots of nice sights, it's fun on weekends and i do think that there are lots of friendly people here.

    Take care of yourself, don't do stupid things, enjoy your time.
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    Hi guys. I'm visiting Riga in a couple of weeks. I'll be going with an open mind. Any advice on money exchange would be helpful. Would it be better to exchange money in the uk or do it in Riga as I've seen the uk rate is 0.8 to the pound which I thought was pretty low.
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    If you have 0.8 back at home you can change money there. At the moment the rate at the Latvian Central Bank is 0.799. When you are in Riga it's better to change money at the bank because some of the small exchange offices have an awful rate and you will lose lots of money.
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    I am shocked about comments I red at the beginning - all the other posts - so true! If you go to Riga, Latvia (and, please, don't confuse with Lithuania like German did), go with respect for people, culture and yourself and you will feel safe and will have any problems. Don't drink out your sanity and you won't be riped off or treated badly by police. And most importantly - don't pee on the monuments. Freedom monument is almost holy to the people of Latvia who were deported out of the country, to whom children died on the way to Russia beeing transported without water or food in the cow vagons, to whom their homes, farms and land was taken away and to those who lived here for 50 years opressed and depressed afraid to say a word. And then somebody comes and pees on this symbol of freedom (which it was also during Soviet time and soviets even guarded it so people wouldn't go near, and if you did you could be persecuted). And since we are not much latvians left, almost every Latvian has been affected by the Soviet genocide.
    I feel very safe in Riga and I don't agree that it is not a city for children! I think it is very green and children friendly - I have 2 small children and it's endless things to do here with children. It is just a question of finding the information, but if you want, you can find it, because, people, we live in information century! Most of restaurants have childrens menu and high chairs, as well. I suggest official website:
    One more thing - Latvians don't want to leave their country,culture, relatives and friends - it is a result of financial markets overtaking industries, who could provide people with work places (all over the world) and government failing to withstand EU requirements versus national interests.
    With all the respect,
    native Latvian living in Riga all my life and trying to be creative to be able to live here the rest of my life and beeing in love with my country.
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    Hello everyone,

    I will be brief. I was in Riga for the first time last year and I plan to visit it next month.
    Impressions are excellent and would recommend to all who have not been to visit Riga. Of course, respect the people and customs and a good time is guaranteed.

    nice greetings from beautiful Croatia
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    Hello so i am a Latvian girl living in UK,of course i cant speak about all latvians and russians but only abt that thing i know abt latvia... Yes i agree the most of the people u meet in Riga partying and drinking will not be the best u can have in ur holidays but there are so many other places etc people what u can see so u will be happy abt that... Even me who lived in ireland/uk for now 8 years going for holidays to my country accidentally saying something in English not getting the best attitude but thats not bcs of people or country u are coming from thats bcs the most of the latvian/russian cant speak english so all they can do is be rude... even me living in uk/ireland (not getting benefits,owning my own bussines and giving job to english people), not getting any respect here from loads of people but thats bcs in every country there are some bad rude unrespectful persons what u cant change... Yes its true that in Latvia u will lose all ur money all i recommend is dont go to clubs and places u dnt know dont party with those women bcs they yes they r only after ur money... Myself i respect every nation every person and nt bcs iam here in england/ireland but bcs i think in some things all people are the same... Its realy hearts that some comments saying all Latvian are so rude so bad not educated or anything else,so i cant TELL YOU PEOPLE U REALLY HAD A VERY BAD HOLIDAYS AND WITH WORST PEOPLE IN LATVIA... Sorry that iam so rude/uneducated now but u dont know all people so dont talk about all Latvian person all the same, because iam latvian and i am proud of that...
    Thanks to the persons who realy enjoy and like Latvia and probably some people as well...
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    Thank you Shock i couldn't say it better as u did really thank you you know loads about Latvian history and i appreciate that...
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    While I will always treat all people respectfully regardless of their heritage or the language they speak, I must say I am truly glad to hear about each foreign tourist who gets beaten up or ripped off in a strip club. Nearly all of them are savages and scum and deserve nothing less. Being native Latvian and having lived most of my life in R?ga, I can tell that some of the most atrocious things I've seen here have been done by the typical stag party crowd. That is why the anti-British sentiment exists in R?ga, not because of Latvian people being cold and unfriendly (true, we're not exactly Brazilians, but it's just a question of mentality, I think most of the Latvian people are very decent and nice, once you get them to trust you).

    Having said that, I'd like to add that I've traveled a lot myself and have met some truly wonderful British people. So it's really not about your ethnicity - it's about your manners. Just be respectful and don't be stupid, and you'll be very welcomed here.
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    I can't understand...
    Last year some guests suffered from corrupted police, local crimes and own stupidity to look for a risky adventures.
    The hosts suffered from the looking for a risky adventures guests.
    What the hell is connected to local Russians for?
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    I love Riga. Really beautiful place. Jurmala in summer is good also. I used this page when planned my first trip to Riga
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    I know I live in bad country. But I know, that in other countries is also many bad things.
    I have wonderful experience in other countries, because I visit fiends and saw city as they see it.
    I don't like tourism business, I love to travel by myself.
    Now I'm trying to get answer on question, how I can help tourists, to get the best of my country. One idea I already get from my new friends, which I helped to acquaint with my city, country on this summer.

    If you plan to go to Riga, I can try to help you with some advises at least. [email protected]
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    Old Riga is not all of Riga - remember that! There are many hidden, happening areas in the city center but outside of the regular "tourist" areas. They're tucked into side streets or other out of the way places. I write a blog about Riga and am now writing a series the examines Riga street-by-street. One good artistic/bohemian place is Miera iela. Check it out!
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    "You could get very nice experience and very bad as well,because IT DEPENDS ON ATTITUDE YOU ARE GOING THERE!"

    That's not really true though, is it? I visited Riga a while back and knowing pretty much nothing about the city I arrived without any specific expectations at all (but still in a good mood). The thing that I first noticed was the complete lack of manners of pretty much every local person I came into contact with. Believe me, I always smile and act polite when I go to a store, pub etc. Yet at least half the time the person behind the counter wouldn't even reply, they just gave me a blank stare (if they looked at me at all that is...) as if I was a complete idiot for trying to communicate with them. And when they DID manage to say something it was mostly done in a way which showed that saying hello to a customer is the absolute lowpoint of their day. And I am by no means some drunken british hooligan looking for prostitutes...The city itself didn't really do it for me neither, but mostly it was the general unfriendly atmosphere that got to me. A LOT of latvians seem to find their lives completely miserable. Having just visited Serbia where people also have a good excuse to act depressed (but don't) the contrast was startling. This being said, I did meet nice people too but the rude a-hole/nice guy ratio wasn't very good. Also, the food was in my experience pretty bad overall. Of course it depends on where you eat but the general standard seemed lower than most cities I've been to.

    However I must add that I didn't really feel unsafe at any point even though I did a lot of walking around the city...Riga has a very heave police presence, as well as loads of cameras in the central parts. Some people say that you should watch out for the police as well but I can't vouch for that.
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    I don`t know - at least we didn`t get in any problems. The only thing - we took a Pub Crawl with a Red Fox Tours (the standard tour like everywhere - 5 pubs, 5 welcome drinks). We heard that there are pubs where you can be double-charged but we didn`t go to them. The guide said that it`s possible to see the Black list on American Embassy`s website. What else...definitely check the Shooting Tour if you`re in Riga! Crazy!!! but we loved it! :)
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    Let me start with the problem of Latvians or Russians with English. I was born in Riga, but left a while a go, so now when I go there, I am a tourist because i dont speak latvian anymore or barely understand, and prefer to speak English. But because i am clearly not English, whenever i used to go to a bar, i faced the problem with drunk Brittish guys harrasing and openly asking for sex. I was really surpsied what picture they are painting to other people who live there. I myself have lots of English people as friends and i know that they are not like that, but for your dissadvantage, whoever comes to Riga, are morons, im not saying they all are, dont get me wrong, but 95% are there to get cheap drinks and sex. And ok, i wouldnt care if they would at least act normally, but the way they were, starting fights, made people just hate them. Thats the main reason why there is so much negativity around them. In my experience I saw drunken English guys coming and breaking chairs and tables, tripping girls that were with their boyfriend, and its not one time situation that i've faced.
    At the same time I can't defend Latvia, because it actually is fked up country now. Dont meet girls at the bars or clubs, its pretty much the law in most of the countries, they are usually to get moeny, especially they have this Soviet mentality that is old as this world, that poeple from another country and tourists are rich and will pay for you everywhere, which is total bullshit. Being there for a few months in the past I decided that there is nothing else for me. I survived only because I knew few tricks and always kept my wallet with me and purse closed. People couldnt trick me because i could understand pretty much any language they have been speaking. So if you want to got here, I advise you to go with someone wo is from there or meet actualy normal people who still live there. And trust me there are normal people, you just didnt look for them.
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    Lived in Riga from 2003-2005 and loved it. Not in to clubbing and all that jazz so never really had to worry about the problems associated with that. From my experience Riga was intriguing and totally different from anywhere I had been due to the mixture of Latvian and Russian culture (and their clash). Old Riga is great (again i don't know about the clubs) for walking around and visiting the historical buildings and museums. The central market is also something to see as well as the many churches. The public transportation is great (coming from an American) and would definitely recommend taking a tram ride out to "big Lido" for lunch/dinner or see some of the outter areas like Mezaparks, Imanta, and Jugla to get a feel for daily life in Riga. If you have time you should also head even farther out to places like Jurmala on the cost, or to Salispils to see the concentration camp memorial. Plenty to do for the cultural geek who just picks a street and starts walking. Will be going back late summer/fall 2012 and can't wait.
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    I meet people in Riga who acted beeing friendly. Afterwards I just found out that they wanted to robb me. After enough alkohole they manage to get my visacard information and could emty my card in 3 transaktion using Brilliant-Nakts klub (name of the transactionplace). The only simmular place I find in Riga is
    Brilliant Club
    Blaumana 9

    Don't go to Riga and have party. It's dangerous for your money.
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    Was in Riga , Latvia 10.-13. of february 2012. My bank account was robbed for about 3500 EUR. Don't go there to party. People who act like friends are only there to find a way to get your money. The Visa transaction name used was "Brilliant-Nakts klubs". At Internet I find a place called "Brilliant Club". I'm from Norway but I have got indications of that even the American Embasy is interested in transaction data from clubs etc to get them blacklisted.

    I hope all vicitors to this comment will copy it to all forums you know about.
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    Wow! Yeah, I'm a Latvian living in Latvia and I would've never imagined that so many people find Latvians unfriendly... It's true that we don't smile and hug people (I'm talking about the majority of Latvians here) but that's because our Soviet past when expressing your feelings publicly was frowned upon + we are northerners, so don't expect us to be like French or Italians anyway. Also part of the unfirendliness might come from the fact that we've experienced stag parties and rude foreigners plus many older Latvians don't know English that well (or at all), so they'd generally avoid speaking with foreigners... But I wouldn't say Latvians are unfriendly, it just takes time to really get to know us and unfortunately if you're in the town only for a night or two it's not possible to really get to know a Latvian person.

    I also wouldn't agree that policemen work with mafia. Yeah, some might be like that but again, I believe, the main problem of our police is that even after 20 years of independence it's stilly a pretty much Soviet-like structure where a policeman is a tough guy whose job is to fine and punish you, not to help you. We try to change this but it's not that easy to do. And yeah, of course the situation with bribe taking is not as bad as it was in the 90s, I imagine, but it's still a huge prolem.

    I personally do not blame Russians for anything and I am not pissed if someone decides to relieve himself on the steps of our Freedom Monument. Boys will be boys in any coutry, sure you need to be fined for that but people make a big deal here out of a fact that a 20-something low paid dude from Britain wants to have some fun. Young people will always do silly things when they get drunk and i don't think we should make a big deal out of it... or any stag party that take place in the Old Town, as long as it's not violent and guys just want to get drunk and are a bit loud.

    Yeah there are clubs that will rip you off, some taxis will rip you off. But choose Baltic Taxi when going from the airport and use public transportation while in Riga (or the same Baltic Taxi) and as for the clubs, check the blcklist that the American Embassy, I believe, have on Riga.

    In general people shouldn't expect "Western or Northern Europe" from us as. Even if we wish to be like that, we still aren't a part of that Europe. And people who wonder about old people begging on streets and poverty and Soviet atmosphere in some places... well, the mimimum salary is about 380 USD here, so what did you expect? Our country has a lot of problems and if you expect Riga will be of the Western standard in all areas, it's impossible. However. I know many foreigners who live in Latvia for a longer period of time already and some who have been here for vacation and those people I know, I believe, left the country with positive impressions.

    To conclude I'd also like to say to any Latvians who read this- we should bitch less about the Russians that cause zero problems at all in our country (or these problems are minor if compared to other hardships we face) and, speaking about the educated elite, are as friendly and intelligent as Latvians but should think more about how we present ourselves and how we do our daily jobs. If I see a tourist in Riga with a puzzled look on his face and have a bit of time, I try to help him, if the help is needed, and don't discriminate against whether he's from Russia, Britain, Germany etc. In any case- pay taxes, smile more, be honest and help those who need your help...
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    I was just wondering what "Uniq Toilets for men" means...This bar/disco Coyote fly offers this as one of many, maybe....
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    I would suggest: - to avoid any problems during your visit in Riga,and prevent any illegal activities against you, you can book a high cuality service at And enjoy your trip with now worries to be robbed or something alse. A driver will come to meet you at the airport, take you to the hotel and your destinations on time. Your driver may also be your bodyguard. This service is widely used by foreign individuals who do not know Riga or Latvia in general. You can contact their representatives in UK for more details by: [email protected] or 07944445963.
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    Wolverine - can you party with the bodyguard? Would it be a good idea for a group of guys on a bachelor party to hire your service to ensure they dont get robbed or ripped off?
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    This is one of the offers as well. All details could be discussed privately using contacts above.
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    I am from Norway and I had to go to Riga in Latvia for business. That wasn't my first trip so I new were I am going to, but friend of mine sad good word about companie Wolverine security. I decided to try them. Thanks to the guy who was with me! I did my business and had nice time in Riga.
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    I just spent a month working in Vec (old!) Riga, & within hours of arriving, two Russian girls attached themselves to me & tried to rip me off by taking me to a "shisha" bar. Having seen "Hostel" I declined, but another guy went, & found himself £70 lighter in just an hour! So yes there are roaming prostitutes, & also very pretty women who will delight in ripping you off. If you like women to be skinny with fantastic legs & wearing boots -you will enjoy Riga!

    The Rigans have never forgiven the British for urinating on the Freedom statue - they go on about it like it was yesterday. There really are enough bars with toilets in a close enough area that you need never do this - that said, when it's -15 & everything's shut, it's understandable, but you will get short shrift from everybody, & probably a beating from the police - do not piss in the street!

    There is some lovely German architecture to enjoy, museums & even an orchestra. The Doble Cafe bar in Kalku iela was quite friendly with an extensive menu, all the restaurants were good, especially the one off the square by Kalku that is underground, where I went in simply because there was a guy dressed as a peasant in freezing weather outside. Pork with a pear veloute for about £7 was great, & I had a fillet mignon for £20 another night.

    I stayed in multiple 4 star plus hotels, & all had something oddly wrong with them - ALL of them did not refresh the coffee & sugar - this apparently is a one off treat in Latvia - the Avalon didn't even have a kettle, though there are smoking rooms, the Monte Cristo has rooms without a window (though the better rooms are fantastic for the money & the breakfast was great), Centra depended on which room you were allocated (top floor by far the best), FG Royal & others sheesh, don't ask.

    There is a problem with completely wasted local drunks at night - just walk away quickly, they are too pissed to chase you - & beggars - the guy who kneels with his hand out for hours is a sad sight though.

    I've read on here that some people have never seen a prostitute in Riga - well just go to any club - they are full of them. They also hang around the Naughty Squirrel hostel too! The problem is - it is highly offensive to ask a woman if she is one. If that's your bag - I've been told go online & book one - then you can sort the money out before etc & do it in the hotel.

    I was on my own most of the time, & I found most Latvians kind & helpful in shops & bars - knowing a few phrases goes down a treat - & in Vecriga many have at least some understanding of English. Just remember that people do not hurry here.

    If you need a base, or at least a safe, friendly & civilized cafe style bar to go to, I can heartily recommend Bar Hanza (the oldest bar in Riga!) - opposite the Naughty Squirrel Hostel. Even though I was on my own, nightly I wound up in good conversation & banter with different people every night - Russians, Latvians, Norwegians, Ukrainians, even Swedes, who greeted me with "We hate all English" & 3 hours later they were introducing me to the wonders of snuss!

    Valdy, the bar owner (catchphrase "Stoppings!") is there each night & is truly a character to behold, & I've got to say, now a friend. Anything you want to learn about Riga, & anything else you want - he can either tell you, or arrange for you to meet safe people who deal with such things. That bar was more like a friendly local than any other I've been to in my life, & Valdy is pretty eclectic about who he lets in (no drunks or street prozzies, but all kinds of arty types - cellists,authors, museum directors etc), & will always join you for a drink - the food's reasonable too. Tell him David from London & the Monte Cristo recommended you. The Irish bars (one plays jazz every night) are quite good too, & the New Zealand bar is often quite lively late on with safe friendly staff too.

    I didn't get ripped off with Taxis, Baltic cars were good - & it's less than 10 Lats unless it's rush hour from Vecriga to the airport. Always get a quote before you get in, but they are metered.

    I can tell you that trying to get any business done in Riga is total hell. Once you accept that nothing happens on time, & the banks, lawyers, police, staff & government agencies all have their own peculiar regulations & bureaucracy that supersede any law, you'll stop having a heart attack in frustration & live longer! Doing business in India is 10 times easier than in Latvia, & you don't want to do business there either.

    In summary, if you are an idiot - you will of course get ripped off. If a bar doesn't look safe - don't go in there. If you want to know if a strip bar will rip you off - just ask around in bars etc (though I never went to one), or just ask Valdy!

    Latvia is full of relatively poor people (& a few staggeringly rich), oppressed again & again, so this is within the national psyche, but if you act courteously, with interest, & with kindness, you will generally receive the same!
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    I was in Vilnius for stag. What can I say?! It was amazing! The best party ever! Beautiful girls, delicious dinner, topless service, sexy strippers. Ohhh... wanna come back again! We ordered from The service was so fast and very good! I recommend you!!!
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    Riga is a beautiful city with its interesting, old architecture and definetly worth a visit.
    The unfriendly part of latvians isn't actuattly latvians, they are russians.
    Of course you will get robbed if you go to a strip club or some other place, which is full of hookers and people wanting to steal and you aren't carefuly. Yes, that is true that Riga is sextourist unfriendly.
    The younger people are kind and speak English. Latvians have their tradiotions. There has to be something about latvians because they still exist. They have passed through all difficulties ( german and russian occupation). So, you can have a really good time in Riga, Latvia if you go to the right places :)
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    Hey me and my friend are visiting Latvia in feb! I was wondering if £800 ( between us) are enough as spending money for 2 weeks. Our accomodation is free as we are going to stay at her cousins place.
    Please if anyone can advice me about expenses in Latvia.

    Many thanks xxx
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    I've been to Riga many times, I have really good Latvian friends who are from there (and yes, they are working in our local hotel) and all I can say is: Riga is a stunning city and worth a visit! I have never experienced any of the problems described above and not seen any hookers. Russian ladies who like dumb tourists with too much cash - yes :) As for the reserved attitude - it's just in their culture, you have to be nice to them and 99% of the time they are VERY nice to you in return. Just don't be rude, loud or disrespectful and you'll have a wonderful experience. ;)
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    Riga is a beautiful little city but I have to agree with many comments here, it is let down by poor customer care, rude and slow staff in bars hotels and restaurants. We came across rudeness virtually everywhere, and there is an uneasy feeling while walking around. Most in our group felt very unsafe, even in the beautiful old town. The museum was wonderful, but even the guide thereagreed that the locals were unfriendly, leading to bad reviews on all tourist websites. Would I go back...which is a good test of ones unfortunately, I would but for the people...pity
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    Riga took the honour of being one of the stag capitals of Europe. Lured by cheap drinks, an implausible amount of strip clubs and some distinctly seedy bars, the city was awash with fancy-dressed lads looking for one last weekend of drunken debauchery.

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    as a local, I can say some things:

    it's not that we hate people, it's just, we are not friendly on the outside. we are kind if you actually try to know us!
    and we do not trust british people, because they're here just to get wasted, pick on girls... and than complain when they get a black eye.
    you can have a great time just for 10-20lv. just drink responsibly. and if you're that stupid top have you credit card taken and/or spend 3500, than you shouldn't blame people, blame yourself! -_-
    and if you're so bad with money, have a 50lv limit for the night!
    just be responsible and you'll be okay!~
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    I'm a Lithuanian and I've been to Riga several times. I see no problems there, although the Police are bastards just like in most countries. First time I went to Riga, it was in 1982 and the local police did not help me at all when I ran out of money to get back home to Vilnius, so I was let take the train for free by the nice conductor who was Lithuanian. What can I say - Latvians are nice, but the local Russians are a problem. Most people with bad reviews probably had to deal with the Russians and not with Latvians. There are like 60% of non-Latvians in Riga! RIGA IS VERY NICE! I like it even more than Athens or London, but I like the British culture very much. Never been abroad for a job, but I was travelling around UK in 1993 as hitchhikers and we spent 2000 Pounds back then in the UK of our own hard earned money. The British were very very accomodating to us. Anyway, after Riga, Come visit Vilnius! I like the British and the proper English language. British are very nice people and they are very highly cultural, just like the Poles, Lithuanians and the French. Welcome to Lithuania!

  • Hi
    Im a brasilian and Im going to visit Riga in 5 days. I really would like to meet someone local. I think knowing the city trought the eyes of a local person is the best way to experience it at its fullness. Im a really easy going guy, if any one would be so kind to assist me it would be a joy =)
    I really dont mind if you are male or female, all I want is a friend. I will aswer you as fast as I can, I only have internet with wifi. Thank you
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    I can see that some of you are experienced some bad experience. What I can add from my side is to be careful and learn more before going to Riga and your trip will not be darkened by any accident. 

    have a good trip!
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