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Family holiday in Turkey

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Hi my Family and i are travelling to Lara Beach, Turkey early July, Stalingrad at WWW Topkapi Palace, all inclusive. Any ideas what this hotel is like? Also have been advised by Travel Agent to Take a cash Passwort currency Card. If we do are there Lots of ATM's in that area where we can use it. Will we Need Lots of Lira for the First few days ? is there a Supermarket in the area? Any boat Trips you would recommend. Plus any other Information would be appreciated we rarely go abroad and has been quite a few years. Thanks


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    If you want to do a boat trip or archaeological tour around Antalya,
    Perge-Aspendos-Side-AntalyaBoat trip

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    The nearest ATM is in Lara and Antalya.You can go to Antalya center by bus.Your hotel is a resort with beach.
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    Hi Annem

    You probably will only need a few lira for the first few days as you are All ?nclusive and while you get your bearings. Your hotel is a little wy out of things in an area of mainly hotels. However, it is easy enough to get a bus eithr into Lara or Antalya centrum. Bus fare is 1.75 lira a person. So when you get your currency from the UK request some smaller notes. the buses do give change but not happy for a 100 lira note!!

    Don't bother with a currency card as ? believe they are only available in Euros or US Dollars. Generally GBP are accepted in a lot of shops etc. Bring GBP with you and exchange as you need it. There are plenty of ATMs in Antalya although check with your UK bank as to what charges they apply for withdrawing money abroad.

    ?t is well worth getting the bus and exploring Kaleici - the Old Town in Antalya. Lots of old ottoman houses and small restaurants etc. You can take a boat trip from the harbour there - do haggle over price though!

    Plenty of supermarkets in Lara. There are a couple of (very) small shopping areas with i suspect pricey lower quality goods there. Get the bus to Terra City - only about 10-15mins - a new big shopping mall with M&S even!! Also has a Macro Supermarket.

    ? have made a topic on here - Tips for visiting Turkey - have a browse and any other threads for ideas for trips.

    Don't forget your 10GBP each for your tourist visa as you enter the country.

    Have a wonderful time and feel free to ask anything else :o)
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