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France driving trip - how to save on expenses?

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Hei guys!

I'm planning a driving trip to France in August: starting from Paris - to Nantes - La Rochelle - Bordeaux - Toulouse - Limoges - Orleans - and it ends in Paris again.
The itinerary is like here but without visiting Spain and Andorra. I'll just cut from Bordeaux to Toulouse.

How long can the trip take? Minimum length - if I stop only for staying the nights?

It's a high season, you know, so I need advises how to save on expenses: cheap gas stations, cheap but good restaurants, clean affordable hotels/apartments and so on. Buy the way, which car rental company should I choose?

The points of interest I'll leave for the next stage of planning

Thanks in advance!


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    You must be wise on spending our money, specially if your away from home. Buying unnecessary things must be avoided.
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    Hi Alice,

    A good way to save money while travelling is to eat in restaurants for lunch rather than dinner. Many have lunch specials, so you get to try the same delicious meals for less! If you stay at self-catering accommodation you can make your own dinners.

    This sounds like a fantastic trip!
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    Firstly if you are looking at saving money and driving in France, why rent a car whilst your over there and add to the expenses? Book a cheap ferry crossing from Uk to France, you can go from Dover-Calais or Dunkerque, there are so many operators so the competition is high and prices are usually cheap, and take your car with you! I'd double check what the laws for driving in France are as I heard they have recently changed. Better safe than sorry.
  • hi Alice ,depending where you are from look at Eurolease for a car can be cheaper than a rental if you plan on staying a while ,unless you are from uk then cheaper to take your own.
    lots of the camping grounds have accommodation that is not so expensive ,can find them on the gps quite easily
    We buy most of our food from supermarket when we travel and eat out occasionally ,we had a small cooker and utensils.would rather spend the money doing things and seeing more than paying for restaurants and hotels.
    we had a tent which was fun also

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    Hi, Alice in my point of view a good and cheap transportation service is most important for your travel in France. so I will recommend you for 123transfers a leading transportation company who provided transfers service during my journey to France.
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