Getting a Croatia tourist visa



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    To Squat,

    For staying in Croatia more then one month it is best that you get info in Croatian consular office in Beirut, adress below:

    Sofil Center, Floor 4
    Ashrafia, Beirut
    Phone 0096 11219 533
    Fax 0096 11201 184

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    hi i called the consulate , they said i need invitation and my friends are college students they cant send invitiation cuz they dont have job , im ready to pay anything just to get the letter of invite i really need to see them before my vacation end , thanks waiting ur reply ..
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    I am a Indian Citizen and have a valid Schengen visa. I have to leave from India 17th July,2009 and have no time to apply for Croatian Visa from India. I have to travel to Czech,Germany and Slovenia. I am planning to go to Croatia on 25th July to 1st August and also have purchased a airticket. Please inform how to apply for Croatian visa in Frankfurt in the Croatian Consulate. Will i easily get visa from Frankfurt for Croatia. I already have proofs of my ongoing business in Croatia and invitation from Croatian company. I am going there for Business visit. Please inform ??
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    I am a latvian citizen, i suppose i do not need a visa to enter Croatia, or am i wrong?
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    You information was great.
    How about an American who is looking at retiring in Croatia.
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    hi im in croatia have been for 3 weeks i am from uk
    what do i need to do to work and live in croatia as i said i am allready was ment to be a holiday but want to stay and work and live there
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    paulica - is croatia not part of the EU? In that case you don't need any permission to work there.
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    croatia is not part of the eu
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    Bout to say thats nonsense, EU doesnt include Croatia yet.

    See this articles on How to work in Croatia:
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    thats the site i looked at and i need a work permit
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    not sure if i wiill qualify for 1
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    last time i saw a passenger,he is Dubai residence( but not from UAE),got the croatian visa, i asked him how he got it, he said the Turkish consulate or embassy can issue that. i haven't had time to check if this is true. anyone had this experience before??
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    Can you foreigners please stay out of my country?
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    iam a lebanese i have visa to croatia and want to travel using hungary airlines my question. do i need schengen visa if i want to travel using hungary airlines ?
    thanks you
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    Hi! I´m from Mexico what kind of visa do I need to go to croatia I would like to stay there around 2 weeks...?
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    CROATIA is a quite strict country,and if you applay for visa ,you have to convince them (DIPLOMATS IN THE EMBASSY)that you will not stay in the country..!!! BUT IF YOU GET A "UK" visa then You"ll probably get and Croatian. GOOD LUCK::!!!!
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    Hi there,

    I am an Indian National born and raised in the UAE. I am a resident in DUbai. I intend to travel to croatia and require a tourist visa. I was about to send my passport to either India or Egypt to get a tourist visa until I saw this:

    Government of the Republic of Croatia, at its session on 25 February 2010, adopted the decision to temporarily facilitate the entry of aliens on tourist visits to the Republic of Croatia on the basis of valid Schengen residence permits and visas. Consequently, the following categories of aliens temporarily, from 1 April to 31 October 2010, do not require a visa for entering the Republic of Croatia:

    Holders of valid Schengen residence permits;
    Holders of valid Schengen visas arriving on cruise ships sailing out of a port in one of the Schengen states;
    Nationals of the Republic of India and of the People’s Republic of China, holders of valid Schengen visas, who collectively and in an organised manner visit the Republic of Croatia as tourists, if in possession of a valid travel health insurance and arriving from the Schengen Area, and
    Nationals of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the State of Qatar, the State of Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, holders of valid Schengen visas, if in possession of a valid travel health insurance.

    Does any one understand what this means? Does it mean this rule applies if you are travelling as a group or could an individual who entered from a Schengen state with valid schengen visa and insurance, be exempt from requiring a Croatia Tourist visa?

    Please advise.

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    i got the above information from:

    Please let me know if anyone figures.....

    Thank you again.
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    Dear Hr.Fan,

    I am in a similar predicament as you. Did you find any solution?
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    I am an Indian living in UAE, My husband has to attend a conference at Croatia and I plan to accompany him. Where should we apply for visa. In egypt or in India? Is there a Visa Facilitation service in UAE?
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    Hi all;
    I am an Egyptian Living in Cairo. I intend to visit a friend in Croatia for about 10 days maximum.
    I have visited the EU before at 2008 and still keeping the expired passport with the expired Visa. will this help?.
    I know there is an embassy in Cairo but can any one tell me what are the papers required for this kind of visa. The website states "Special Types of Travel Documents required for Visas" I have no idea what these papers might be.
    Many thanks in advance.
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    My husband I are Bahamians Citizens, we will be going on a cruise at the end of April 2011, sailing out of Venice the stops are Dubrovnic, Croatia, Messina Sicily, Italy, Naples Italy. Civitavecchia Rome Italy, Livorno Italy, Monaco and departing from Barcelona Spain. Bahmmians citizens does not require a visa to travel to Europe and saeeing that Croatia is not a European country do we need to apply for a Visa for Croatia and where do we apply.

    Thank you for your urgent reply.
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    HELLO I AM FROM Kuwait ive been trying to apply for a croatian visa since there is no croatian embassy please i need help i have a very important visit
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    some told me from abu dahbi is this true, and do i have to attend ? for a meeting in the embbasy of croatia in abu dahbi
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    My wife and I are booked on a 12 day Mediterranean Cruise on board Niew Amsterdam leaving Venice (Italy) on 04 June 2011 and disembarking at Barcelona (Spain) on 15 June 2011. We are Indian citizens living in India and hold valid Indian Passports and also Schengan Tourist Visas for this trip. As part of the Cruise itinerary the ship will dock at Dubrovnik, Croatia on Sunday 05 June 2011 at 10.00 AM and depart from there at 6.00 PM in the evening.
    (1) Do we have to take Croatia Visa from India if we want to go for a Shore excursion for the day?
    (2) Do we need to take Croatia Visa from Inida if we choose to stay on board while the ship is docked at Croatia?
    Please reply soon. Thank you.
    Leslie & Averil
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    pls advise i have croatia visa but i am sri lankan,any one should come air port to reliz us
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    hi i am citizen of kabul afghanistan and i need a tourist visa to crowtia so from where i get the visa in kabul is it possible or not and also before i had a resident visa of UAE for 3 years but unfortunatly that visa is canclled duty the office is closed and i have my family member in UAE so can they get me a visa from there or not or i can make it in kabul so plz advise me about this issue thnx
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    Having a visa is not that easy. Questioning how to get this is another story. Try to visit you embassy and ask how. And comply all the requirements.

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