Do White People live in Nigeria



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    cost of medicals at nigerian general hospital is free although you might need to buy some drugs yourself. but i tell you that is a scam.. dont ever give out money but if you are bent on giving out any money, make sure you are paying it into a current account (Banks usually have full details of customers with such accounts and as such they can easily be traced by the EFCC(financial crime agency) which will garanttee their arrests once its a fraud.
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    Heeeey ladies, if you have a lots of money and don't know what you do with it then I suggest to you all to send your money to me rather than sending to Nigerian scammers she said she fallen in love, hahahahaha, sorry to say that, act like stupid and then complain
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    I am a Nigeria and I have been working with white people for 25 years! Yes, white people live in Nigeria! Is there a country white people don't live in? If the answer is yes then that country is dead! However the fact that white people live in Nigeria does not mean the "white" who sends you the picture is really white. In spite of the economic hardship and bad leadership yet I would say over 90 % of Nigerians are good mannered loving people but a few crooks in the land portray the rest of us as bad. I travel a lot and most of my friends home and abroad are whites. No white however would behave the way you described. White persons would always have plan A, B, C etc and never leave things to chances. Apart from that they would have credit card to deal with exigencies. In the event that there is a problem a white person will call home and not use the internet to solicit for funds. Now, I am not saying a white cannot be a crook but the person you are dealing with is probably a Nigerian who is exploiting the good nature of people in the world. I am however surprised that many people-- white and black-- are so gullible! The stories these scammers tell are so blatantly unreal-- I will not believe it a second! I really appreciate your asking the question though it was after you have been duped. I encourage good people like you in the world who are looking genuinely to help other people- black and white- to use the internet to research these people first before giving anything out.
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    This is amazing, I was contacted by this guy via facebook who wanted to know about me. He comes from the USA, working in Nigeria as a web designer, divorced and has a daughter that is 8 years old who lives with him. In the beginning we chatted about our likes/dislikes family etc. He sent me pictures of himself and his daughter and some of her alone. She was a beautiful child. Long story short, I saw the fuel subsidy strike in Nigeria, emailed him because I was concerned. He always avoided my questions about why his daughter was not in school, why was she living in Africa without her mother etc. He hated his ex-wife and I was the light of his life, loved me to bits etc. I never ever encouraged him, just wanted to talk to someone. Then the request came through for money, the hotel manager was putting him out, he quit his job and was waiting for his paycheck. Why did he not go to the American Embassy? was told that they could not help him immediately etc. Then they were thrown out and are now living in a shelter. I asked him for the name of the hotel - wouldnt reveal it, asked for the number of the hotel, no reponse, was then accused about being the woman he thought he could love etc, was very sad about his situation. I should have realised immediately that his grammar was deplorable, never spelt words properly and the mere fact that he was hesitant in revealing his whereabouts were dodgy. Well no money from me pal. Caelo
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    I am a woman who live alone with two sons. Caelo, your story is resemble to mine. I met a man who had a 8 years old daughter. He said he lives in London and run a construction company. He lost his wife few years ago. I have lot of photos about him and about his daughter. After one month he fallen in love with me, and my heart now is broken because I dont know really who is that man.I want to know who is on the photos.
    After one month this man went to Nigeria to build a new road network there. When he landed he tried to reach me, and he said that he was attacked, and he need money to survive few days. After his work he wanted to come to me to my country. He booked the ticket too. I gave him money and he could get to my country and from here to London. We could not meet in my country. After he get home he wanted again money from me. He said he has a property and he have to clear it to get it. He needed 5000 dollars. I did not give him money. Before he went Nigeria everything was so perfect, and by now my heart is broken, I am suffering, because I cant believe that this man on these photos is a bad man. I need help.
    Please write me, maybe your photos is mine too.
    my email is:
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    anyone recognize this guy he is on facebook and he goes by the name Alec Chandler. He claims he is a engineer working over in Nigeria and his boss abandoned him there. His parents and one sibling were killed in a car crash. He is supposedly from the UK and also has family who lives in Minnesota. Funny thing is I thought people in the UK speak is obvious that this guy has poor english..he uses the wrong word and uses words out of text. He had gotten my friend to send him money because he was "trapped" in the UK with no money since his boss abandoned him there and he was trying to get back to the USA. So she told him she wanted the money back and low and behold when he was "supposedly" driving to mail the money back to her he got in a tragic accident...I mean how convenient. He now wasn't going to be able to return her money but he now was going to need even more money because his friend said that he was in a coma caused by the accident and he needed surgery on his head that was badly injured. The hospital in Nigeria refused to do the surgery unless they had the $5000 up front. How convenient. The hospital was going to let him die unless he had the money up front...I am thinking no loss his friend is contacting my friend asking for money and my friend is saying she has no money to send, so they keep harassing her for money. I am just wondering how this will all play a soap opera...does Alec die without the his friends come up with a new plan...does my friend come up with the money. All this time the doctor from Nigeria is calling my friend from the hospital to update her on his condition from his cellphone. They call her for weeks on his cellphone and I am wondering how is this possible...did he have the cellphone charger in his car when he crashed it and did the people in the ambulance say hey I know this man is injured but we have to make sure we grab his phone charger. The doctor might need it to keep his phone charged to call his people for weeks on end. I kept telling my friend if he is a US citizen and one of the UK than if he is trapped in another country he needs to go to the embassy. He kept telling her that he didn't want to go the embassy because he wanted to get out of the country on his own...well okay but your not doing it on your are relying on people giving you money to get home. I mean how do people even fall for these stories...they are so unbelievable it isn't even funny.
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    Feel such a fool met an English man or so he told me who was a widower, he lived in birmingham and his mother lived in london and she was bringing up his young son who is five. He had a contract in Nigeria and needed some money for security reasons which the company would not pay read so much about scammers . Oh yeh he of course has said he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I know its a scam which Ive told him he of course denies it his name is Keith Williams anyone else been taken in by him
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    Maybe yes. For me complexion will never matter as long as humility stands firm.
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    Ok! How come none of you poor souls out there have met a Nigerian with a job? Those who have married Nigerians and taken them abroad should not celebrate until they've spent a couple of years together, after getting their full residency!!! If you want to know that he is for real, tell him you'll move to Nigeria to be with him!!
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    Has anyone talked to a man name Kerry Green in the Army?
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    He's on Facebook
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    Send the money! Only then will you realize how naive you are and move on with your life. Was this post written as a joke??? Oh and whilst you're at it reply to all the scammers sending you their email addresses. Then you can repost in 2 months once you have fallen in love with another complete stranger with the same story. Please get some brain cells together.
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    Nigerians are honest, nice and rich people. I went to Nigeria in 2010. Stayed a month :) It's a very nice place
  • Please help if you can. Met a man on POF states he us native from Norway came to the states 4 years ago when his father passed. Has a daughter who lives with his mom in Manhattan NY. States daughters mother died in car accident 3 years ago. Has sent photographs of himself as well as with is daughter at what appears to be different age in her life. Has told me that he is an engineer and needed to finish a contract in Nigeria. To be completed around Feb 25. Has not to this point asked me for anything. States he is in love and sounds very genuine. Has called from both a cell number and a land line phone with the proper country code. Does hang up frequently without reason but calls right back. My heart is involved
     He goes by name of Mike Twit. Please help if u can. Thanks
  • STOP ! 100% this man is a scammer he has not asked you yet but he will ask you for money. He has not met you but he already loves you. Of course he uses the proper country code he lives in Nigeria.!!

    This story is the same story used by scammers ALL the time. Read my other response to you . Norwegians can't just up and live in the USA . Does this man have a Norwegian accent? No he doesn't because he is from Nigeria ! 

    What country are you from that you so naive? Stop communicating with this man or suffer the consequences.
  • Thank you..
  • Plsssss plssss and plsss........we all need to becareful with people we meet online....surely there are scammers all around the world ,but lately it has so increase in Africa....moreso in Nigeria....but this doesn't mean that every Nigerian are scammers or evil hearted.....u just have to very careful and wise.......
    U can help someone u're having a relationship with...not a crime.....but how sure are u the man u see in the profile pix is the same man chatting with u......why not skype them....and try to know some of his people if possible....ANYONE WHO CLAIM TO BE A CONTRACTOR OR EXPERTIS IS A SCAMMER......SIMPLE
    well i also met my fiancee online over a year a go...we skype atleast once a month due to xpensive internet where i am....we talk almost 3hrs on phone every blessed day.......and it's no doubt she's d woman of my dream.....i'm so blessed to have her and soon she will have my baby...pls before making any transaction or decision, come here to ask question.....not when it's too late...
    God bless you all.

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