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Which Turkish resort would be best for us?

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Hi, my partner and I are thinking of visiting Turkey in September and am looking for some advice on which resort to choose. We are in our early 30s and want to go somewhere with a good choice of bars and restaurants, a range of places to visit (some historical interest), and a great beach. We don't want 'Brits aboard' or clubbing, we like to experience the local culture. Have been thinking of Side perhaps? I would very grateful for any suggestions! Thanks.


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    I personally love Side. I visit as often as possible. Lots of nice restaurants and laid back bars.

    My advice is to find a small hotel in Side itself rather than one of the big AI places. These tend to be outside the town and don't really give you the proper flavour ofthe country.

    Hire a car to look around at the different sights.

    Another option is cirali or Olympos....
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    Sorry I pressed "send" a little too early!!

    Side is beautiful. Not too far from the airport either so no lengthy transfers after you land.

    You can visit Aspendos, Perge and the waterfalls very easily either on an organised trip or under your own steam. As I said above hiring a car is well worth it - you can plan your own trips, stop off when you want etc. Driving is fairly easy around the area as all the main roads are nice straight dual carriageways.

    It would also be worth heading into Antalya centre to wander around Kaleici, the old town and do some shopping.

    I can also suggest some places further afield if you think you may venture out :o)

    Weather in September is lovely as the searing heat has abated a little. Places are a little quieter and the madding crowds of summer have gone. Ramazam and Bayram will be over and the schools opening here so most of the Turkish tourists will be gone. We don't have the term start dates yet! So no sudden public holidays.
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    Thanks very much for your replies - you are definitely selling Side to me! We may hire a car, have done on previous holidays elsewhere and have enjoyed the independence it gives us. Any suggestions of places to visit/eat/stay will be gratefully received!
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    You can have a look here, where we have a list of all the holiday resorts in Turkey together with reviews on the resorts, nightlife, activities etc.
    Visit for destination advice
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    Try to visit any sites that would cater your needs. thank you.
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