Scams in Lagos Africa



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    10 days later (going from the date of your post) he says he is in italy and coming to california on friday. same story about mother and father.
    I didn't wait for the money request but I knew it was coming.
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    has anyone ever delt with a micheal adedeji nuedeck says he's from denver grew up in london with the same bull **** stories
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    Im a guy who was contacted by a beautiful woman who claimed to be from Slovakia but lived in the us for 15 years.She had the usual story a dead mother and father both from a crash We quickly fell in love wanted to start a family.we talked on YH messager for hours she ask for some money here and there.About 600 so far i didn't mind it i liked doing things for her than a red flag all of a sudden she had to go to Nigeria to settle something her father setup in his will.Now shes stuck there with no way home shes asking me for thousands of dollars to help with the flight.And to pay the bank so she can collect her inheritance which is 250,000 the tax for the bank is 30,000.Get this this bank only deals in cash what bank does that she promises that its our money but my story the same as alot of people here she claims shes in Lagos,Oyo,Nigera.
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    hello my name are edward and i com from holland i whant to now or some whane here from diana larry se life in niggeria i sent there monney that se whant me whant com now whant se 500euro for there paspoort that much se pick up in abjua or somthing and that it 2 weeks much wait for the flight
    i dont trust it whant se have me al 6 times wait here up schiphol
    whe co tommorow to the cops maby se can help me se have al an lot of peopel steel of monney maby under dwang whant here paspoort dont have se
    i hope to here somthing
    my email are
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    Hi, your story is very similar to a guy who was strying to scam me online. What was her yahoo ID or email address? if you don't mind tell me and I will do a cross check if hers is linked with this guy, it could be the same person who was trying to scam you and me. Cheers

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    WOW!!! I had the same story told to me as well the guy was supposed to be coming to Miami Fl and pay me the money back. He wanted to show me a copy of his check. I never care to see it because I wouldn't believe it any way. Met him on a website called pof and the next day he was already in love with me. Same story asking for money and that he was from Spain and all but doing a job in London with the Berkel company same that you mentioned....Thank God I had the feeling that there was something not clear about all the lies.

    Please take care of your self. Don't trust no matter how good it sounds.
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    has anyone had any encouters with Michael Phillips? uses the email claims that he is from Monroe, Ohio and went to Lagos, Nigeria as a buyer of antiques, gold, leather and whatever other goods that he can buy and resell in USA.I met him on my yearbook. He is an real attractive middle aged man. He talked a big talk by writing nice long emails to me and telling me all the right things. Even wrote nice love poems. Then we began talking on yahoo messenger and then my text messages and on the phone. He claims that he is from Switzerland and that both his parents had died in a car accident 8 years ago together. He is suposed to be an only child. We talked for a few weeks and then he suddenly gotten sick, even had a fake doctor call me and speak to me about it says it was mylira ( the mosiquito disease) and would have to be in the hospital for a week and that it would cost $500.00 usd or he will die from the sickness. So I did some research and had no reason not to believe him. He gave me his address here in the states which checked out to be true.I had my sister in law call the neighbor (which I got through white and he described the picture that I had of Michael. So I sent him the money thinking he was legit. Oh yeah, I even googled and called the hospital to check and see if he was there and his conidition but I could never get through. It kept saying giving me some message. Not really thinking too much about it cause I known the telephone lines there are bad. Well the day that he gets suposedly released from the hospital the hotel that he was staying at was going to kick him out due to non payment but he was able to talk to the manager and get to stay. I called the hotel even too. A week goes by and the owner of the hotel comes in and says that Michael has to pay $700 usd for his stay and food or he will call the police and took his passport. The owner would not release his passport until he paid his debt. Ok fool again I sent him the money. Ok now he is so greatful and I am his "Angel of Mercy" as he keeps saying. So time to book his flight back to the USA and he says that he only flies with KLM. So i looked them up and it is a legitmate airline that flies out of Lagos, Nigeria. In the menst of all this, he is wanting me to marry him so we can be together forever and that no one can take me away from him. Well now it was time that he needed money for a flight ticket home that was another $1500.00. he promised that he would pay me back the day that he got off the airline as long as the bank was open. I checked out all of his stories and found truth in all them so why wouldnt I believe him now? So yes, I sent him the money for the airline. He called me and texted me when he was suposedly on his way to the airport which was a 30 minute drive from the hotel. Well hours past and I havent heard from Michael of his flight scedule so I called the hotel and the lady said that he had checked out of the hotel early morning, which made sense since he wanted to travel during the day because he was afraid of the citizens mugging him of traveling at night. I tried calling him several times and his phone was powered off so I figured he was on his way to the states. Well the next day when I still havent heard from him,I just let it go figuring it was a 18 hour flight with 2 lay overs. Until around noon when I recieved a text message from a nigerian phone number stating for me to check my mail that it is urgant. so i checked my email just as the text asked me to do and here is what I had found:

    From: Idris Abdullahi <>
    Subject: Urgent response
    To: xxxxxxxxxxx
    Date: Thursday, January 5, 2012, 12:51 AM

    Good day madam,

    My name is idris abdullah and there is a man here in my custody kiddnaped by my gang and his name is michael philips.madam if you want him alive,it will be better you keep this to yourself and dont try to inform anybody becuase if you do that then his life is gone. all what you have to do is to corporate with us and you will see him.there is alot of problem here in our country and i dont care about anything that might happen to him if you dont corporate with us.when you were calling his phone and texting him he was with us.he will not be allowed to pick your calls for now but you can always mail us here and we will reply back to you.madam reply this mail and tell us what you want and we will tell you our demand.remember do not inform either police or fbi because you will loose him have the hope of seeing me alive if you coporate with us.

    ok now I have had enough and finally realized that this was nothing but a big scam.. even though my heart is not wanting to believe it.
    I reported this to the fbi internet crime team. I have all the emails and texts , phone records and yahoo messenger messages from the day one. I know that I was silly for believe it to begin with but I did my homework ( at least I thought that I did) I couldnt find his name anywhere on an websites even the sites that I paid for. I doubled checked on all his stories and they all were looking true. How did the neighbor that was plainly American describe the picture that I had? I just all seemed to be true. I am such a fool.
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    I am actually talking with Luis now! Similar story.... He's in London, Spanish mom (sick with Cancer), deseased father. Hasnt asked for anything, just coming on REALLY strong. True Love, etc... RED FLAG!!!
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    luis johnson .. .....l_johnson212@yahoo,com..
    same sad story about his parents and that he is in london.... stranded . cant pay for lodge. send money please.
    me IM me all the time on Yahoo and calls me alot 4 times today from a "unknown" number..
    Hes laying it on very thick...
    Hes in love with me and im the only one for him.
    He wants to do everything to make me happy .
    Hes here to please me.. blahhh.. blahhhh.blahhhh..

    hes on ladies ... watch out... profile name.. lovelovelove35 his picture is of a handsome spanish man.
    he took his profile off right after talking to me..

    i talked to him alot .. sweet accent.. its to bad.. that he does this to women that did nothing to deserve that.

    good luck ladies.. be careful.. always look out for each other.. thanks for all the posts about luis bcs i had no idea
    he was such a jerk.
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    @ foxthree i would like to know more about this person you speak of ..... seems close to something i am experiencing and would like to know its not the same person or is..... get back to me
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    I just had finished a week long "love affair" with L_johnso the 1st day I called him out on it being a scam, but he never asked me for anything? So I just kept chatting on yahoo at all times and he called me several times, even tonight after I forwarded him this site. He claimed it was imposters!!! Yet was supposed to be flying out tomorrow am to move to Miami for me!!!!!
    I repeat he did not ask for money, but did mention he was unable to buy the ticket, that he claimed he already had a week ago... I think after my forwarding all this to him, he (they) will not use the name again.
    Too bad, I'd love to know who the cutie in the pics is :(
    Anyone wanna compare notes... I'm on yahoo
    As nisacgrove1 for yahoo chat!!
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    I was contacted by LUIS JOHNSON on Spanish guy with same sad story. On the Same day I was also contacted by a JARVIS ANDERSON, he is also on Match as Open2realuv and I began emailing both until LUIS phased out and I focused on JARVIS. This was in late December, 2011. About a month into it, I realized JARVIS was a scammer...he is supposedly Italian but working in Accra, Ghana building an orphanage, he has a small son named Eddy...he actually sent me flowers and gifts, so I bought the story...but thanks to some suspicious and astutes friends who didn't buy his falling in love with me in a week story, we did some research and by checking his IP address from the emails he sent, I realized he was in Ghana the whole time, even when he was supposedly emailing me from Italy. Ladies, check the origin of the IP addresses on the emails, you can do this on any IP address finder website. Also, I uploaded his pictures to the Google Images and did an internet search and found the pictures be log to a Gay Porn Star...Cody Cummings. He has a tattoo on his neck that reads &quot;Family&quot;...I am positive that the scammer is the same for LUIS and JARVIS, he is using multiple identities.
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    I just googled Cody Cummings and he is not the same face as the Luis Johnson that I was talking to. I have pics of him, how do you do the google image search? I'm curious to see who the pics belong to.
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    Cody Cummings is another profile for Jarvis---it is the same scammer using separate identities. Luis Johnson and Jarvis (pics of Cody Cummings) both had accounts on and both profiles reached out to me on same day. I compared Luis' emails to Jarvis emails and the words and love expressions they used were obviously written by the same scammer
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    I uploaded Luis Johnson's pictures to Google images but they only come back to a Badoo and MyLife account with those photos and that name---but it is still a SCAM!!! The scammer opened these accounts to sucker in more victims!! I could not find who the real cutie is...To do the image search:
    Upload the photo youu want to compare (the photo of the cutie) to your desktop or anywhere in your computer. Then go to Google, click on Images. When the box appears, instead of typing anything, click on the little blue camera which is inside the box in the lower right corner. Then it will give u the option to upload a photo. Click on that and browse for your phot and select...Google will search for that image on the internet. Thats how I found Cody Cummings using the scammer's photo of "Jarvis". But I could only find the fake accounts for Luis. Try it and let me know how it goes...any other ladies out there that want to put their guy to the test...would love to hear back on the results. If I can help at least one person, it will make my day!
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    has any one heard of Greg Anderson from England and has a 7 year old daughter. he is a
    single father and went to Nigeria to work. his daughter got sick and needs 500.00 to get
    her treatment, i like a fool sent it. now he needs 1000.00 to get her out.
    i met him on B2 date site.
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    Hi all, I 've been talking to a Michael La Chat has anyone talked with him ? Would like to know if this is the same person? He calls ,texts, the whole nine yardsWants to Marry said he was born in NJ grew up in Italy and now lives in Texas. Sound like someone you know ?
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    Hello ladies I meet a guy Michael Jay Robson on really nice guy very handsome goes by funlovernow. Light skin green eyes, civil engineer from Bronx lives in north Salem ny . Michael was working in malaysia now he's working in Nigeria. After the work as completed he was moving to Michigan to be with me,but he doesn't have all of the money for his ticket he's $500 short and even pastor Kunle bamidele and his wife have given him money to get to Michigan. Same story love letters everyday sometimes 2-3 a day. All he needs from me is the other $ 500. He wants to spend the rest of his living life loving me as only god intended. No kids never married. Last serious girlfriend cheated with best friend. Other women only want him for sex and his body is a temple to only be shared with his wife. He's waiting for me at money gram to send him the money ( yeah right). oh by the way his mom is from france his dad is from America he has one sister Austria she's married but he hasn't talked to her 6 years. I grew up believing that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I have read some of the comments from other and I am not naive. The last relationship that i was in was not a good one at all. I am a thoughtful caring person that has been used, so is it so wrong for me to want somebody to truly love me for me. Yes I spent 3 months writing him and I know that it was a scam now,but I'm only out of time not money. Still hoping for true love one day.
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    Yo Fellas, I was on my iphone app skout and met a girl who claimed to be from San Jose, California her name is Peyton Durham. Her contact email is Peyton Durham ;. Well talking to her for two days, and than her story well sad both parents died, and now shes working as a interior designer at Lagos, africa. She started sending me text, asking hows my day sounded cool to have communication but the question came up needed money for Food and Laundry. Than she stated she will starve and wait till i send her money in a few days during payday. Than after researching on google it showed this blog site of scammers now i didnt really think she was scammer but like what people typed was why was the accounted deleted from in this case skout so theres my story. I was starting to feel sorry for the person but once you bring money into the equation were not friends yet just starting to get to know you than that signals bad news.
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    Scams are really terrible. It is so very discouraging to go to a place full of scams. better to get rid of them.
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    WOW I am so glad I found this site. Just started speaking to him and when someone seems to good to be true they are! We only spoke for a day and then I searched google! It is so sad that people prey on innocents. Anyway I am too smart for that! :) Thanks for the heads up! :)
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    I should have added his name to my previous comment - it is and Luis Johnson is his name.
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    My girlfriend is having an on-line love affair with a guy named "Don", supposedly in England, wife and daughter killed in car crash, mother just died of cancer, father dead, no family at all. Has $46 million dollars and wants to send her money (there's a new twist), which she, of course, refused. He is going to move to Montreal to be with her but hasn't shown up. She was burned by a scammer before but since she Skypes with this guy, she feels he is the real thing. Does anyone know more about this guy?
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    I chatted with Luis Johnson yesterday through IM. I emailed me what he called his "Auto bio" which included that he is in London for work and would be coming back into the states in two weeks ago. He was hoping to move wherever his soul mate lived. Also, the sob story about his deceased father and his mother who has cancer. All types of flags were going up and I felt the need to google him. I found two social network accounts with the same picture from the dating site (Oh, he's good). Then I decided to google his email address which led me to this site. I'm so glad this assists. It's a shame there are so many scamming out there.
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    Oh I just reported him to the dating site. He is going by Loveisgone35
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    i met a man on seniors meet . com doyle vance from green bay wis. construction eng ineer , wooed me very romantic. showed contract award for work in nigeria, ?lost equipment needed sent by air, asked for $, wore me down sent $2200 twice,5/30/12 western union then did my homework
    been scammed , ashamed , am intelligent woman ,nurse let emotions cloud thinking. he's still out there on seniors under user name4LOVEINHERE LISTED IN WISCONSIN ANOTHER USER NAME SAME SITE 2LOVE601 and ? STARTED ANOTHER USER NAME SEEKING4LOVE601 ,,ALSO ON LAVAPLACE CRYINGHEARTLOVER101 . HAS E-MAIL doylevance611@yahoo, and previous
    check scambook, another victim prettyjewels scammed of $4600. poor man whose picture he uses. toying with him now , they don't like to chat on phone,uses IM on yahoo i have reported him to all date sites , and yahoo, and internet crime center. BEWARE!!
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    umm well ive got him right now hook line and sinker what should i do..?
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    I just reported Luis Johnson as well!! Unbelievable!! Grow up scammers, get a job!!
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    I too am currently talking to a girl named Peyton Durham who is doing fashion work in Nigeria. I don't have her email, just yahoo messenger ID. peytondurham533. Same story, both parents died, went to school in spain. etc. I really don't know yet if she is a scammer or not. Third day talking and she hasn't asked for anything yet
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