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India: permits and innoculations?

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i am heading to dharamsala and then on to spiti in the himachal pradesh region.Do i need a permit?can i get one in my home country,south africa?and rabies innoculation should i worry about this? are debit cards easily usable?OR SIMPLY CASH?


  • Hi Dear

    You do not need any special permit to visit Himachal Pradesh like Dharamshala, Spiti Valley but when you arrive at spiti Valley you require a innerline permit to visit the Indo - Tibbet (China) Border area which you can easily get.

    No, you can not get this permit at your home.

    Debit or credit cards are not common in Spiti Valley better you carry enough cash with you.

    Have a nice Holidays

    Bon Voyage India
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    Hi Faeried, you should speak to a medically qualified professional regarding jabs and innoculations - doctor, nurse or Travel Clinic. They will offer the current recommendations that can vary depending on which areas you will travel to and which jabs you may have had already. Then you make your own judgement from there as they are not compulsory. it is your choice if you take up every recommendation. Some vaccines are really expensive too.
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