Can I take Moroccan currency into Marrakech



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    Well I'm baffled!
    I have exchanged UK bank notes on many occasions without fuss. No-one else has ever said the contrary.
    All I can think of is the notes were tatty - all notes MUST be in near perfect condition as a rule, no tears or ink marks what-so-ever.
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    Please can someone confirm whether it would be better to take British Pounds or Euros to exchange into dirhams at the airport.
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    Depends from which country you are travelling.
    If from a euro zone country then take €'s, if from UK take Sterling.
    Go back to page one of this thread and read the second posting about currency.
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    Thank you johnk. I am travelling from London and will take good condition british pounds and change them at the bureau de change at the airport. If I need to change more are there plenty of bureau de change in Marrakech? On the return journey just change them back again before I leave? I ask because I dont really want to use my cards at the ATM.
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    Hi all I used money saving expert to find the best place to exchange in the UK. As I understand it you are allowed to take 1000MAD per person into the country.

    I got a very good rate from a London exchange.

    Try using this:
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    When you do intend to change them back into GBP on your departure from Marrakech, ensure yo have any receipts which were issued when you changed GBP to MAD as they are sometimes very particular and like to see evidence that you did get MAD in Morocco.
    Best exchange rates are only got in Morocco and no where else.
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    Many thanks for all your help on this thread, John. You've given lots of sterling (pardon the pun) information that I'd have been in some trouble without. I'm travelling in about 10 days and was struggling to find anywhere selling the MAD, and now it makes sense. I'll just take about £30 worth of MAD for when I get there and need taxis etc, and will nip into the bank and ask for perfect condition notes to swap at the BdeC when we get there.
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    Always a pleasure.
    Which ever airport you arrive at will have ATM machines, Marrakech has 3 I believe and also a BdeC so no need to buy MAD in your own country especially as you will not get anywhere near the same exchange rate as in Morocco.
    Taxi drivers have seen it all before and don't mind waiting outside a bank for you to use an ATM.
    ps - be sure you notify your bank should you intend to use your debit card in ATM's.
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    I think for you to avoid troubles if you arrive try to change the currency you have to the currency where you are going to avoid unnecessary casualties in traveling.
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    You can purchase Moroccan Dirhams from Thomas Exchange UK in London (they have 2 London offices). Or they can post it to you. They can also convert Moroccan Dirhams back to Sterling. Their website is

    Please note that the official limit that you are allowed into Morocco to take is 1000 Dirhams per person.
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    Go with the standard advice of NOT buying Dirhams anywhere other than when you arrive in Morocco. You will not need them until you arrive so why bother buying in the UK or elsewhere?
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    Great information here, thanks John for your help. You can also look at the Morocco Travel Guide from for further information on the country. Also see the separate guides to Marrakech and other cities.
    Visit for destination advice
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    Thanks for the information. Just wanted to ask about Euros as a friend who was in Marrakech at Easter said many places take Euros now.They also changed cash into dirhams as needed as recommended by you via Bde Change. Is this your experience or anyone else's?
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    Euros are widely accepted in the major cities but not in out of the way places which see few, if any, tourists.
    You lose out slightly when paying for services with Euros as traders round the value down to 10Dh for each € rather than the official rate of 11 or so.
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    I'm going to Morroco from Canada. I was wondering what is the best currency for me to bring over there: Canadian, American or Euros ?
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    You can bring all these currencies but realistically there is no point changing CAD into € only to again change these into Dirhams when you arrive. You will needlessly be paying commission charges when exchanging each time.
    All major world currencies are accepted (except Scottish or Irish Pounds, Australian and New Zealand Dollars) and you get get pretty much the same rate of exchange wherever you go. If arriving at the airport, you will always find a Bureau de Change on hand. If for some reason this is closed then there are usually ATM's which will dispense local currency and Morocco is not short of ATM's in all major cities.
    If using your debit card, be sure to notify the card issuer as they have been known to cancel cards suspecting fraudulent use. Keep some cash as backup.
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    Hi Johnk, I'm travelling to marrakech next week and am a little confused as I was hoping to convert atleast £100 to Dirhams at marrakech airport however, after reading that there is a 1000Dh limit, how much of GBP can I convert? I understand you're advising people the best thing to do is to use our debit/credit cards but I'd rather use cash and aviod the interest charges.
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    Also, I visited Tunisia earlier this year and bought 7 cartons (1400) cigarettes back from duty free. Do morocco have a certain limit to how many cigarettes I can bring back to the UK?
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    The 1000Dh limit refers to the import and export of Moroccan currency only.
    You can change any reasonable amount, in this case £100, into local curency without question at the airport.
    When you leave Morocco you are only allowed to take out a maximum of 1000Dh in Moroccan currency but no-one really checks your hand luggage for this. You may be asked by the airport police if you are carrying any Dh, I just say no and carry on regardless.
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    Morocco is a traveling place and many good places in it to visit.
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    From Non EU Countries you can bring the following amounts of tobacco back without declaring them or paying duty:
    200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco.
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    Like so many others before, I am a little twitchy about this currency issue. I have learned far more from JohnK reading this thread than my travel agent could tell me. Some of the Agent's comments are clearly downright wrong!! I too do not want to arrive with the wrong means to get local currency. It seems the best way is to offer good clean sterling notes at B de C and Debit cards at ATMs for the cheapest conversion cost.
    Can John confirm please that both Credit and Debit cards are OK for purchases, restaurants etc.?
    Nothing has been said (unless I missed it) about how or where to trade Dh back to £GB. Do you slap it all down on the counter at the B de C at the Airport on departure, coin and notes, and they change the lot back into £GB coin and notes or what?
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    Sorry for the delay in replying.
    Credit cards are acceptable in the more upmarket restaurants and shops although you should expect to pay more as there are charges on both sides, i.e. you for the exchange rate mechanism and the trader or shop for their card reader costs. Most hotels also will accept credit cards.
    You should not expect any small shop to accept credit cards as cash is king in Morocco.
    Debit cards should be used to acquire cash from ATM's. As already stated in a previous post, you are advised not to use a credit card to get cash as you will incur costs on a daily basis from the moment you get the cash.
    Changing Dirhams back into GBP should be straight forward - keep all receipts which are issued when you acquire cash whether it be from a Bureau de Change, ATM, hotel or bank. Before you leave, show the receipts at the point of change and be sure to ask for British Pounds as you will probably be given Euro's.
    You can use Dirhams to make purchases before before entering the departure area but after this you can only use Euro's and maybe GBP or pay by credit card for snacks, duty free etc
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    I notice that you only mention Euros and British Pounds in your comments. Will the Bureau de Change accept Canadian currency.
    I will be arriving in Casablanca in April
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    I mentioned GBP in the above post as the question posed by Crinkly was about changing Dh back to GBP.
    If you go back to my reply at the start of this post, I have specified the three currencies which are not accepted in Morocco - $Aus, £Irish and £Scottish. Most other currencies are ok, including CAD.
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    I am visiting morocco in august 2013 and like man was concerned about taking money as its not a norm country we would visit. I have found the thread useful. I was wondering if anyone had heard of these travel cards? m travel agent is saying its the best form of taking money? with a minium of £150. any thoughts about this?
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    Hi I am travelling to Morroce in a month. And my arrival at the airport is very late .I don;t want to get wonder around for small currency exchange. Is anyone has Morrocan Dh to sell?
    please e-mail me the details to
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    Hi Meera,

    I'd recommend going to a Travelex shop or bank before you depart, it's a little safer than meeting a random person on the internet.
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    The popular auction house ebay sells MAD from time to time but these don't always work out cheap. Be sure you don't buy UAE Dirhams as these are not the same.
    Just wait until you arrive at the airport and use the ATM there. Some airports have multiple ATM's so you should be safe.
    If still in difficulty, any taxi driver will stop at a bank with a cash dispenser, just say the magic words ATM and he will understand. Tell him before you set off so as not to cause an incident once you arrive at your hotel.
    Some tourist hotels do have ATM's in the lobby area but don't take a chance and let the taxi driver know asap that you need cash.
    Don't be tempted to buy Dh outside of Morocco as you do not know what you are getting!
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