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bringing medication to Tunisia

edited June 2012 in - Tunisia
me & my wife are going to tunisia in early aug [ with a group of family ] me & my wife need to take medication from our doctor it will be in the correct box with names on and just enough for our 14-day stay,i've checked with the uk airport and all will be ok,but will it be ok to take into's our first time aboard. many-thanks


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    Hi, yes its absolutely fine to take any of your medication with you. I take regular meds which I keep in my hand luggage when travelling as recommended. The pharmacies there are usually very helpful if you do happen to run out of something too!
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    mart - yes it is perfectly fine. Customs rarely ask about meds. However, please consider asking your doctor to write a memo advising that you take these meds and the condition for which you need them. That helps in all circumstances.

    I do hope that you enjoy your stay with us
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