Can I take Moroccan currency into Marrakech



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    From Non EU Countries you can bring the following amounts of tobacco back without declaring them or paying duty:
    200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco.
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    Like so many others before, I am a little twitchy about this currency issue. I have learned far more from JohnK reading this thread than my travel agent could tell me. Some of the Agent's comments are clearly downright wrong!! I too do not want to arrive with the wrong means to get local currency. It seems the best way is to offer good clean sterling notes at B de C and Debit cards at ATMs for the cheapest conversion cost.
    Can John confirm please that both Credit and Debit cards are OK for purchases, restaurants etc.?
    Nothing has been said (unless I missed it) about how or where to trade Dh back to £GB. Do you slap it all down on the counter at the B de C at the Airport on departure, coin and notes, and they change the lot back into £GB coin and notes or what?
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    Sorry for the delay in replying.
    Credit cards are acceptable in the more upmarket restaurants and shops although you should expect to pay more as there are charges on both sides, i.e. you for the exchange rate mechanism and the trader or shop for their card reader costs. Most hotels also will accept credit cards.
    You should not expect any small shop to accept credit cards as cash is king in Morocco.
    Debit cards should be used to acquire cash from ATM's. As already stated in a previous post, you are advised not to use a credit card to get cash as you will incur costs on a daily basis from the moment you get the cash.
    Changing Dirhams back into GBP should be straight forward - keep all receipts which are issued when you acquire cash whether it be from a Bureau de Change, ATM, hotel or bank. Before you leave, show the receipts at the point of change and be sure to ask for British Pounds as you will probably be given Euro's.
    You can use Dirhams to make purchases before before entering the departure area but after this you can only use Euro's and maybe GBP or pay by credit card for snacks, duty free etc
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    I notice that you only mention Euros and British Pounds in your comments. Will the Bureau de Change accept Canadian currency.
    I will be arriving in Casablanca in April
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    I mentioned GBP in the above post as the question posed by Crinkly was about changing Dh back to GBP.
    If you go back to my reply at the start of this post, I have specified the three currencies which are not accepted in Morocco - $Aus, £Irish and £Scottish. Most other currencies are ok, including CAD.
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    I am visiting morocco in august 2013 and like man was concerned about taking money as its not a norm country we would visit. I have found the thread useful. I was wondering if anyone had heard of these travel cards? m travel agent is saying its the best form of taking money? with a minium of £150. any thoughts about this?
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    Hi I am travelling to Morroce in a month. And my arrival at the airport is very late .I don;t want to get wonder around for small currency exchange. Is anyone has Morrocan Dh to sell?
    please e-mail me the details to
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    Hi Meera,

    I'd recommend going to a Travelex shop or bank before you depart, it's a little safer than meeting a random person on the internet.
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    The popular auction house ebay sells MAD from time to time but these don't always work out cheap. Be sure you don't buy UAE Dirhams as these are not the same.
    Just wait until you arrive at the airport and use the ATM there. Some airports have multiple ATM's so you should be safe.
    If still in difficulty, any taxi driver will stop at a bank with a cash dispenser, just say the magic words ATM and he will understand. Tell him before you set off so as not to cause an incident once you arrive at your hotel.
    Some tourist hotels do have ATM's in the lobby area but don't take a chance and let the taxi driver know asap that you need cash.
    Don't be tempted to buy Dh outside of Morocco as you do not know what you are getting!

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