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Mastercard in Indonesia

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me and my wife are planning to travel to indonesia and I have a question regarding payment with mastercards. I own a prepaid mastercard from Tuxedo Prepaid and wanted to ask if you can use the card regularly and withdraw cash or if its better to travel with cash from the start? We want to stay in the major cities, so ATMs should be near. But I don't know how common mastercard is in Indonesia.



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    Hi Aiden !

    Mastercard and Visa are common in Indonesia !
    Not to worry if u want to pay by Mastercard and Visa :)

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    Hi, I'm not quite agree with Navy, I live in Bali-Jimbaran and have been for a long time even in Jakarta.
    Both Visa and Mastercard possess, but many times the Mastercard dosnt work, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.
    The advice I can give is to have cash money,take in ATM , about 1 million, 1 million and a half of rupie to pay Taxi, Bajaj and gifts purchased in small shops.
    If u pay by credit card, they ask for the expected 2.5-3% more, the banks are paid by buyers, not sellers.
    The cards use them to pay hotel or other large amounts (in excess of 3-4 million rupie), u have the problem of currency risk, so check twice before which is the value of the rupie respect the money in ur country and see u.
    If u are interested about other u can write : [email protected]
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