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How safe is Sri Lanka as a holiday destination?

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How save is Sri Lanka as a holiday destination? My boyfriend and I have booked a package holiday to Beruwala in Sri Lanka but now our friends are telling us about the amount of terrorist attacks in the country of late. What's the risk to foreigners?


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    Sri Lanka is a safe country to travel now, foreigners are more safe, so don't need to worry.
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    We are due to fly to Colombo and tour Sri Lanka for a fortnight commencing February 5th 2011. What is the current flood situation please and what is the long range weather forecast for February in Sri Lanka
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    War is over long back.This site is yet to update there ages old reviews..Now its safe as much as anyother country..
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    Looking to visit around May. what are some of the best places for a tourist to visit?
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    Hi every one,

    just to inform you taht sri lanka is very safe place now.
    war is over years ago and now it has a very calm environment.
    although Colombo is bit busy you always can go out of colombo and have a great fun.

    Nuwara eliya AND Kandy is must destination to travel.
    if you travel during April /May its the best saeson to visit up country.
    temperature is cool and less humid in upcountry.
    during taht time it s full of flowers and like a paardise.

    dont worry Srii lanka is a paradise taht any one should visit
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    Hey, Sri Lanka is back in its former glory. One of the safest destinations in the world today. Value for money and an unforgettable holiday experience with many highlights one can enjoy within a week or two; from ancient cultural heritage, nature & wildlife to soft adventure and breathtaking beaches...
    for more.. [email protected]
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    Hello im Ayesha, me and my husband are planning for a vacation for this year, i thought Sri Lanka wud be a nice place to go this time. My only question to you is are Muslim welcomed to visit Sri Lanka ?? We have few unpleasurable memories of Nepal last year.
    Pls. advise.
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    Every one is safe to visit Sri Lanka.You will be welcomed even better then your own country.
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    Muslims are well of in Sri Lanka and respected. Insha Allah you will not have any bad experiences in Sri Lanka because of your religion. Please visit Sri Lanka if you have not made it still.
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    Sri Lanka is not safe to travel. There are government sponsored bunch of sexual vagabond running around the country rapping tourist.
    On Christmas day in 2011, a UK citizen was murdered by the down south thugs of the president of Sri Lanka and his girl friend a Russian national was rapped by 8 thugs. Police will not be able to do an impartial investigation due to the presidents, his son and his brother’s connection to the thugs that did this crime. On January 4th Holland national was rapped by the hotel owner and no action has been taken to apprehend the culprit. What do you think what happen to regular Sri Lankans? Go to some other place and do not risk your lives coming to Sri Lanka
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    Every country has violence, but most visits to Sri Lanka are trouble-free. Use common sense and don't travel anywhere alone, especially at night.
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    Want to Visit Sri Lanka?

    Visit to see the blood of 40000 tamils who died in Nandi Kadal/Mulli Vaikkal Lagoon.!

    Visit and spend your money to make Srilankans rich and by doing so you are indirectly killing more tamil peoples.!

    Visit Srilanka...
    Afterall it is a country of genocide and its rare to see blood eaters in many parts of world.
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    Sri lanka is a great place to visit. I have been 3 times, great food, beautiful place, I think national geography channel selected Sri Lanka as a best destination to visit. I heard they have new higyway too. Next time I am planning to go Jaffna & Trinco , Trinco beach (Nilaweli
    ) is one of the best beaches in the world. Surfing to Arugambe.
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    Sri Lanka is best place to visit some people are just so narrow minded and cant bear the truth its a very peaceful country and people are very welcoming. It is a real value for the money .Sri Lanka have best gold sand beaches with natural harbors and lagoons lots of sea food to taste in sea side .Arugam bay is de second best place to surf.after all you can visit every where in the island its a pocket holiday package of the world becoz it has little from every natural beauty in the world.please visit for best holiday deals
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    If you want to see the real truth about how one ethnic group try to annihilate the other, visit this link
    This was broadcasted in Australia by Chanel 4 News.
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    Sri Lanka is the most safe holiday destination in South Asia no terrorist activities what soever.
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    Sri Lanka is the most safe holiday destination in South Asia no terrorist activities what soever.
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    Guys so called toddybudy & Depolt are totally out of their mind, get gainers of conflicts & contensions, their bread and butter is war.... trust there won't be anymore wars in Sri Lanka for you to make a living out of it... you drug smugglers promote wars to supply heroine.

    Tourist are safe here, I am Sinhalese and i have so many tamils friends, we are one united country, we are Sri Lankans not sinhalese, tamils or muslims.

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    Sri Lanka is extremely safe and is today one of the safest destinations to travel to in the world.
    I am a travel agent in Sri Lanka and is you want more information on what to see and places to visit please feel free to contact me. Our travel agency name is Target Travels
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    Sri Lanka is very safe country to is more safe for don't worry about safety in Sri Lanka.
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    I want to visit Sri Lanka for my Honeymoon. How safe is SriLanka for my visit? What are the best places to visit?
    I am really worrying about the visit which i don't know anything about SriLanka.

    How Safe is it? What are the precautions i need to take?
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    Sri Lanka is one of safest destination to travel and much of tourists are hanging around every where in Sri Lanka these days. It has war and it was over 3 years back. Sri Lanka is riches with much of resources with Sunny sandy beaches, great history and culture, national parks and wild life, multi ethnic culture, AND UNESCO world Heritage sites
    Ancient City of Polonnaruwa (1982)
    Ancient City of Sigiriya (1982)
    Golden Temple of Dambulla (1991)
    Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications (1988)
    Sacred City of Anuradhapura (1982)
    Sacred City of Kandy (1988)

    Central Highlands of Sri Lanka (2010)
    Sinharaja Forest Reserve (1988)
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    Thank for sharing information.
    Yes I know Sri Lanka is a good place for all of us stay.
    I hope to have a holiday in Sri Lanka next year.
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    how is Sri lanka for gay people? is it ok to travel as a gay couple there?
  • Thanks, for sharing information. But  Sri Lanka is safe to travel, it is also a beautiful country. No there is no risk for foreigners. You will have a great time in Sri Lanka.
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    Sri Lanka is the beauty of glorious gold sand with ancient monuments. You can stay to spend luxury holidays for bit of fabulous culture, beauty of scenario. There many beautiful places of visit. I like whales watching in Sri Lanka, a nice view.. Again i am visiting Sri Lanka this vacation..

  • Sri Lanka is safe enough, terrorist attacks are now a thing of the past! However, it would be better if you organise  your trip via a well known tour operator such as Mackinnons Travels, that way you will be assured that you'll be only visiting the safest of places.
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    I agree with the gust members! Sri Lanka is a safe country
    and foreigners can enjoy more safe travel there, so you don't need to worry
    about your security. It is the beauty of glorious gold sand with ancient
    monuments and offers many attractive places to visit. Kandy Lake, Yala National
    Park, Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) and National Museum of Colombo are amazing
    attraction to visit there.

  • I visited Sri Lanka in 2011. Its an amazing country. I would recommend anyone to visit :-*
  • go to this website,it will help any one to learn about tourist destinations,hotels,guides and almost most of the things.its the government website.
  • Really Sri Lanka is safe, beautiful. But careful about ATM, Money Transfer crime. Many of hotel have ATM service but those all are not safe. use cash. It will be better.
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