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London holiday?

edited July 2012 in Europe
I am planning to have a pleasure visit to London. I four weeks and handsome budget, I am slight confused in choosing the best alternative and value for money, should I go to UK or main land Europe?


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    If i were you I would have chosen main land Europe. Its magnificent, as a tourist you want to have a visit to glorious place that reflects past cultures and traditions, you can find these things in UK but most of them are related to British Empire but multiple Reich s and regimes that has marked significant landmarks in the history will be found in main land. Paris, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam and Frankfurt cannot be missed at a cost of London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh as far as tourism is concerned.
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    Hello mark90,

    Did I get it right - Do you have four weeks for the whole trip? In this case I would start my trip in London and then after some days in the UK, I'd go to main land Europe. What do you want to see? Only cities or also landscape/nature? I agree with billl88 main land Europe is magnificent. Cities you must see include Berlin, Paris, Rome, Prague and Granada (which is in Spain - small but absolutely lovely and the city with the most moorish influence in Europe).
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    Thanks Bill and Matza, I have four weeks but I am confused because nowadays things are not going well and I want to take a break and spend some time in a peaceful environment which I believe will be UK( Glasgow, Cardiff and Northern Wales) but at the same time I know that stress release will not last much longer and I will be looking for party fun and enthusiasm so I am confused!!
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    Anytime Mark, Its alright may you recover from stress soon and again I must say you should visit peaceful places of Europe it will also help in stress management.
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    HI Mark. These is lots to see in England and I would definitely spend some time here - London is magnificent and worth a few days of your trip but I would also go to Oxford and perhaps the Cotswolds. Scotland is lovely but you would skip Glasgow and head to Edinburgh and the highlands but I would suggest heading south to mainland Europe. It is a good time of year (in theory) to be in the UK and the language is also an advantage. Bearing in mind that four weeks isnt all that long for a whole continent, I suggest that you don't pack in too much and enjoy the trip - I think you get the most out of travelling when you are at leisure - soaking up the culture and enjoying the local food and wine. I would try to visit no more than 3 countries - perhaps UK, France, Italy or Spain. Have a look at for ideas on things to do in each country.
    Visit for destination advice
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    Thanks again all of you for he overwhelming response, I am reevaluating the things right now I will definitely get back to you guys and your contribution is really worth considering in decision making.
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    Four weeks and handsome budget are goods which you hold with you. I recommend you to visit both the destinations. Start from London and visit various destinations which fall till Mainland.
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