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climbing Kilimanjaro

edited July 2012 in Africa
Hi traveler,
I am in my early 33yrs and have been dreaming of climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro. I have made up my mind that i am climbing next month(August) taking Machame rout. I have never climbed any mountain before this is my fist time.Kindly any idea that may help me to get to (Ururu peak)
Thank you for your advice


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    Wondering if one can give advice
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    Hi Philo,

    As long as you are in good health, you can make it to the top (Uhuru peak, not Ururu peak). You don't have to be super fit, but it'd help you if before going for the climb you do some exercises for your lungs (jogging/running/aerobics and a little bit of uphill treks etc).

    When you get there, take a day or two acclimatizing if your itinerary allows.

    Then on the mountain itself, take it slow or at a comfortable not rushed pace (pole pole, as they say in Swahili), especially from day two (Machame Hut to Shira hut) onwards. It will help in further acclimatization and increase your chances of making it to the summit (Uhuru peak). Carry some water with you to sip as you climb, it helps.

    If you have booked with a good operator, they will help you with all these tips and information.

    Jenny - East Africa travel expert at Tropical Valley Safaris (
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    Thank you very much tropicalvalley for your advice.I just arrived in Moshi and will start my climb on 4th/8/12 and will give feed back on my climb experience.
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    I can highly recommend the book I used by Henry Stedman (Kilimanjaro - Trekking Guide to Africa's Highest Mountain) for Kili and then some - it helped me get clear on what I wanted to do, needed to do and who to book with. Also, my new book describes the research I did before my June 2011 summit,

    Most important advice I received: Have fun with it!

    [email protected]
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    Hello to all,
    I have to thank all of you for the advice and support you gave.It was my first time to climb the mountain and by taking the advice i made it to Uhuru Peak and got my certificate.I totally agree with Tropical valley.In my itinerary i have day of acclimatizing.On the first day it was not that challenging but it changes from day two on words.On the summit day was my biggest challenging night at the Base camp.Very cold and requested cook to put hot water on my water bottle so that i can keep my self worm in my sleeping bag but i forget to close the lid ending up i spilled water in my sleeping bag.
    I thank my my guides Robbinos and Lumbumba for their encouraging me with their Pole Pole walk.They know their work and would recommend them to any one who is planing Kilimanjaro climb.I have never drink water like i did on that mountain but its helps very much.
    From the climb i headed for safari to Tarangire,L.Eyasi,Ngoro,Serengeti, Masai Mara,Naivasha.Long but i had good time and happy now.
    Thanks once.
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    Hello Philo,
    Congratulations for making it to Uhuru peak. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, and that you found my advice helpful. "Pole pole" is one of the biggest secrets for making it to the top.

    For future reference for anyone planning to climb Kilimanjaro, we have written a (hopefully helpful) post at our blog at:
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    Thank you very much.I have a lot of my Kilimanjaro experience that i will share when i have time.As usual when i looked at my pictures tells what it was at that time on the mountain.I am proud that i made it and I have lots of respect to any who have climbed Kilimanjaro.Adventure of life time.
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