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Travel to Malta

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I am a Nigeria,married to two wifes and blessed with children. I will like to travel to Malta on hollidays with one of my family, What do i do?


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    I visited Malta in 2004, traveled all over the island and did not see any streets in poor condition. Temperature extremes and large trucks contribute to tearing up roads and Malta has neither of these. The roads were in good condition. There is very little car traffic on Malta except in the Valetta area which is a hub for the buses and along the road near St Julians. Parts of the island see little traffic.

    You should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling. You should check any exclusions, and that your policy covers you for the activities you want to undertak
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    I will go there some day, if anyone knows more about accomodations and what part of Malta is historicaly the most interesting!?
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    evem if malta is small, there are plenty to do. For the historical part, visit Valletta, Mdina and the many prehistorical site on the island.
    With your children, go to the sandy beach (like Golden Bay), snorkel in Blue Lagoon or go to the Playmobile Park.
    Also if you have time, go and visit Gozo which is quiet different from Malta : very calm, a true countryside in the middle of the medditeranean sea !
    For accomodation, there are many websites from where you can find good reviews and book online.
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    Here's a good travel guide to Malta to get you started... I would highly recommend you visit the Azure Window before it disappears entirely!
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    Hi, help needed urgently!

    I'm from China, currently studying in Malaysia, holding a tourist visa. How can I apply for Schengen visa to Malta? I already went to Malta embassy in Malaysia. But they told me i can only apply with residence visa of Malaysia. So what should I do? I really wish to travel to Malta as soon as possible. Please I need someone's advice. Thank you.
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