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what to wear in kenya in september

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i want to travel to Kenya this September hoping its safe which is the best attire on current Kenyan climate


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    Long sleeves, long pants, to avoid mosquitoes, Malaria is endemic. A Hat.
    A good warm jacket as early morning and night can be cold. Sturdy shoes. Travel light, if you are on safari your vehicle has limited space for luggage storage. Keep a day-pack with you with water, first-aid kit, jacket. Check with doctor to get prescription for malaria.
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    In morning & in night there is too much cold here.You can pack your winter dresses completely & some snacks & eatables.A warm jacket especially made of pure wool is good enough for a single person .Use purified water & important medicines + first aid box with you .
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    Thanks all for your advice.
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    Which part of Kenya are you travelling to? Kenya is generally safe,apart from specific areaas that are under constant turmoil,and that is mostly in the North Eastern part.

    The Kenyan weather is never general,it depends on the region. For example,if you are going to the coast,you will need to carry light clothing because the place is generally hot and humid. The Nairobi weather is however not constant as it can be freezing cold for a while then quite hot in a few minutes. It is however averagely cold so you will require to carry warm clothes. The supermarkets have a lot of food variety so you do not have to carry it all the way from home,you can easily buy it here.

    Feel free to ask in case you need further clarification on anything.
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    thanks heelsandvalise
    i will be going to masai mara and coast if all goes well
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    thanks for this advice here
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    You are welcome Kami.
    I hope that you will enjoy your trip.

    Eithan,are you coming as well?

    Karibu Kenya(Welcome to Kenya) in advance!
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    is it a must a i book my safari with the tour operators and how much will i be required to pay or is there a cheaper way i can enjoy my trip.
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    No you dont have to use a tour operator,it is up to you to decide.
    It is however advisable because the tour operator does the ground work for you so that you do not come to unknown place with no one to guide you or help you, but this does not mean that one must go through a tour operator. It is also cheaper to go through a tour operator because of how the tourism industry works(at least here in Kenya) because they provide the services at the discounted rate. The cost depends on the number of days, the specific park that you are going to, type of safari (if you want a budget or a luxury safari)whether you are joining a group or going on your own and time of the year.
    As for payment, many tour operators preffer cash, bank tranfer, back deposit or company cheques. Credit cards are avoided by most tour operators due increase in fraudsters. You can however discuss with your specific tour operator and come to an agreeable option.
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