Morocco: what to pack



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    Apparently not as this is not a Moroccan staple food.
    There are plenty of alternative wholefoods and specialities such as corn meal, chickpea, semolina,
    and bulgar wheat.
    When there I suggest you try Marjane, Acima, Souk Salam or Metro which are upmarket oulets.
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    Your site is very gdod and informative,, I and my partner are going inFebruary for our 50 and 60th birthday what would be an excting restaurant with live music to book as a surprise for him. Also courtyard or small gardens and a good place to buy painted tiles.
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    me and my family are driving to morocco (there are 5 of us) but we are going to spain and france before, so we have hardly any room for things considering this. I wondered if you could email what we should pack, what language we should learn or phrases we need to know and any other infomation that might help.
    my email address is
    i also wonder if you could tell me what kinds of things they eat, im not a big fan of horse or anything :)
    kind regards,

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