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8 honeymoon days In Turkey

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Hi , help me plz
am planning to have my honeymoon insha2lah in 1 October ..8 days in turkey ...but i need a plan ...
what about 4 days in istanbul and 4 days in Antalya or maybe ( 5 days istanbul and 3 in antalya ) ..
the only info i know is that i want to visit (Bursa , Princess island ,Bosphorus Cruie) plz help me ,,,

if u have other plan plz tell me


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    Hi amiraamir,
    I am a local Turkish person who lives in Turkey.I have been in Istanbul and Antalya.I currently live in Antalya for 20 years and I know the both places well.
    3 days in Istanbul would be enough.You must see the Hagia Sophia,Blue Mosque,TopkapI Palace,Underground Cistern.You can take a local ferry to see the bosphorus in Emin
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    Hi there,

    If you're looking for ideas for a holiday in Turkey, have a look at this Turkey travel guide, which has info on major cities like Ankara and Istanbul, as well as the popular resorts along the coast.
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    If you are planning to visit Turkey in October, then its the best time to came here because the climatic conditions are moderate in October. The average minimum temperature is 7 and average maximum temperature is 20 degree centigrade. Also there are various beautiful location which will definitely fill you with joy and happiness. For more information about prime locations please look at
  • Turkey is the best place for honeymoon. Here are few attractions which will really make your honeymoon exotic.

    Horse backed carriage rides
    Blue Mosque
    Istanbul Photography Walking Tour
    Bebek Park
    Rent a bike
    Aya Yorgi Ortodoks Kilisesi

    My recommendation is to get a holiday package from to make your honeymoon trip more exotic and memorable
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    You can make your honeymoon extremely special by visiting Pamukkale, a natural site in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. This city consist of hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals. This site is located in Turkey's Inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes valley.
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    Last month we had a beautiful outdoor wedding at the pool , there were 300 people eat a very special and very special friends and family attended the wedding was very special . 10 day honeymoon we attended a very special turkey , cappadocia ephesus pamukkale istanbul 3 days and 8 days in kusadasi turkey , covering a very special honeymoon  فنادق تركيا , فنادق اسطنبول purchase of air travel have made a very nice time and stayed at the hotel istanbul special class . They prepared us a special honeymoon room and very nice champagne çkolat honeymoon basket of nuts that turkish delight , they offered . istabul attended private tours . very detailed information about istanbul istanbul Our tour guide told us, and the first built during the Roman Empire went Hippodrome and Cemberlitas . By the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I went to the Hagia Sophia was built in 531 and here the world 's largest orthodox church built in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet Istanbul has served as a mosque after the conquest have . Hagia Sophia serves as a museum for the last 50 years .

    Istanbul, which is very nice second day we visited monuments dating back to the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Mehmet Tarfa they first made ​​from the Blue mosque, this is a magnificent work of art with architecture. 6 There was a very thin and tall minarets are decorated with Iznik tiles in the interior is great. Istanbul is situated on top of the most beautiful. We went to the Topkapi palace and Ottoman empire here in both management and has been used as living space. very large two-storey pavilion in the garden of patients has occurred. Sultan inhabited part of the family and women are called Harem. We went to Grand and Spice bazaar and an oriental bazaar here is very authentic and very nice souvenirs and handicraft works desserts, nuts, teas, coffees, spices delight many shops are selling. A very nice dinner of fish resturant giitik and live next to a very nice evening yemg have listened to Turkish music.

    Pamukkael then went to Istanbul and this is a place with a beautiful natural wonders . We stayed at 4-star thermal hotel in Pamukkale . pamukkale like white cotton with a soft ground pool had a castle and cloapatr here and here an ancient Roman Empire during the rest of the pool. Cappadocia is an amazing wonder of nature came from the question everyone is asking me to another Planet . We stayed here for special cave hotels and places to a height of 250 attended the cappadocia balloon tours , and they celebrate with champagne . We went to the ancient city of Ephesus and here and here a magnificent ancient city of Rome also went to the virgin mary house. We have used all travel in our private guide and directory of arab arabic very professional The last two days we went and where kusadasi very spacious rooms with 4-star seaside hotel that we stayed at . the hotel had a very nice pool and swam here throughout the day . We attended a yacht cruise from 09:00 to 18:00 , and here the numerous islands and blue flag beaches we visited , sand sea sun beach was very nice.

  • A pool side wedding in November ? While it may be sunny its chilly and it can rain hardly poolside wedding weather.

    Three days to visit Cappadocia, Pamukkale Istanbul and Ephesus and time for sightseeing and shopping in impossible. You bought tickets and travelled by air. That's strange as there are no flights between
    Cappadocia and Pamukkale in fact there is often not even a direct bus. ts at least a ten hour journey by car.

    There is also no Pamukkale to Istanbul flight, its approximately 8 hours by overnight sleeper train. Then out of three days you spent two in Istanbul. You were very busy on your three day trip. 

    A part from Istanbul where tourists come all the year round. Most hotels along the Aegean, Mediterranean , Black sea, and Cappadocia close by the end of October. As do the yacht cruises.

    Nice write up about Turkey but some of us are very well travelled and even have strong ties to Turkey  so its hard to pull the wool over our eyes.
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    There is also no Pamukkale to Istanbul flight, its approximately 8 hours
    by overnight sleeper train. Then out of three days you spent two in
    Istanbul. You were very busy on your three day trip.

    Aletheia lover
    You do not have any information about Turkey.
    click on the link below and you? Denizli - Cappadocia can see flight details.
    Turkish airlines on the site can see direct flights from Denizli-nevsehir. 
    ( )

    After that, you can write reviews Write in your search ..

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    Sorry Rajanmukhtar but there are no direct flights between Denizili - Cappadocia.,no flights appear when you try to book on Turkish airlines or Atlas Jet, Onur or any other air line.

    Please refer to Travel Planner a most respected authority on Travel in Turkey

    Lonely Planet also confirm there are no direct flights between Denizili - Cappodocia

    Please understand that I would not post anything on this site that I could not back up or demonstrate the veracity.

  • honeymoon in freezed country not ideal  idea , try sharm sheikh , and enjoy each one naked 
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