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moving to Lagos

edited June 2012 in - West Africa
i'm going to be moving to lagos by next year, just wondering if its a safe place to live for a woman living alone? & is there areas that are a good choice to get an apartment or house


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    Lagos is a nice place. Depending on which place you intend to stay; places like Surulere,Ikoyi,lekki,Victoria Island and Magodo are good neighborhoods you may like to live. But trust me traffic congestion; particularly during rush hours is something you must be prepared to cope with.
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    Thank you but how would locate an apartment guide for these place so i can start looking.
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    Check out this page on moving to Lagos from Expat Arrivals, part of their guide to living in Nigeria.
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    Y miss o

    Are you going to that Hell hole

    Please reconsider your move

    If you are white and a women going along I hope you have lots of money and excellent secuity guards and a good jail arranged!

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    Excuse me Angeleyess, you have no right to call Lagos a hell hole....It is a very busy city and lots of businesses are done here. Many of you foreigners come here to make money, get high paid salaries than the citizens. so please respect other people's country. Well Miss o, i'm sure you will have a lot of fun living in Lagos
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